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  1. As always, it'll be the cover up that gets him. He should just come clean, said he knew about, and made a huge mistake in not bringing attention to the issue (a mistake shared by many, many people). The story would die within days, move along, nothing to see. Jordan has changed, and has become a political animal. He's become his own biggest fan, total swamp creature. He wasn't like this when he was first elected back in 2006. I think Washington has that effect on people, imo.
  2. Zero issue with it personally. It wouldn't bother me if country of representation became much less of a focus for international amateur athletics - much like it is in professional sports, where is is merely ancillary to the competition. I'd much rather have the best in the world represented as opposed to the current system of one from each country.
  3. Temple wrestling didn't return, they started a student club in 2014. They only have 7 Men's varsity sports and Wrestling isn't one of them, unfortunately.
  4. This is accurate, but they improve at 197, where an AA left to play football. They do need help from the rest of the lineup however.
  5. It'd be easier to start a list of programs that are fully funded and work backwards from there.
  6. Tell that to Lee Roy Smith.
  7. It's hard not to start to consider that the "top brass" may be part of the issue. Reminds me of Dake/Burroughs from a few years ago. They were going to find a way for Dake to lose that match regardless. While we've come a long way from the days of USA Wrestling selling its soul to Dupont for a buck, it still knows where its bread is buttered and has a stake in these outcomes. That overturn was egregious, pure and simple.
  8. Throw the brick when the questionable calls happens or lose the challenge. That is a joke. Beyond that, I have no idea how that could've changed. Weird.. or stupid.
  9. Horrible. USA Wrestling can't get out of its own way.
  10. Attacked his mother with a sword and gun? And people are worried about him getting help? What about the rest of us? Screw him. I guess this west-coaster isn't PC-enough for this board anymore. People who attack other people with swords/guns don't belong in civilized society. If found guilty, I hope he get the same punished that the court would give to an MS-13 member, or anyone else who did the same thing - lock him up for a long time.
  11. They should sit Rogers for JoJo Smith, he'll do better.
  12. Its high, but is lower by quite a bit than going to watch an MLB or NFL game where I live - I can see that it is probably different in other parts of the country. It sucks to say it, but the west coast is so ridiculously expensive that I don't get much sticker shock at the NCAAs.
  13. I'm sure there are exceptions from days gone by, but I've been to 12 NCAAs and I've never had crime be an issue at any location - that's just fear mongering imo. I stayed in a 3.5 star suburban hotel in Pittsburgh and there was a lady of the night running her operation out of the floor I was on about 10 doors down. Never seen that before. Yikes. It was kinda comical seeing the stream of different dudes rolling in there every time I'd leave to go back to the tournament. Every place has its issues, but all the NCAAs I've been to have been safe. I've also stayed many times in SD, Phoenix, and LA and never had crime issues. Do a little research and avoid the really bad areas and you'll be fine.
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