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  1. If every team had the same number of pigtail matches. I'm calling conspiracy!
  2. Good thread title. I much prefer the way you presented this thread than stating the score in the subject line. I also agree that #1 has been the kiss of death this year. I believe 9 out of 10 weights have had a number one fall.
  3. What does this mean for Andrew Alton? Career over?
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    Tbar when someone says anything bad about Cael or any of his disciples:
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    I believe 100% that you are Mormon.
  6. tommygun

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    That was rude...sorry.
  7. University of MN Takedown Club was just allocated more tickets. Check with them.
  8. Penn State fans bring it on themselves. Just enter about any thread in the past 2 weeks and read what they are writing.
  9. Maybe it's something in the water out East. All I have read for 2 weeks now is excuses and rationalization out of you guys. Could this have to do with Sandusky and the fact that 99% of this country finds Penn State disgusting?
  10. He will never beat Schiller again. That was a fluke.
  11. I say make the first SV period 2-3 minutes on your feet. Thoughts?
  12. The stupid thing is the lack of aggression in collegiate wrestling. The ref did not decide that match. The rules of wrestling decided that match. Next topic. This thread is dead.
  13. He has always struggled on the bottom. I think his mat wrestling is being exposed up a weight this year.
  14. The more I review the rankings, I more confused I become.
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