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  1. Because Askren is horrible at the sport in which they'll be competing?
  2. Hopefully Ben's getting paid a lot of money - enough to cover the cost of his pride. He may leave the ring without it. He's 36. He's an atrocious striker. He has a newly replaced hip. He's been badly KO'ed before. This is a very losable fight for him. And I'm saying this as a fan of his. I'd love for him to come out and starch Paul, but Paul is much younger, has wrestled, and has much more to lose by being made to look like a fool. Image is everything in the YouTube line of work.
  3. Also, I listen to the Joe Rogan Experience when he has guests I find intriguing. His show is mostly harmless infotainment. JB is a good ambassador for the sport and a good citizen and I enjoyed his appearance on the show.
  4. I think what I would call private sector companies making business decisions is . . . capitalism.
  5. Best wishes to TJ for a speedy recovery. Damn was he ever good. As far as fantasy matchups are concerned, I would have loved to see Nolf vs. Williams. Would have been an incredible bout.
  6. I'm surprised that people are surprised by this news.
  7. Performance enhancing drugs are rampant in college and international wrestling and have been for decades. Anyone who thinks otherwise is willfully ignorant.
  8. If Rivera is so into being from New Jersey, why didn't he choose to wrestle for Princeton, Rutgers, or Rider, re: his post-match interview?
  9. Big fan of the show! Recommended to anyone whose tastes go beyond stuff like Entourage and The Avengers.
  10. Valenti was a stud from the moment he stepped foot on campus. R12 as a true freshman, 5th, not enrolled, 1st, and 1st. There aren't that many guys like him to go around! I always wonder what he could have done if 57kg were in existence internationally while he was still competing. As it stood, he was facing guys who wrestled 149 in college, like Mike Zadick, at 60kg.
  11. Penn. They're starting to string together very solid recruiting classes under Roger Reina, a proven ace recruiter. They have the Philadelphia RTC. The Wharton School is a great incentive. They've had success at the conference and national level in the past. No reason they can't be on Princeton's level again.
  12. From a fixed point in time, Penn State Wrestling will extend endlessly into the future!
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