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  1. Ness would pin Stieber every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  2. When I lived in Chicago I went to a Northwestern match against MN and there were fewer people in attendance than we used to have for our high school matches. The MN parents/friends that made the trip accounted for half the crowd.
  3. Discover is about as bad as they come. My first suggestion would be to cancel that card.
  4. Just went to my 70th Widespread Panic show last month. 3 night run in Milwaukee in the end of October. Greatest band still touring today. Been going to shows since fall '97.
  5. Wow. This is horrible. All the best to family and friends of those lost today.
  6. I'm a fan! Just guessing, but Tom Ryan might not like it.
  7. tommygun


    Agree Scribe...that's exactly how I saw it as well.
  8. Nope...he just decided to AA two more times while you were working. Pretty disciplined in a wildly successful way!
  9. I just wish they would have had 10 sons because I love the Ness style of wrestling!
  10. Now my mind is racing Ocho!!! Can't wait to hear more!
  11. Posted on The Guillotine. That is huge for the Gophers title chances.
  12. I am never shocked when the Pokes do well. They are a powerhouse, plain and simple.
  13. While I love Gopher wrestling and enjoy Cole's work, the dude really needs to find a new song. He used that one in EVERY video last season.
  14. What if he has low testosterone or he is trying to have a child and has infertility issues.
  15. Go Devils! Football is on the rise and now so is wrestling. I love it!
  16. If we get rid of the old board we risk losing something that has worked and is popular. Maybe we can split the posts 20% on the new board and 80% on the old board? I'm just afraid that by switching we will ruin a good thing. Cael...is that you?
  17. HORRIBLE job by the B1G on this one. Any true Husker fan should be disappointed by this schedule.
  18. As an Arizona State graduate, I fear they will find a way to screw this up. Even while going to ASU, I still followed the Gophers more. I would really enjoy having another team to cheer for, but I'm skeptical.
  19. In my opinion, out West, Yes. In the East, it could be defined more "regionally" so that theory would not necessarily hold true.
  20. Same here! Still a lot of snow here in the Twin Cities so we might be a little delayed.
  21. I think we have confirmed that Dieringer is going up and I have heard Cox is going 285. Any others? Will Brown bump to take Ruth's spot to allow for Nickal or someone else?
  22. Many would even think that kind of tournament would be good for our sport :lol: :lol: :lol:
  23. I didn't mean all PSU fans...just the group on this message board like CT Mopar and Flying Tiger. They are horrible people, plain and simple. Tiggy posted the names of the seeding committee when he felt his team didn't get a fair shake. The only reason someone does this is to do harm onto those individuals. Yes, they are the lowest class of human.
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