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  1. SOUR GRAPES'D! Penn State fans LOVE making excuses.
  2. Individually, it seems as though they use one criteria at one weight and then fail to follow that same criteria at another weight.
  3. I don't disagree with anything in this statement, but what bothers me, and always has, is that we're all just ok with the FACT that the ref would've been looking to call stalling again. We just concede that refs call the match different in the last 30 seconds of a bout...that make up calls are the norm and that it has little to do with the actual criteria. "Up by one with 23 seconds left and I blew a call, I'm gonna hit you again". I loath oficials. GREAT point. I wish refs called the action like they do in the last minute of matches. It would be so good for our sport.
  4. Vak...you think he can beat Green? St John again? Dieringer? I think this will be the 4 semi-finalists.
  5. I have watched that fall 25 times now. Ness is amazing.
  6. From the second Ness gets a hold or Alton's chin, it takes 9 seconds to complete the elevator and pin Alton. That is truley amazing.
  7. Love Sparks! He is perfect for our sport and gets better every year.
  8. Kids the real deal. Today was the first time I've seen him in person. Wow! What a talent.
  9. Happened last year...when Dake went up a weight to beat the Unicorn and cement his place as the greatest collegiate wrestler of all time.
  10. I feel like someone is scoring bonus at 157.
  11. This dual will be a great barometer for the Gophers. They have a lot to prove. Penn State has been rock solid all year.
  12. Some of these comments are scary. I sure hope AA just runs out of gas and does not have an underlying health issue. That would be horrible.
  13. That match was like reffing a couple little kids that keep reversing each other. I had a very hard time following as a spectator. I could not imagine trying to ref that match. It sure was fun to watch.
  14. Not at all. Cael is not that special. Ruth and Taylor are just extremely talented. Did Bobby Douglas make Cael great or did Cael make Cael great? Cael needs to get off his high horse. A great leader would not divide the sport as he is attempting to do.
  15. That went right over my head. I feel it's best to leave the "how do you get there" part up to guys as smart as you...and guys like me will show up to watch the guys that "made it there". I just hope the guys that made it were the top guys at that weight. Statistics and analytics are fascinating to me.
  16. I can't wait to watch all of Cael's fans flip flop the second their fearless leader decides to put his favorite sport ahead of his self serving interests. ::I'm here for the melts::
  17. Cael is a petulant self promoter, plain and simple.
  18. National Duals are good for the sport, plain and simple. Who cares if the format is not perfect today. They will figure it out. Cael's antics are creating divide in a sport that does not need to be divided. Reminds me of politics.
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