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  1. Frank_Rizzo

    Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?

    I'm a little surprised DeSanto ran away with this. Was expecting a better showing from Ashnault too.
  2. Frank_Rizzo


    Tougher than what other teams?
  3. Frank_Rizzo

    Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?

    Not for nothing, but I couldn't even think of a sixth wrestler to add to the list. It's a very well-behaved sport!
  4. Purely for fun - who is everyone's favorite heel in 2019?
  5. Frank_Rizzo

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    You've made your point regarding folkstyle on this forum and The Underground Forum hundreds of times over the years. We get it. You don't like folkstyle.
  6. Frank_Rizzo

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    I don't think Suriano will have to do much more than hit a couple good counter-shots and that'll be that. If DeSanto wrestles like his hair is on fire and just comes straight forward, Suriano will make him pay. I'm thinking something like 10-5, Suriano.
  7. Frank_Rizzo

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    I predict that Suriano wins comfortably and that DeSanto displays poor sportsmanship during and after the match.
  8. Frank_Rizzo

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    I'd like to see Maryland field a more competitive team. Pat Santoro had them to the point where they were starting to product all-americans regularly, so we know it's possible for that program.
  9. Frank_Rizzo

    Not the best day for PSU

    Who thought Berge was a title contender this year?
  10. Frank_Rizzo

    Fix/Suriano Post Match Interviews

    The officiating of the match should have been better, but neither Fix nor Suriano would even so much as commit to a single shot! Hell, they'd probably still be wrestling if it were a no time limit match like Who's #1!
  11. Frank_Rizzo

    133 S. Parker

    Lehigh has had the season from hell. Everything that could go wrong has, in fact, gone wrong.
  12. Frank_Rizzo

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Unless there was some kind of prior beef between Steveson and Colucci, Steveson's antics were totally uncalled for. I know Steveson is a star and talents like him don't come around very often, but did you ever see Cael act that way? Burroughs? Snyder? Just not necessary to be a great wrestler.
  13. Frank_Rizzo

    Fix v. Nick

    I saw it from the chairbacks at Grace Hall and people around me couldn't wait for it to be over!
  14. Frank_Rizzo

    Fix v. Nick

    Both guys are just about impossible to score on. That said, I'll take Fix in UTB.
  15. Frank_Rizzo

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    On the one hand, Bo definitely flexes on people sometimes (doing the Hulk Hogan hand-to-ear thing to the Iowa crowd; his speech after pinning Myles Martin in the national finals). On the other, I don't know that Cael would tolerate such a direct and deliberate flex on a vanquished foe. I'm undecided as to whether this is a flex or sportsmanship...