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  1. The problem as i see it for iowa is the lack of high end talent in the state of iowa. They will have always have couple of bad hombres in HS every year but not the shear #s of PA or OH. So they will rely upon the couple of Iowa blue chippers and then they are going to have to out recruit Cael and Ryan for the eltes from OH and PA. heck even the elite of NJ. They will have to battle it out for 2nd tier recruits from PA, OH and NJ with the likes of RU, Va Tech & NC State. BC in my opinion, the top tier PA/OH kids will want to stay home . I imagine that Maranelli went there bc of the log jam at 65, 74, 84 at OSU. Its going to be challenge. The brands do not have broad appeal, they appeal to a certain type of wrestler and family which reduced the overall pool of qualified recruits. Similar to UCLA hops and ND fball, Iowa will always be chasing the ghost of glory past. It is going to be increasingly difficult in the day and age. They will win now and again and always be in the hunt but parity has killed the 20 year dynasty and it isnt coming back
  2. Who would've thought back when Tom and the Metcalf gang left VA tech that they would wind up losing to Vtech in the NCAAs? Va Tech went all in when they hired Brand only to be scorned by their departure. I recall some people thought that would be the death of the program. VT hired a HS coach in Dresser, albeit a national champion, and we have watched him slowly build a national power. Dresser's is building a program equal to Iowa. Over the next decade, who do you see as having the upper hand?
  3. The crowd was lacking the midwestern team flair. Seemed to miss the large Minny, Wisky, Iowa contingents. There was a bunch of Iowa supporters but seemed not to be as large as in years past. The Okie State crowd was next to me and was loud and having a great time. 19k plus fans. i cannot comment on the 200 level. Were there more team sections up there? What a great nigh!! Why hasn't Pittsburgh hosted the finals yet? Great city, great fan base, close to Cleveland and all of western PA is wrestling crazy and arguably the best wrestling in the country.
  4. Billy Smith, RU, lost to wessel from lehigh who i think is a 1st time AA senior
  5. RU w 2 AA's , perrotti wins w a takedown in the last 30 seconds . huge step for Rutgers !!! Billy Smith can make it 3
  6. Ramos and Bernstein wrestled in the 2013 NJ state finals w ramos wining that one
  7. Cant go wrong w Del Posto , Marea (if you want the best but not my cup of tea ) , Franks in East Vill, Da Andea , Sauce (E Vill ) , Carbone
  8. 125 - Conor Schram - 4x PA finalist and 2x champ, will make some noise from the #10 133 - A Giraldo - beat earl hall, bruno and gave brewer fits (one pd though ;) , making weight over 2 days make hurt him though 141 - Randy Cruz - r12 last year -- the wrestlbacks could present some interesting PA matchups, looks like Cruz , Chisko and Zach Horan will battle 149 - BJ Clagon - could make a run , gave rutherford one of his closest matches this year. when he wants to go , he s tough to handle 174 -i cant wait for a myles v realubuto semi 184 - gravina will grind and will give brooks fits hwy - dhesi - he made billy smith legitimately quit
  9. Lesh - check out Don Bogam's or Shilla's Both great places
  10. Look into VIA before arriving in NYC , cheapest ride - $5 bucks . much better than cabs or uber
  11. Also little italy is like going to disney. ts not what it used to be. i wouldnt waste my time there and the food is ok at best Head to chinatown for great food too , peking duck house is great
  12. From a NY-er 1) Korean BBQ is great , dont be afraid 2) Burgers - Bare Burger (46th Street/ 8th ) 5 Napkin Burger (44th / 9th ) & Shake Shack (44/8) 3) Avoid all Famous Rays, Original Rays , the Dollar Pizza places are ok - you pay for what you get . pizza is ok in my opinion in nyc , just think how many 3 dollar pizza's you need to sell to pay for rent so .... 4) Steaks - Quality Meats (58/6) , DelFrisco s ( 55/6) , Smith Wolesnkys - all high end but very good 5) Italian - Malaparte (Hudson & Bethune - great prices and amazing food - down in West Vill , prb my fav restaurant in all of nyc - $18 -$22 entrees) , Da Andrea ( Union Sq ) - in my opinion they are are the best value in all of nyc , great italian 6) Bagels - Murrays Bagels & Ess-a Bagels - are the best in NYC , Pick a bagel is very good too and close to msg 7) Ramen - Totto Ramen - very cool but long line. there is a lenny's on teh same block as msg but its a chain bagel jt 8) Mexican - Anejo (hells kitchen ), Burrito Box (Columbus Circle) Taqueria (one of the best , sorta a "speak easy" in the back of a bodega but awesome 9) Hells Kitchen - Taboon, medi wine bar , sports bar - brickyard , beer bar - valhalla 10 ) Surrounding MSG - best bar in my opinion is American Whiskey If you gave time get out of Midtown! take a subway and head to west vill, union sq, tribecca. they are all easy subways ride aways. dont be afraid of the subways, very simple to navigate and not dangerous at all. just keep your head on a swivel. If you dont want to head downtown , go to Hells Kitchen. It is completely gentrified and tons of diff bars and restaurants. the other close option is Midtown (50's between 5 & 7th ) . all the restaurants in this area are all very god but cater to the corporate card and tourists so be prepared to pay up. Hit me up if you have q's. I ve been living in nyc for over a decade now
  13. As a fan , i would ve been happy with 7 but with 10, i m over the moon pleased with their performance. There are only 3 schools that went 10 for 10, Nebraska, Okie State and RU. Amazing, i hope they continue to make some noise in their backyard. At MSG , I would considered 2 AA's as a success.
