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  1. ::pops popcorn:: http://gifsoup.com/view/2837510/michael ... pcorn.html
  2. He makes wrestling look so easy.
  3. Wait, there is a TV in America without ESPN... ::mind blown::
  4. I'm nervous for some reason....maybe just excited.
  5. As they step on the mat. It would be interesting to see the weight gain.
  6. Who the hell wants to live in Arizona 9 billion degrees in the summer freezing in the winter, if I owned a place in Arizona and a place in hell I would rent the place in Arizona and live in the one in hell. Obviously not you. I lived there 9 years and can't wait to move back.
  7. Arizona State should hire Mark Perry. They will be top 10 in 5 years.
  8. He might be, I'm not super familiar with tOSU plans or their recruiting classes. It was just an interesting interview the way he said it. The interviewer asked if he might go 84 and he said no, definitely 97. Read that...I have one more year and Ruth is at 184. I will try my chances with Scott Schiller.
  9. It's also amazing to see young freshman wrestlers jump a level or two like Dierrnger of OSU. He's one tough 157 lb freshman. Coming from B1G country, I wonder how he decided on OK State.
  10. What a boring match. The reason 174 is so close is that none of them try anything...ever!
  11. You folks are making the assumption that Calwell has become a better wrestler in the past 2 years. As McD proved this year, that is not always the case. While it might be fun, this argument is a non-starter. Reminds me of some of the stupid conversations that you hear on ESPN while they are trying to fill time every day.
  12. It must be addressed this off season! Oh, and lose the stupid challenges.
  13. First 2 takedowns all year.
  14. Nelson stalls against everybody, not just Gelogaev. He's the worst staller in the NCAA by a mile, even worse than Tyler Stallwell from Okie State. I can name 10 guys that make Nelson look as active Taylor or Delgado. Stalling is an epidemic in college wrestling. Enter in coaches/official challenges and nothing is happening in most matches.
  15. Minnesota coaches allowing Nick Dardanes to go down. Cost him 2 matches so far this tourney.
  16. Over on Openmat it's been revealed, supposedly, that McDonough had a herniated disk in his back this year. I was going to guess back issue.
  17. I lived right by there while going to college. I miss Tempe!
  18. Lol. Post of the day! Congrats to Brown. He earned it.
  19. Fixed. Lol....add to bio: Oldest sophomore in NCAA history.
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