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  1. I just watched it again and for those that claim Storley was on his butt before he initiated his move you are crazy. That is hands down the worst call I have seen in years.
  2. All the more reason to allow that sequence to play through to its natural end.
  3. If there is any rule or any interpretation of any rule that would allow for the decision that was made on the mat AND after replay, then that rule needs to change TODAY. Not at the end of the season. Not next week. TODAY! That was complete and utter garbage.
  4. I would stop watching the sport. I find freestyle borderline unwatchable.
  5. Gillman is a first class piece of garbage. It's a shame because he is so good at wrestling.
  6. With every post, I disagree with you more.
  7. Evans legs are over a foot off the ground. In what World is that a takedown? Unbelievable how you can have the interpretation in which you have. It's a blown call, plain and simple.
  8. Great pics Hurricane. If baffles me that a ref would stop the action in that sequence. It basically eliminated the possibility of the call going in favor of Storley. In my opinion, you let the sequence play out, let Storley stick him and then go back to see if by rule Evans secured a takedown. I liken it to a football ref allowing a play to continue to its natural end and then going to replay to determine if some other event (knee touching ground, fumble, interception, out of bounds...etc) happened. These events are now televised and recorded from many different angles. With the advancement in technology comes the ability to get the call correct, but you can not allow a ref on the mat to eliminate one of the possible outcomes. Finally, if that is a takedown by any interpretation of any rule, this sport is moving in the wrong direction.
  9. Ref was too afraid to admit that he was wrong because the Gophers then have a claim for 6 team points as Storley could have pinned him. In a situation like that, let the motion continue and then go to replay, just like hockey. This sport has really taken a huge step back with all of these stupid new rules.
  10. From the Guillotine: http://theguillotine.com/wp/storely-vs-evans/
  11. That was the worst call in the history of college wrestling.
  12. If that is a takedown, I think I might be over this sport. Beyond horrible that this sport would allow such garbage.
  13. How can you possibly blame that poor fella? He has not seen PSU beat the Gophers since 1998. Maybe someday...
  14. From the Guillotine: Last time Penn State beat Minnesota: February 6th, 1998
  15. My opinion: If Martinez and Ness have the same/similar record going into the B1G Tournament, Martinez gets the higher seed because he wrestled in the head to head dual. That might change the way coaches/wrestlers approach tough match-ups in duals. I call Gophers loss tomorrow. Ness is still my favorite wrestler of all time.
  16. Makes sense. That coach might have gone into orbit!!!
  17. The 2nd official ruled them off the mat, so there was no fall. 2nd official did his job perfectly.
  18. When they were announcing the lineups and they said, "forfeit" for the Gophers at 125 the crowd let out a huge sigh at the same time.
  19. Big Dardanes needs to finish his shots and he will be fine. I think it was just an off night.
  20. Brancale was in a sling in the bleachers behind the bench. Given his history, it's completely unacceptable for MN not to be weighing in two guys EVERY match at that weight. The team that I watched tonight would not finish in the Top 5 in the NCAA's. Most boring Gopher match I have ever attended in person.
  21. Dieringer does not beat any in the Top 4 at 174, but he beats everyone below his weight. Delgado only wins 125 I think some of the 174's can beat some 184's
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