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  1. hootie

    The 6th Year

    More importantly: https://twitter.com/LeethsNeckBrace/status/997207115612737538
  2. hootie

    At large bids

    For the past few years, they have announced the at-large qualifiers every half-hour via facebook/twitter/etc, leading up to the bracket reveal show. If the bracket reveal show is at 5pm, 125 at-large qualifiers will be revealed at noon, 133 at 12:30, ..., 285 at 4:30.
  3. hootie

    Palacio back at 157?

    Video gave out right during intros, but it seemed like the pre-match talk was hinting at that. Womack back at 165. Just started at 125: http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/Stream.jsp?eventStreamId=113278010&TIM=1487526002345&twSessionId=szgsdzyfdcawmbe
  4. Maybe Coach Ryan sensed that Snyder might not finish his college wrestling career, and he wants to get what he can out of Snyder for the university. Purely speculating.
  5. Seems like he only needs 8 matches for win percentage (17 matches for RPI), based on the below link. We still have a lot of wrestling, but I'll tell you something: the NCAA bracket reveal show is killer. I have loved that since they released the brackets a week in advance.
  6. After reading through one of the many 157# threads, it got me thinking. MSU158 posted that NCAA seeds are based on: Head-to-Head 25% Quality Wins 20% Common opponents 10% RPI 10% Qualifying placement 10% Coaches Rank 10% Win % 10% Number of matches 5% Does that mean if Kyle Snyder wins all his matches prior to the NCAA tourney, he will get seeded? (since number of matches is not a big factor) What would happen if he lost to Coon? Snyder would probably only have a win over #9/#10 Kroells/Stoll (big tens) and the Jensen win. Could he go unseeded? Think Delgado last year, like tec87 mentioned in another thread.
  7. hootie

    Edinboro vs. tOSU

    What is Schopp's injury?
  8. hootie

    Challenging University champions

    Looks like Oliver missed weight. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 6Yc3PldV8E
  9. hootie

    Flo streaming issues - WTT day 3

    Chrome was jerky for me, so I tried IE, and it has been smooth sailing since.
  10. Can someone fill in the gaps for the rules regarding video reviews? I think it has been posted here before, but looking for a refresher. If a team has greater than or equal to X wrestlers, they get Y reviews. If a team has less than X wrestlers, they get Z reviews. If a call is overturned, the team keeps the review. If a call is upheld, the team loses the review. Refs could make an unlimited amount of reviews. Thanks!
  11. hootie

    Non-commemorative stock NCAA tickets

    Great, thanks for the reply.
  12. Sorry for the 1,782th NCAA ticket thread, but I have what I hope is a quick & easy question. Did anyone receive non-commemorative stock NCAA tickets? They are light blue/grey and white, not red like the all-session tickets. I bought all of my tickets online, session-by-session, but my finals tickets in the lower bowl are the only ones that are light blue/grey and white. I guess I'm just looking for a sanity check. Thanks!
  13. hootie

    video review is awful

    I think the Perry/Howe match lasted 20 minutes. The Dean/Thomas match lasted a very long time too. I understand the refs are trying to make the right call, but how can they delay a match that long? There's two refs there for a reason. If they can't find something indisputable in the video review to change the initial call in a short amount of time (like the NFL refs have to do), the call should stand.
  14. hootie

    Worst call of the weekend

    After all of the video review, the exact same position occurred late in the match. But at that time, no points were awarded. Valenti couldn't believe how the exact same position was called two different ways. He threw his hands up in air, in disgust, knowing Thomas got screwed with the first call.