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  1. HurricaneWrestling is trying to rustle some jimmies itt.
  2. Valencia could also pass for mike Zadick. Another one I have always seen in my head is Logan Stieber and Wayne, the older brother from The Wonder Years.
  3. Valencia could also pass for mike Zadick. Another one I have always seen in my head is Logan Stieber and Wayne, the older brother from The Wonder Years.
  4. Off topic, but why still no Asgarov?
  5. If that's the case, he would be insane to leave.
  6. In on tapatalk. Awesome
  7. Taylor and Miller have a history that most outside of Ohio don't know. Taylor's senior year of high school, they met early on in the Walsh Ironman. Miller was a sophomore, and had lost the second half of his freshman year to injury. Thus, he was relatively unknown (maybe unproven is a better word). He hit a head and arm on Taylor and had him on his back and in deeeeep trouble in the first period. The gym went crazy. Miller held a 9-8 lead late in the third period when Taylor took him down to his back to win 13-9, I think. Gym went nuts. That was the match that put Ian Miller on the map. I have looked and looked, but have never been able to find video.
  8. And remember that it was Bergman that he beat for third.
  9. Miller was a 2x DII state champ and placed 6th at FloNationals last year.
  10. Most trolls are fairly amusing. Superold is incredibly annoying because he doesn't give up the troll and hijacks threads. Probably/definitely the worst/most annoying poster I can remember on this site. Worse than billytickets and his alters.
  11. Man, USAWrestling owns a lot of stock. I assume that is all/mostly donations.
  12. haha, seriously. My take on this (not that anybody cares) is that Nick is setting the bar for Flo's professionalism incredibly low. The original article is one thing. I didn't agree with the general whiny tone of it, but whatever. But to then engage is this petulant back and forth on here is another level of embarrassing. I have always like Flo because they hustle. They have created more original content and coverage than I ever thought would be widely available for wrestling. They have always been passionate and energetic. That doesn't have to be mutually inclusive with immature and childish. Everybody would have been better off had Nick not gone into middle school mode when people pointed out how flawed and immature his article was. The last thing this sport needs is its supporters getting divisive.
  13. i was wondering when superold would grace this thread with his wisdom.
  14. I agree with rsabich. I also played/still play lacrosse. He does a great job on lax broadcasts and does a good job with wrestling considering it isn't his primary area of knowledge. I always hate the interviews immediately post match, though. The kids are sucking wind 9/10 times. Quint is good, though.
  15. Kind of melancholy seeing all those schools that used to have wrestling programs like LSU, Kentucky, Auburn, San Jose State, and Michigan State.
  16. That was an attempt at humor, pointing out that so many wrestlers graduate at 19. Not trying to stir the pot, just a joke.
  17. Okay, so anybody with $35 over 19 can enter an open?
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