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  1. Between Cox, Taylor, and Snyder, an American with at least one world level gold medal won't be going to the Olympics. I suspect it will be Taylor and Cox will be our rep at 86kg.
  2. Dake is the best wrestler in the country. Don't be ignorant. No one on earth even remotely close to his size can even get a whiff of him right now.
  3. Relax. He'll be our guy at 74kg next year and will be bringing home Olympic gold from Tokyo.
  4. 57kg - Suriano - style is picture perfect for international wrestling - can't move him and can't be scored on 65kg - Yianni - after a year of only free, he beats all comers easily 74kg - Dake - second best wrestler in the world right now 86kg - Cox - third best wrestler in the world right now 97kg - Snyder - no credible domestic challengers 125kg - Gwiz - he's our guy until proven otherwise
  5. Nicky Pushups is, pound for pound, the strongest wrestler in the world. He'll be our guy at 57kg in Tokyo!
  6. All that negativity can't be good for your soul, Doctor.
  7. Regardless of Zain's fitness, I expect Yianni to win both matches convincingly.
  8. He's on the 2019-2020 roster on the Minny website as of now.
  9. With notable exceptions, wrestling in the United States is more popular in rural areas. Rural areas are overwhelmingly conservative politically. 85% of conservatives (according to Pew Research) identify as Christian. Ergo, wrestling here seems to have a lot of Christians participating. It could just be that a few high profile wrestlers are very vocal about their Christianity in interviews and on social media, but my guess is that a high percentage of wrestlers in the United States identify as Christian. I'd be pleased as punch if people kept their religious beliefs to themselves, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that.
  10. This might be the best thread in forum history.
  11. I found the people picking against Dake to be silly and childlike.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQCU36pkH7c
  13. All I know about Lee is that he always wins when he's under the brightest lights.
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