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  1. Why do you guys even engage these piece of s*** Penn State fans. They are the lowest class of person that exists.
  2. I love watching the Cowboys compete! Great tournament!
  3. Congrats to English. Don't know the story but happy for him. Seems like a class act.
  4. Mat #2 and Mat #3 had horrible announcers. Wow, that was bad.
  5. Maple is on his way to the local buffet.
  6. Shane Sparks? He was on the Internet tonight and is awesome. The dude with him was pretty annoying. Screaming at Heflin to "Run...Run...Run" at the end. What an idiot.
  7. He literally tackled his ankles like a football player chasing down someone about to score. It was awesome.
  8. I have never been so happy!!!
  9. Sorry Scribe, I'm done engaging that idiot.
  10. Lol at thinking the hate has anything to do with jealousy. You Penn State fans sure are an arrogant bunch with inflated self worths. Get a life.
  11. Penn State fans, as a group, are as bad as I have ever seen in any sport. Only fans that come close are Flyers fans.
  12. As a group, I am really beginning to hate Penn State fans. This thread reminds me of the pro life idiots that publish the names and home addresses of doctors that perform abortions. Flying-Tiger, you are the lowest of the low. Your only intent for these folks was harm. Get a life and grow up. I will never engage you again.
  13. If you are right, I will be the happiest guy ever.
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