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  1. Great post ocho. Thank you. I agree with everything except the Kish comments. In my opinion he could coach at any program, now. He is the real deal.
  2. What exactly does a Mormon do on their mission? Is this a requirement of the church or is this optional? Please forgive the ignorance as I do not know much about mission work.
  3. Good. MMA must have negative long term effects on your brain. He can make a great living and live a long and healthy life by staying in wrestling.
  4. From what I understand, Gable was not rolling on the mat with his wrestlers for many years prior to his retirement. Maybe someone else would be able to confirm.
  5. Who currently handles recruiting? Eggum? Becker? J?
  6. Eggum Morgan Kish First names that came to my mind as well.
  7. When the time comes for J to retire, who do you think will replace him? Will they tap someone that has been working under J (Eggum, Becker...etc) or would they be likely to go outside the program for their next coach? What do you think?
  8. No way Tony Nelson belongs on that list. He's probably not even in the top50 pound for pound. He especially shouldn't be ranked over Maple, Kilgore, or Delgado, that's simply ludicrous. Why? Because he's going to be a 4 time AA and 3 time NC at 285? He's a hell of a lot better than you may think. He should be ahead of Kilogre, Maple, and Delgado based on his past accomplishments. He could be Minnesota's first 3 time champ.
  9. That not what he really said, stop spinning crap. He said that the wrestling on a knee style is a stall tactic and he wishes refs would call it. So I guess Robles stalled ? What a stupid post. Grow up.
  10. I think that's exactly what was said. They designated a guy to just watch Brands the entire Finals to hit pay dirt. They did. Yep. ESPN has done enough wrestling now to know that at all times there must be a camera on Tom Brands. I love how Brands gets so worked up that he can't get words out of his mouth. It's almost like he is censoring what he is saying before he says it. Again, I love both Brands. During the MN dual a Gopher got a takedown and Brands motioned to the crowd to get up. Those two are so good for our sport.
  11. Show this to that idiot on this forum talking s*** about Ramos.
  12. Have you read both threads? He has not stopped for days... Is that like the pot calling the kettle black?? Its not like I sit on here and argue with myself. haha Does the sun look different when you look at it through your black and gold glasses? I'm not an Iowa fan. I just take issue with what you are saying.
  13. I wondered the same thing.
  14. Have you read both threads? He has not stopped for days...
  15. Smart decision. Fluff fests are now limited to 600 characters. Genius! :lol:
  16. You are obsessed with Ramos. Let it go dude. Are you racist?
  17. He's a student athlete that was interviewed while preparing for the biggest match of his life. Maybe you should show a little class and give the young man the benefit of the doubt. You strike me as a pretty low class of person, so the above request might prove to be difficult.
  18. I think he was trying to cover for a possible head injury?
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