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  1. The semis are tomorrow, but there are always a round of wrestlebacks that lead off Session 3.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone, but is the above correct? Seems odd; wouldn't they wrestle up until the finals on day 1, then have the best of three on day 2?
  3. Did I read it correctly on another thread that the Final X contract expires this year? Do we know if it's looking good to get re-upped, for the Olympics and beyond? If it doesn't, are we going back to the previous qualification route, where the qualifying tourney and the best of three were on the same day? Or will the qualification process of the past two years get re-packaged with a new name/sponsor?
  4. I agree with you kgschalhoub, 100%. Completely asinine! Do it a week before, or better yet a week after so people are not confused with the current year's tourney. But having the on-sale day be the travel day is (and previously during Session I of the current year tourney was) just flat out dumb.
  5. hootie


    After years and years of the Pac-12s oddly having their championships a week before all other conferences, it looks like they will finally fall in line with the rest this year. Why the change, and will it stay this way going forward?
  6. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/December/24/UWW-Ranking-System-finalized Nice improvement.
  7. He took Steveson to OT (lost 3-1), a few weeks ago, at the Bison Open.
  8. More importantly: https://twitter.com/LeethsNeckBrace/status/997207115612737538
  9. For the past few years, they have announced the at-large qualifiers every half-hour via facebook/twitter/etc, leading up to the bracket reveal show. If the bracket reveal show is at 5pm, 125 at-large qualifiers will be revealed at noon, 133 at 12:30, ..., 285 at 4:30.
  10. Video gave out right during intros, but it seemed like the pre-match talk was hinting at that. Womack back at 165. Just started at 125: http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/Stream.jsp?eventStreamId=113278010&TIM=1487526002345&twSessionId=szgsdzyfdcawmbe
  11. Maybe Coach Ryan sensed that Snyder might not finish his college wrestling career, and he wants to get what he can out of Snyder for the university. Purely speculating.
  12. Seems like he only needs 8 matches for win percentage (17 matches for RPI), based on the below link. We still have a lot of wrestling, but I'll tell you something: the NCAA bracket reveal show is killer. I have loved that since they released the brackets a week in advance.
  13. After reading through one of the many 157# threads, it got me thinking. MSU158 posted that NCAA seeds are based on: Head-to-Head 25% Quality Wins 20% Common opponents 10% RPI 10% Qualifying placement 10% Coaches Rank 10% Win % 10% Number of matches 5% Does that mean if Kyle Snyder wins all his matches prior to the NCAA tourney, he will get seeded? (since number of matches is not a big factor) What would happen if he lost to Coon? Snyder would probably only have a win over #9/#10 Kroells/Stoll (big tens) and the Jensen win. Could he go unseeded? Think Delgado last year, like tec87 mentioned in another thread.
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