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    pcostilow got a reaction from cjc007 in Should NCAA Wrestling have legal wagering?   
    No because it's a degenerate vice. 
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    pcostilow got a reaction from sbdude in Sun Devil Expectations   
    Vegetables are what food eats
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    pcostilow reacted to OCGrappler in Ivy Rankings   
    Can't go higher than 2/10 on the Troll job.
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    pcostilow reacted to grappler6 in Stroker a Gopher   
    TBar, sure glad JRobs age didn't send another recruit away ;)
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    pcostilow reacted to silver-medal in Nick Roberts transfers to.....   
    I wish Roberts well.  He made nice improvement during his two seasons at Ohio State.  It's too bad they couldn't keep him as he would have added much needed depth to the first two weight classes. 
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