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  1. No use in denying it. Too many top guys missing.
  2. Lock Haven isn't one of the Ivies I don't think.
  3. Penn has a room full of young talent, virtually all of which is NJ, PA, and OH guys and may turn some heads.
  4. Tito hasn't exactly distinguished himself outside of the octagon.
  5. If healthy, he would have handled all of those guys.
  6. Spencer Lee is a special wrestler and I'm a big fan, but I don't think he has many reps left in his body. Damn shame too because I believe he's the best 57kg in the world.
  7. You were wise. @spladle08 You've been a good sport. Also, I hate to disappoint you, but Chamizo stands no chance against Dake. If you want to learn your lesson again on this point, let me know.
  8. I've got money on Dake, Taylor, and Sadulaev to win gold.
  9. Anyway, just ask me next time you want to know about a sporting event.
  10. Disgusting. Thankfully, this kind of behavior is a good way to end up in prison nowadays.
  11. It's important that I'm finally getting some recognition around here!
  12. Kyle Dake is the best P4P wrestler in the world.
  13. All in good fun, gents. All in good fun.
  14. Through the conclusion of the 74kg weight class at the Olympics, your signature shall read "If I need to know anything about wrestling or sports, I ask Frank Rizzo because he knows more than me."
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