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  1. Holy NJ inferiority complex Batman! Good lord.
  2. The idiot that said, “this decision is final” has no clue how the legal system works.
  3. If the kid retained a lawyer he will be the plaintiff. It’s likely going to cost a lot of money to defend this case. If I were the kids parents, I would bring multiple lawsuits and make this a financial nightmare on all defending the cases.
  4. There are two types of people ...the people that know and the people that do not! For those that know, see you at Wrigley in June!!!
  5. Love the Steal Your Face profile pic. Two of my favorite things: The Dead and college wrestling.
  6. Also, did he take a victory lap and point to his buddy on the bench before finishing him off? WWE style? Says, “This is my house now” to Berger. I love it.
  7. How many 133lbers could beat 165 or 174lbers? That’s what Gable does (Snyder did) many matches. Oh, and that dude wrestles like a light weight in my opinion. His ankle pick reminds me of Cael’s too.
  8. The seeding comittee should consider that two head to head losses when seeding. Said another way, if Lee now wins B1G and Rivera takes second, Rivera still gets #1 (2-1 wins). If it is done any other way, it further enables this regular season behavior. Between this garbage and all of the in match stoppages these days, wrestling is alienating so many fans.
  9. I like the thought of seeding the top 4 and then blind draw the rest of pairings. Then have some ducking guidelines for seeding the NCAA’s.
  10. I’ve never seen Young take a shot
  11. Thank you! I’ll add it to my list.
  12. I recently read, “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Kahneman and found it fascinating. Our brains are constantly playing tricks on us through bias. Michael Lewis also wrote a great book about the Kahneman’s work with Tversky, “The Undoing Project.” Another amazing book by one of my favorite authors.
  13. Well said and I’ve thought the same thing for some time (about the Christian thing). I’ve often wondered if that’s one of the reasons many recent top recruits in the state of MN go elsewhere for college. The Gophers talk religion so much.
  14. Wrestlers might be the toughest interview in all of sports directly following a competition. He does a fine job. Former wrestlers / fans being critical of him is laughable.
  15. Hahn could be an ideal fit. Why do you speculate he would not be interested?
  16. Article in AZ Central this morning: http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2015/04/26/asu-wrestling-valencia-zeke-jones/26413065/
  17. No need to start at 10 in my opinion. The ratio is the exact same so just start at "0".
  18. Hire Logan Stieber as the head coach today.
  19. Grilled the dude! Love it.
  20. I love hating Penn State as much as the next guy, but this thread is beyond ridiculous. Congrats Matt Brown! Young man sure seems like a class act to me. Some of you people are a joke.
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