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  1. As an ASU graduate, it will almost be weird for the Devils to be good again. The Devils will always be my 2nd favorite wrestling team so I wish them well and will be excited to watch.
  2. ::I'm here for the cherry picking of certain parts of the bible but omitting others::
  3. Why is it that the most religious people are the least tolerant, closed minded and judging? Sure seems backwards to me. The more religious the man, the less I trust him.
  4. Good for him. Too bad this even has to be "news" in 2015.
  5. I just hope the coaches let them wrestle and not duck each other until the B1G Tournament.
  6. I have been a huge critic of Matt Brown's wrestling style, but you can not criticize his character. That young man is rock solid.
  7. Last year against Perry I think.
  8. What a horrible decision.
  9. Final decision in this match is garbage. Wow.
  10. Nobody is discounting him. He is the 2 seed. I Mart is undefeated this season. Seeds are correct in my opinion. If he were the 4 seed, I see the argument.
  11. I thought they ended with 165 so Nelson wrestled before Ness.
  12. I'm most interested in how they seed 157.
  13. In order to finish shots, you need to TAKE SHOTS!!!
  14. In order to finish shots, you need to TAKE SHOTS!!!
  15. Link to video? Or do you have to pay extra for that?
  16. Terry Brands watches the clock like a hawk. He would not have missed it.
  17. I say there is no chance they wrestle before the NCAA's. Major problem in college wrestling.
  18. I think that match should be scratched as if it never happened.
  19. Agree with everything you just wrote. That ref was so far out of his league and it was very obvious all night. Also, I have asked this many times and nobody has taken the time to answer. What harm is there in allowing the action to continue and allow that sequence to play out? If Evans actually did have a takedown, the replay would have showed it. Instead, the ref stopped the action which does not even allow for the correct call to be made. If Evans did not have a takedown, they then would have gone back to their feet instead of Storley securing the takedown. Failure on so many levels.
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