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  1. How Many team points did Iowa lose this year because of brands? All this bashing of the brands is just silly. The same posters come on here time after time to bash Iowa. It's called jealousy and their lives are just sad as well. Brands does just fine for himself. Losers like people on here obviously don't.
  2. I also seem to remember jimmy Kennedy losing first round one year and almost wrestling all the way back on the backside. Zach sanders used to wrestle back to AA too before his senior year quite a bit to be a 4 time AA.
  3. Fact of the matter is, Delgado is an unbelievalbe finisher. Have you ever really seen a guy finish being so extended on shots like Delgado does since Morningstar? I know that I havent at least. Give the guy credit. He has handled a 3 time finalist and 2 time champion now more than a couple times. He will be a title contender in a couple weeks for sure. As far as the medal, who really cares. He did it away from the spotlight, and away from the crowd. Like I stated before, says more about a person rummaging through trash than McD. I mean, who in the hell goes through trash with their bare hands just to post a picture of it on a twitter page. I mean seriously. Last time I saw someone rifling through trash was last week in Philly. The guy looked a bit less classy than most wrestling fans at a B1G tournament.
  4. How many times has this happened in the past? For any wrestler of any school? I would be willing to bet quite a bit. But that was before twitter and the fb. This is not a big deal people c'mon. And keep him from wrestling ncaas? Hahahaha. Wow, just wow. The podium deal fine. It's classless and was not a good deal. The medal.......who cares? It's his. Now it's some kids who rummaged through trash. Says more about the kid rifling through trash than McDonough.
  5. For what its worth. Seating chart at the Well says that they will seat 16,900 - 17,000 for Nationals this year. Based on the Stats below it wont be that much smaller of a venue than most are implying. Also, Des Moines isnt as bad as some others are saying for nightlife, food, hotel, etc.......Just like with every city, if you do your research there are many pockets around the city that you can go to and get away from the crowd, or be with the crowd to have drinks, eat, etc....I live in Des Moines and will be staying at my own place, which actually might be worse than hotel goers that will probably get free shuttle to and from the arena as well. Attendance Statistics of NCAA Tournament since 2001: 2001 Iowa City: Finals = 15,500; Total = 79,477 2002 Albany: Finals = 13,077; Total = 75,898 2003 Kansas City: Finals = 16,436; Total = 91,431 2004 St. Louis: Finals = 15,081; Total = 87,676 2005 St. Louis: Finals = 16,302; Total = 95,063 2006 Ok. City: Finals = 16,394; Total = 90,806 2007 Detroit: Finals = 17,780; Total = 89,794 2008 St. Louis: Finals = 16,169; Total = 94,324 2009 St. Louis: Finals = 17,418; Total = 97,336 2010 Omaha: Finals = 16,223; Total = 94,016; Avg. = 15,669 2011 Philly: Finals = 17,687; Total = 104,260; Avg. = 17,376 2012 St. Louis: Finals = 18,204; Total = 109,450; Avg. = 18,241
  6. I'm really not trying to defend them. This is just too much fun
  7. No it's just because of the fact that Iowa is the most dominant program of any sport of all time over the last half century. When you have the unparalleled success that they have had you will have haters that hate.
