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  1. I love Tom Brands and think he is so good for the sport. I would say that John Smith, J Robinson and Tom Brands are the most progressive thinking ambassadors for the sport. I hope they never retire.
  2. Instead...he rewards guys that blow a .281 with a starting spot to ensure the team has a chance to win a 4th title.
  3. The entire weight class is just like this. Last year at Nationals it was a snooze fest. Every match.
  4. More difficult to cancel than a membership to "Girls Gone Wild"...from what I hear.
  5. Maybe he was just sick and tired of Cael's stupid opinions.... :lol: :D
  6. Cael says "this" or Cael says "that"....who cares?! His stupid opinions are not worth a new thread.
  7. A testament to a Lehigh Education. The geography part or the ending a sentence with a preposition part?
  8. Rutgers? It's in central New Jersey...but that's not important now. Hands down the funniest post I have ever seen on this board! Well done! ::golf clap::
  9. And they all will be on some sort of full ride.... ::only at Penn State::
  10. Than everyone else? Are they working the system better than everyone else? Are they cheating in some way? When one school starts to land EVERY blue chip recruit, that raises questions... ::awaits attacks::
  11. According to the Gopher boards. Hopefully he just takes a year off and comes back 100% in 2014.
  12. I have always felt that MN recruiting classes fall under the radar due to the fact that high school talent in the area garners less attention than East Coast wrestlers. I could be wrong, but that is the impression that I get.
  13. Most likely because the topic turned from discussing the matter at hand to discussing religion and the religious beliefs of various coaches, etc. Guys ... we know from history that arguments about religion doesn't work well on MSG Boards. I knew it was going to get axed when it trended that way. Go to TOM for that stuff. They have hundreds of pages of that crap. You can wallow at will, in the mud over there. Just be careful cause it get's DEEP!! I have never seen the logic trying to argue bout Politics or Religion on a MSG board... or a bar for that matter. The logic in discussing the coaches religion is to determine if that is motivating his decisions with student athletes at publicly funded institutions. I find it very relevant to the discussion. For the record, I know neither the religion of the coach or the violation of the athlete. I just find the topic interesting to discuss.
  14. What religion is Tom Ryan?
  15. 174 will be loaded with talent...hopefully with the focus on stalling, this weight class will open up and actually be fun to watch.
  16. Limiting Taylor to 1 title...that would be crazy.
  17. ::scratches head confused:: ::leaves thread::
  18. Does someone have a link to their website? I can't find it.
  19. This could turn into a roll call... RC: Has never heard of CF Signed. Anyway, good for Dake.
  20. This thread is a perfect example why our sport struggles so much. I'm done with this thread.
  21. some coaches allow their ego to get in the way.
  22. Supporting this sport proves more difficult every year.
  23. The sport of wrestling has officially derailed!
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