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  1. I like what Bob Dole says but the problem with that is that they will continue to spend as much money or more on everything else related to football. I don't see as much of a cost savings but more so a better distribution of talent with the reduction of 25 athletes from the power 5 to the group of 5 given that men's football and basketball scholarships can't be split or partial like all other sports. As tranfer regulations have continually been less restrictive this millenium, we have seen more movement in the last 20 years than the entire 20th century so we probably see as much movement in football as we do in basketball,
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCAA_Men's_Gymnastics_Championships
  3. Surprised no one has mentioned Jake Herbert yet. He was all attitude at Northwestern after Askren graduated and then followed with the stache and a beautiful mullet, the Ron Burgundy look at the Midlands, BaBa Booey-ing at the Olympics, a variety of media adventures, and all of the stories people have heard that aren't for public consumption.
  4. If a state high school athletic association sponsors a sport then a state college in that state should also sponsor that sport.
  5. He does and has three children. I read that Joe had succesful surgery yesterday to relieve the swelling on his brain and has returned to the ICU. Great wrestleer and coach but a better person and father.
  6. Saw on facebook after a few calls this afternoon that Joe Heskett had a stroke while sleeping yesterday and is in stable condition but very serious condition in ICU. I am not a doctor or family member so I know nothing other than what I read. His uncle has provided some updates to people sending well wishes on Joe's facebook page. I do know as his friend, he and his family would appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers the community can offer.
  7. President Trump stated “anyone who wants a test can get a test.” Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Donald
  8. I think people underestimate the size and scope of the Arnold Classic. Last year at the Arnold there were approx 20,000 athletes from over 75 countries (many of whom are fresh off the boat). Combined with competitors from all 50 states and an attendence over 200,000 for at least the last five years, and you have a petri dish in the heart of Ohio. Putting the Arnold in context, no event in central Ohio brings in more international attendees or competitors than the Arnold and only Ohio State football (8 home games), OSU basketball (20+ home games), NHL Blue Jackets (40+ home games) bring in more attendees and revenue with the Arnold ahead of the MLS Crew, AAA MLBB Clippers, and the Gay Mens SB World Series Columbus has long embraced the cow town monicker but with 2.100,000 in the metro area that is more people in Central, Ohio alone than the population of the entire states of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, and more than the states with more than a 1,00,000 residents of Rhode Island, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, West virginia, Idaho, Nebraska, and New Mexico. I am not ready to shut down the city/state/country over fears, but I think the Arnold is taking appropriate level of precaution given where their competitors come from and the size, scope, and origin of the fans walking through the doors. While the vast majority of the athletes at The Arnold are healthy, the potential is there to become a hot spot for transmission without restrictions or precautions
  9. Reece Humphrey went 0-2 in 2006 losing to two unseeded wrestlers that went 1-2 at 133 pounds. He redshirted in 2007 then went round of 12 in 2008 and second in 2009 at 133 and third at 141 in 2010. Looking back with a win over Franklin Gomez (lost in OT) or Mike Grey (final td in a scramble) he is probably a low AA as a sophomore, lost by a point in the finals to Gomez as a junior, and essentially wrestled a finals match in the semis against Dake and lost a could of, would of, should of in OT as a senior. Post college he was a three time national champion and a three-time world team member over a 5-6 year period.
  10. Good Luck, sorry this board does not get the traffic that others do but I will offer a few suggestions. 1. Reach out to local HS/JH/MS coaches to see if you can get a referal 2. Research USA wrestling state/national website to find list of sanctioned clubs in your area. 3. Research NUway wrestling state/national website to find list of sanctioned clubs in your area. 4. Find a youth tournament in your area, show up, ask questions, make friends. Equipment - Wrestling shoes, mouthpiece, headgear. You already have shorts, sweats, and t's you can use General - Learning, skill development, and fun trump tournaments when just starting out
  11. Kevin Randleman, Ohio State went to 2-1-1 and did not wrestle his senior year.
  12. Kids like DeSanto need wrestling and wrestling needs kids like DeSanto. I love watching him compete to the limits of the rules and the limits of himself as he raises his own bar. I hope he is as succesful or more in life than he is on the mat.
  13. When will this clean Olympics you propose begin?
  14. Agree on this, kid that was slammed showed no reaction to the slam and was in referees position before his dad even stepped on the mat. Nothing excuses the actions of the father, but impressed with the composure of his kid from what I could see in the video. With that said hard to comment on much more without knowing what proceded it in the match, the histories of all parties, and how everyone reacted after the incident Hope the kid from SE Guilford was not injured from the assault
  15. Thought it was interesting bit of trivia that Mohammad's father was a two-time Olympic, one-time World silver medalist, Askari Mohammadian. Askari competed at 57 and 62 kg, wrestling in the same weight class as Barry Davis in 1988 and Brad Penrith in 1989 while losing in the finals to John Smith in 1992 Mohammad ate well, had some size genetics in his family tree, the steroids really helped, or his father was cutting a massive amount of weight.
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