  14. Bad news of the tourney, from the RU boards. Perrotti tore some rib cartilage and defaulted out and is doubtful for the NCAA tourney. So disheartening to see, AP was wrestling great and is the heart the heart and soul of that program. I was excited to watch his last run to a high AA.
  15. The wind is at the back of the RU program! 9 and possibly 10 qualifiers, 1 finalist, top 10 ranking, top 7 in attendance, big ten, top 3 most fertile recruiting ground, great recruiting class ... There is no reason why the program will not be a consistent top 10 program year in and year out. I just hope Perrotti is healthy for one last run.
  16. Micah has looked awesome all year but it doesnt bode well when a 49/57 lber cant finish on a 33 lber. After watching a bunch of his matches this year i thought he was the favorite but this match raises some eyebrows. How is he going to finish on Heil with this scrambling abilty/Jack and his length.
  17. Another thing , what has happened to Cody Wiercioch ? He was a 3x PA state champ and hasnt had the results one would have expected. He s not even ranked. the talent in the WPIAL is second to none, Pitt should be top 10/15 every year. the 2013 class was ranked #2 by earl. Wiercioch isnt ranked, Bright is in jail , Raccaito quit, Solomon is ranked 14 and is lone bright spot. this class was supposed to be the start an upswing in pitt wrestling but it hasnt panned out.
  18. Thorn v Ashnault - was AA s loss a glimpse into the future or a midseason blip on the radar The Jordan cousin's - will bo finally overcome the "big brother" stranglehold ike has on him - i dont foresee it Jackson v Nikal 2 not a rematch but will ryan taylor recover his former form? i thought he was the best 33 lber last year before his injury also not a rematch but very excited to see how Nick Gravina performs vs the top end of the Big Ten. He s a relentless monster who i think can finish top 4 and surprise Brooks, Mac, Courts or Dudley and possibly sneak into the finals . Long shot but ....
  19. While the Ainsworth is a great sports bar and it seems like a good deal just be prepared to be packed in like sardines. It will be overwhelmingly packed. nuts to buts packed.... WIth the first round of the hoops tourney and st pats day, you will be hard pressed to get a beer. head over to hells kitchen or 9th ave for better value and more room. all in all, midtown will be bananas, as it always is during st pats and when you throw hoops on top of that, look out... for out of towners , i implore you to get out of midtown for dinner. please do yourself a favor get on any subway and head south of 14th street for dinner (if there's time). there is no need to be intimidated by the subways, primarily they go north and south. cabs are too darn expensive and too time consuming due to traffic. if you miss you stop just get out and walk the 5 blocks....if you are going to stay in midtown head to hells kitchen. midtown is truly not indicative of nyc. its one huge overpriced tourist trap. i ve lived in nyc for over a decade now and its the best city for dining and excitement.
  20. John79


    Ritchie Lewis #20 beat Brian Murphy #6, lewis is a gamer. looking forward to seeing how he does in the big tens. he s prb looking at the 3 seed.
  21. Disparage other sports? RU stinks , that's a fact. The men's team attendance is #91 in the country averaging 5,700 people per game. It's a joke considering how fertile the recruiting grounds are in NJ. NJ hs hoops are as good as any Hopefully after a few more years of success, RU wrestling will be the second largest draw after football
  22. Agreed, he def did not approve the billboard and i dont know how long it has been up but outdoor electronic ad buys are purchased a month in advance. AD was at the Nebraska match so i hope he saw the potential in gate receipts considering no one goes to their hoops games
  23. While driving along arguably the most heavily trafficked stretch of highway in the US, I saw a billboard that absolutely shocked me. Rutgers has purchased electronic billboard space along the Lincoln Tunnel spur of 95 that features the wrestling team and Anthony Ashnault. I thought the purchase was very revealing, i guess it says the men's hoops team stinks and that the Athletic department sees Rutger's wrestling as a potential money maker. I just hope this optimism stirs the new AD to enact more fund raising for a new wrestling room ! Who would ve thought that a wrestling team get this kind of pub. Regardless, of your view of RU, you have to agree this a great step for wrestling in general.
  24. and brooks was allowed not to be pinned, goes both ways I guess
  25. WOW is right, what a bounce back for Goodale's squad. Gravina bouncing back after the no call pin vs iowa to beat #3 dudley, ritchie lewis bouncing back and beating #9 berger (although he did lose to jersey's mascola too this w.e) , perrotti continuing a great season beating #4 wilson (now he has beat the #3 and #4 guys in the nation). ash beating adibin who he lost last year to. great win, Ru is not a athletic powerhouse in any sense and that probably is one best wins in any sport
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