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  1. I put him in the top tier of collegiate wrestlers ever assuming he wins it all this year. I'm not much of a wrestling historian, but his record must be at or near the top of the 3 time champs. He makes wrestling look so easy.
  2. Only thing more exciting than watching grass grow...
  3. In other news, Brown's award marks the first time the winner took exactly one shot the entire week in which he won the award. I kid....I kid...congrats on the award.
  4. I would like to hear your analysis of the program. I have always enjoyed Iowa Wrestling, even as a die hard Gopher fan. I feel that in the past couple years that "Iowa Style" has not been present. Serious question: Do you feel that this might be an issue with recruiting (have they missed on some recruits)? Keeping guys healthy? Over training? I would just like to hear your thoughts.
  5. I don't hate Penn State because they have won 3 titles in a row. I hate Penn State because of their self righteous coach that consistently puts himself above the sport...and his loyal disciples that think he does no wrong. Yeah, I'll pass on that garbage.
  6. The wrestling crowd will always find something to complain about.
  7. Iowa just does not look as solid as they once were.
  8. High scoring. I bet that was fun to watch.
  9. Holding wrestlers out of competition is bad for the sport. I have no idea about the specific examples mentioned in this thread. I am just speaking in general terms. Who was the coach that blatantly held his guys out against top competition last season? It happened a bunch. Was it the Mizzou coach? That is what my mind recalls.
  10. When a guy wins a couple titles, we as fans should commit the spelling of his name to memory. I'm just sayin'.
  11. Come on guys...figure it out! their, there and they're is also a big problem. Please work on it! Thanks -Management
  12. I think both Dardanes are still undefeated.
  13. I am not having any issues and I use Safari, Firefox and Chrome daily. Your issues seem like browser issues to me.
  14. It's all about bonus at Nationals and that is where Penn State wins, in my opinion. If Ness goes all "Nessy" and pins a bunch of guys at Nationals, then it could be close. In a dual, I like the Gophers.
  15. If they dropped down? I was on the Gopher board and they were discussing the thought of Storley and Pfarr dropping down now that Steinhaus was back. It got me thinking that I would love to see Storley wrestle Taylor. 174 is so strong. I guess Howe could beat him. Any others?
  16. Sounds like every 174 match the past 2 years...
  17. N. Dardanes, Schiller and Nelson. One wonders whether Nick Dardanes will get past Josh Kindig in Stillwater this weekend... Well, there is that...
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