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  1. WRfan1

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    Yep. Brucki wasn't trying - its all a setup so he can get him at the EIWAs. Those Princeton guys really have next levels tactics, I can't believe Honis took the bait!!
  2. WRfan1

    Best at 157 in College

    He's good, but I don't think he handles Dake or Burroughs. Dake stuck Taylor a couple months later in Free. IMart's wins over Nolf make me think Burroughs and Dake would take him.
  3. When? Will? They never stopped, and never will. Whatever leads to winning is morally justifiable for their KGB leadership.
  4. WRfan1

    Best Ever PSU wrestler

    The Stieber win is big for Zain, but the fact he won the WC doesn't factor for me, that wasn't a legit WC in my book, the best in the world weren't there. Results since has proven it. I also think Zain finished his career as a better wrestler than Stieber when he ended, but that's all opinion. I think if Zain redshirts, he probably goes at least 2, 1, 1, 1 and gets the nod.
  5. WRfan1

    Best Ever PSU wrestler

    Based on college only, its Ruth. Highest average placing, only 3 loses, ridiculous bonus percentage.
  6. Everyone will have a different opinion on this, but I see a huge difference between Dupont being super weird, even creepy and him being a cold blooded murderer. To me, that trials episode showed me everything I needed to know about the Brands, and nothing since then (VT, ramos situation, etc.) has made me think any different, not that he cares what I think. Regardless, the move was classless at best, no matter how anyone tries to spin it.
  7. WRfan1

    Latest Interview with Sadulaev

    More religious than Cael?
  8. WRfan1

    Why Kids Not Wrestling

    Singlets. Its all about singlets. Get rid of the singlet and the sport will take off like nothing we've ever seen before.
  9. Its 2018. Anyone that cannot control themselves or behave within the confines of the rules is mentally ill, and cannot be criticized. End of discussion.
  10. WRfan1

    Why NAIA... D2 or D3?

    And then there is this...https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/April/14/NAIA-grants-Invitational-Status-to-womens-wrestling
  11. WRfan1

    Why NAIA?

    Many are, but its regional. Out West (NW), So. Oregon, East. Ore, Evergreen, Oregon Tech, Montana St. Northern, Montana Tech, Montanta Western, Lewis & Clark State, and are all public. I don't think there are any public D3 schools, but could be wrong. Again, there is also a perception among the athletes that I talk who who are getting recruited that D3 is basically sports for kids that can afford to pay to play, and view it as a step below the others, whether it is or not. From what I've seen it is a step down, but it sounds like that isn't the case most other places.
  12. WRfan1

    FS rules - like them?

    Your entire post starts with a huge assumption. Folkstyle is definitely about control, but Freestyle is about back exposure - two similar but different goals. I wouldn't mind changing leg laces and gut wrenches to one or two turns per takedown/reversal, but would only do so in a trade to get rid of riding time, the most boring rule in the history of wrestling.
  13. WRfan1

    Why NAIA?

    Not where I live. May be a different deal in Ohio.
  14. WRfan1

    Why NAIA?

    Two reasons come up quite a bit in the kids and parents I've spoken with - 1) Cost. D2 and NAIA are more often public, and cheaper, and 2) D3's aren't allowed to offer scholarship money and kids know that - a little more prestige with schools that don't force you to pay your own way.
  15. WRfan1

    Why NAIA?

    I wish all NCAA 3 schools would go back to NAIA. Less regulation, more ability to give money (in the form of schollies or "talent" awards) and more willingness to grow I've gone to football games for D3 schools that were powerhouse NAIA schools 15-20 years and was shocked at what I saw. The talent drain was unbelievable - it looked like football for uppercrust white kids with limited ability. Obviously its not like that everywhere, but its definitely a different animal from NAIA. i would never send my kid to a D3 school, either NAIA or D2 or D1 for me. I'm sure its different in other areas of the country.