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  1. At this point I have to believe, with two torn ACLs, that his freestyle career has been irreparably damaged. He might as well finish it off and get his 4th title and do what he can while he can still walk.
  2. It was a smart move my Brands to get him out of there before the NCAA started looking into it on their own - savvy preemptive move. If anything like what its rumored he said is accurate (and he did apologize for something in a statement, so clearly something happened) its a very bad look and there was definitely a risk that tournament officials would've given him the boot. This doesn't feel like be cancelled to me, if feels like actions and consequences. I don't care if he's on the spectrum or not, if he can't control himself he should have to suffer consequence like anyone else would, especially given his track record. I'm not sure its really much of a consequence for Desanto, who knows where he head was at that point anyway, and whether he even wanted to be in the arena. At this point just about everyone out there has dealt with people on the autism spectrum, and it doesn't excuse his behavior. What a weird weekend for Iowa - they win the title, Marinelli loses and defaults, Lee blows another ACL, and they get out wrestled in the finals by underdog Nittany Lions in two matches most expected them to win. I wasn't there this year to experience the mood in the Arena, but it sure felt different than any NCAA team title that I can remember.
  3. Are there different rules depending on the situation? Clearly not in the rule book, but many are okay with the existence of unwritten "situational" rules. By the letter of the law, there is no way that position was a stalemate, there were both still moving, and Fix's right leg wasn't even in, he only had a single boot in. Situationally, its a much closer call, but I still don't agree with it. Suriano wasn't doing much at the moment it was called. I still don't think its near as bad as the Oliver/Steiber match, which defied just about every understanding of a takedown and hip control that I'd seen in 35 years of wrestling up to that point. Not an Okie State fan either, btw. Worst call of the tourney (or lead-up to) was on Smith wrestling his kid instead of letting Rogers wrestle (17-2 when he was pulled) - cost OSU an All-American, so I wasn't crying for them.
  4. The NCAA tourney is packed, tough to do better than selling out an larger and larger arenas year after year. I enjoy duals a lot, but as someone who it already a wrestling fan, I much prefer tournaments, as I get to see more matches and typically better wrestling. The idea that a dual meet championship will change the fortunes of the sport feels similar to that of the two-piece singlet - its really hasn't changed much. Regardless, an emphasis on dual meets would have done nothing to change the reasoning given by schools like Stanford.
  5. NAIA is the future. I understand no one agrees with me, but I think this will bear itself out as the years go on. To clarify, I'm not saying this is a good thing, but I think its reality.
  6. This had little to do with Title IX, they wanted to put their money elsewhere and align more with their conference.
  7. That may be true, but it hasn't stopped the growth in NAIA. I've had over a dozen kids I coach go to NAIA schools to wrestle in the past couple of years. In almost every case the kid would not have chosen the school (or even looked at it) but for wrestling. The model must be working to some extent, as the NAIA is continuing to grow. Obviously we need to do everything we can to keep DI wrestling alive and thriving, but I'm not convinced the NCAA higher ups care about wrestling at all outside of the revenue brought in by the NCAA tournament.
  8. The future of college wrestling is in the NAIA where schools are using wrestling (men's and women's) to boost enrollment. The NAIA is growing. The NCAA minimum sports requirement for Division 1 has been more detrimental to wrestling in the last 20 years than Title IX. If schools where required to carry more sports to remain DI we'd see more wrestling, etc. instead of million dollar football and basketball locker rooms.
  9. As always, it'll be the cover up that gets him. He should just come clean, said he knew about, and made a huge mistake in not bringing attention to the issue (a mistake shared by many, many people). The story would die within days, move along, nothing to see. Jordan has changed, and has become a political animal. He's become his own biggest fan, total swamp creature. He wasn't like this when he was first elected back in 2006. I think Washington has that effect on people, imo.
  10. Zero issue with it personally. It wouldn't bother me if country of representation became much less of a focus for international amateur athletics - much like it is in professional sports, where is is merely ancillary to the competition. I'd much rather have the best in the world represented as opposed to the current system of one from each country.
  11. Temple wrestling didn't return, they started a student club in 2014. They only have 7 Men's varsity sports and Wrestling isn't one of them, unfortunately.
  12. This is accurate, but they improve at 197, where an AA left to play football. They do need help from the rest of the lineup however.
  13. It'd be easier to start a list of programs that are fully funded and work backwards from there.
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