  8. Oh, I think I've observed the forest well enough. I'd say you'd be better served by following your own advise. I'd also suggest you watch the video again, as you're still confused about what happened. ;) A minor point, but since you couldn't resist the little Sherlock dig, let's be clear who first brought up the MSU coaches' reaction to the fight. It was you, Rossel, while arguing that DSJ never threw a punch (a delusion from which you apparently still suffer). Here's what you claim occurred after Watts had thrown three punches at DSJ: However, the video doesn't show it happened that way. Only one coach ran out initially, which you've now acknowledged. However, you also said he did that "before turning towards Watts." Apparently, you want to leave the impression that your claim of two coaches "running out to calm ... Watts down" is still essentially true. And that would be fine with me if that's what the first coach eventually did. But it never happened that way. The first coach never turned towards Watts. He continued barking at the referee, while pointing most of the time directly at DSJ. All during the fight sequence, he never once tried to calm Watts down. Therefore, I think its pretty obvious that you're falsifying your story again to avoid the clear implications of that coach's actions. Obviously, he was raising hell with the referee and claiming DSJ started the fight by landing the first punch. Below is a frame captured at the time they finally were getting things under control. The first MSU coach is still barking at the referee (which the videos also confirm). Minkel is the only MSU coach who ran over to calm Watts down. Minkel and Watts are both in this frame, but mostly obscured by the referees. In conclusion, Rossel, I'd also suggest you drop your silly little pretense that certain posters go out of their way to express "outrage" at anything Iowa does. This thread was started by a Hawk who later said he "stirred the pot." And you contributed your share by continually insisting that DSJ gave Watts "a mild face push at worst." Hell, even the thread-starter eventually admitted there was indeed a punch. And, when I said that DSJ threw the first punch, I also made it clear that Watts overreacted. In fact, I later added that if both wrestlers were sanctioned, "Watt's reaction was so extreme that it could be deemed the greater transgression." Nonetheless, you kept on with your petty bickering, suggesting that I "subconsciously filtered out...pictures of Watts throwing left jabs and right cross haymakers." And that I didn't post any of those images because that wouldn't fit in with an "anti-Iowa narrative." What a joke you are, Rossel. The only pertinent difference of opinion we had was whether or not DSJ threw a punch. I said he did (even adding that it didn't seem to have a lot of steam on it). However, you stuck with your mantra that it was "a mild face push at worst." I posted stills pertinent to that difference of opinion. DSJ's punch was a sneak left, that wasn't very obvious. Watts' punches were apparent to everyone. And you and I never had any difference of opinion that Watts overreacted and threw multiple punches. We both had already made posts about that, but you still wanted to whine because I didn't post any images of Watts' punches. Hell, I even eventually put his best shot up there (the left jab) just to satisfy your crying. But, I got no "thank you" in return, just another petty insult. In summary Rossel, I think the only one with a real agenda is you. Anytime an Iowa topic comes up, you go into "spin-doctor" mode. Heaven forbid that anyone make an observation, however accurate, that doesn't cast Iowa in the most favorable light possible. Hopefully this is the end of our conversation. However, if you want to continue it, please answer the following question first: From all of the evidence currently available, which of the following best describes DSJ's actions: [*:13o7pyot]DSJ threw a punch at Watts that connected, although it may not have had a lot of steam on it. [*:13o7pyot]DSJ never threw a punch. His actions should be characterized as "a mild face shove at worst." Are you kidding me Hurricane? You need to settle down on the long winded responses. Just because you write a lot of jibberish doesnt mean that you sway peoples opinion. I could write a long essay as well, but want to save people their valuable time.
  9. I enjoy these threads. Lets be honest during down time there isnt much to talk about, and with Iowa involved you will get everybody out of the woodwork to take shots or defend. What we have surmised those is that Watts did in fact do extra shoving out of bounds which provoked Saint Derek to retailiate, and then vice versa As far as Evans, the MSU kid may not have liked a few questionable shoves out of bounds, and then went off the deep end. Later in the match Evans was going for the fall, and unintentionally raked his face causing blood to run. Later the kid cried like a baby. That pretty much sums this whole thread up
  10. Hahaha.....Thats an awesome story. And, you are also correct that the refs and the goody 2 shoes dont realize what you mentioned above.
  11. clearly the still show that Watts was pushing and shoving while well out of bounds. That was what started it. DSJ had no choice but to retaliate to the blatant shoving while well out of bounds and then almost got his ass whooped for it.
  12. Ur an idiot. Just take any chance u can to take shots at the hawks. Go and play grab ass with the kids from gopher cribs. If they focused more on wrestling maybe they wouldn't be getting throttled by inferior opponents
  13. I like it. The guy has fire and the will to be great.
  14. 184 is not good at Iowa. Ethan has to get to his offense and stay on his offense if he expects to even get close to an AA finish
  15. This is a non-issue either way. Nobody is going to be punished like Hurricane preposed the NCAA would deem necessary. Please, the NCAA is still dealing with State Penn and doesnt have the time for non revenue producing sports like wrestling. On the other hand, MSU may have 3 fans around these parts, but those 3 fans are all they have in the stands too at their duals.
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