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  1. Frank_Rizzo

    Suriano vs lee

    All I know about Lee is that he always wins when he's under the brightest lights.
  2. Frank_Rizzo

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    You're supposed to fight either other rookies or jobbers at the beginning of an MMA or boxing career. Pico's first fight was against a veteran from a higher weight class with an 8-2 record on a PPV card in Madison Square Garden. He was set up to fail in that fight, and it took less than 30 seconds for him to do so. Rather than learn from its mistakes, his team thought it prudent for him to come back from a first round TKO loss and fight a guy with a 12-0 record. The result was equally as predictable. And while Pico has fought quality competition, only one of his opponents even has a Wikipedia page. At the very least, his team is guilty of MMA malpractice. At most, he doesn't have it in MMA.
  3. Frank_Rizzo

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Pico and his team have attempted to put the cart before the horse at every stage of his sporting career. It's a darn shame too, because a lot of talent is going down the tubes.
  4. Frank_Rizzo

    The call

    You mean the people who studied no less than seven years after high school in order to understand the law, regulations, language, and nuance? The same people who then passed a notoriously rigorous multi-day examination to determine whether they can even practice the profession they spent the previous seven years studying for? Those greasy guys?
  5. Frank_Rizzo

    Where were they? And why?

    Both were badly injured and unable to use their final years of eligibility.
  6. Frank_Rizzo


    I don't know anyone that questioned Sasso's dedication in high school. All Sasso ever did in high school was crush people.
  7. Frank_Rizzo

    141 Finals

  8. Frank_Rizzo

    Pittsburgh grades

    Pittsburgh was just fine as a host city. My only gripe about the entire tournament is that the PPG Paints Arena had a lot of trouble getting fans in the door before the first session. The first whistles blew with very few people in their seats.
  9. Frank_Rizzo

    Most Exciting Match of the Tournament?

    Gotta go with Nolf and Hidlay, with Lewis and Marinelli or Lewis and Joseph as contenders.
  10. Frank_Rizzo

    How important is recruiting?

    You are, of course, correct. That's what I get for posting before being adequately caffeinated after watching wrestling for three days straight.
  11. Frank_Rizzo

    How important is recruiting?

    How about this: if you are a Division 1 college wrestler and were not an InterMat Top 100 recruit, you only have roughly a 16% chance of becoming an All-American?
  12. Frank_Rizzo

    How important is recruiting?

    My takeaway? If your recruit wasn't a Top 100 guy, there's only a 16% chance he'll see the podium. Of course I'm only working with one year's data set. But my guess is that's fairly consistent across years.
  13. Frank_Rizzo

    How important is recruiting?

    Quick count - 13 guys were 50-100.
  14. Frank_Rizzo

    141 Finals

    Agree almost entirely with this, but Yianni is on another level and his talent could take him to an Olympic gold medal, whereas I respectfully believe McKenna has maxed out his abilities.
  15. Frank_Rizzo

    How important is recruiting?

    http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21741 67 out of 80 All-Americans were InterMat Top 100 recruits, or 84%. 3 were ranked in their respective weight classes but were outside the Top 100, or 4% 9 were not ranked at all, or 11%. Dhesi is from Canada. So, in sum, recruiting in college wrestling isn't everything, but it's darn close.