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  1. KSchlosser

    Threatened by "College Wrestler"

    I see what you did there with Mr Lawson, but I am still a little confused.
  2. KSchlosser

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Isaiah White was a DII national champ for Notre Dame College. With one year left, he was round of twelve as a sophomore and placed fifth as a junior for Nebraska. Will always wonder whether or not he would have made a difference in Cleveland vs TC. Never heard why he did not end up in Columbus but hard to argue against Green and Burroughs as workout partners.
  3. KSchlosser

    Freestyle Results by College

    Jim Humphrey is an Ohio State alum. He earned a Big Ten title and NCAA All America status as a team captain in Columbus. Is there a reason his Silver is NA if it was earned for Team USA? As a former history prof, I love the list so thanks for compiling and updating. If it is a work in progress, I would love to see the addition of the guys thar made world or olympic teams as that is an accomplishment in and of itself. I am assuming the highest producing schools will see their numbers swell but would think we would add more schools with team members than we have with only medalist.
  4. KSchlosser

    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    Lance and Collins parents are Dwayne and Rita Palmer. Won't say he isn't related but Bud is not their father or uncle
  5. KSchlosser

    Breaking 2024

    Breaking, skateboarding, climbing, and surfing are in and baseball, karate, and squash are out. deadspin.com/2024-olympics-set-to-become-much-cooler-with-inclusion-1832782647 Thoughts? Thankfully the ioc is staying off our lawn this go round, the ioc is a still a corrupt organization, and the modern pentathlon continues to live on.
  6. KSchlosser

    Edinboro Open

    I too have wondered if the Bergman/Morrison/Capone/Snyder route may be something to be considered for Moore. It's not like it hasn't happened under Ryan at Ohio State and I would assume it has been discussed even if it doesn't happen. If Singletary drops he and Hoffman figure out 197, if he loses he is on the bench and if he wins Hoffman drops down and is in a dogfight with Smith and Jordan to figure it out at 174/184. With that said I think where Moore and Hayes go impacts every spot in the Buckeyes' lineup except 125 and 133. Considerring Decatur or DeEmilio could beat out Malik or Pletcher could redshirt all ten weights are open in those regards with at least eight returning lettermen returning.
  7. KSchlosser

    College kids going into coaching

    With less and less Division I wrestlers each year going into education and the loss of programs over the last forty plus years we are seeing many more teachers and coaches coming from the Division II, III, and NAIA level. If I am trying to recruit some recent graduates, I would cast my net towards the other divisions. Since Al Gore invented the interweb we have great online resources that allow us to see kids home towns and majors at most schools. Take a look at the rosters, find kids that may be from your area, and talk to the coaches. While not every coach would do it, I know of one DIII coach in Ohio and an Indiana AD with wrestling ties that made recommendations for kids they recruited that didn't go to their schools because they knew the SAs were going into education, wanted to coach, and they wanted to help the sport, the potential coach, and the school/area that was looking.
  8. KSchlosser

    A bad week for wrestling?

    weather where I am at made it a bad week. If it wasn't snow or sleet, it was the cold which led to 3-5 days of missed school and no school means no practice. I am sure the kids had fun, I did at that age, but hard to fix last weeks problems when warming up at this weeks tournament. College wrestling board but wrestling is wrestling
  9. KSchlosser

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    I know ISU is in good hands coaching wise but Nate helping out in any capacity is a dad I would welcome in my room any time. Jim Humprey had a big impact at Ohio State when Reese and Jordin were there and he helped with the transition from Russ to Tom. If Nate is anything like Jim, Cyclones will benefit. Sasso had a nice win over Collica at DS; good wins over Lugo (I), Pantaleo (UM), and Maruca (ASU) at the Midlands, and only lost 9-7 to Micah at OIC. I expect him to be on the podium if he is healthy in 2020.
  10. KSchlosser

    PAC 12 Network - ASU vs OrSU

    You are absolutely right and I am absolutely wrong and I changed the title to reflect that.
  11. KSchlosser

    PAC 12 Network - ASU vs OrSU

    Thought that was what was said on the broadcast. Could it be true freshmen? I admittedly don't follow Oregon State the way I do the Big Ten or MAC. Was just typing random thoughts or observations as I watched so since it was number two it had to be very early in the broadcast.
  12. KSchlosser

    PAC 12 Network - ASU vs OrSU

    Got a chance to watch the Arizona State at Oregon State dual today as I was watching football live and have a few thoughts. Not a fan per say of either team but I record all of the college wrestling I can with the Dish sports package 1. Women's basketball game ran over seven minutes. Even with the delay the dual started at the begining of the broadcast with all matches. Wonder if the dual was scheduled to start a few minutes late or if they delayed the start because it was a national broadcast. Anyone in attendance know how it went down? 2. Zalesky has only had two freshmen national qualifiers at OrSU in 12 years as HC. 3. I really enjoyed Ken Chertow on the broadcast. Very knowledgable, great communicator, very enthusiastic. He is really able to talk strategy, situations, history, and give his impressions without a filter. Thought the SIDs and PAC 12 broadcst team did a great job providing prematch notes to the broadcasters as they worked a ton of background info on everything seemlessly into the broadcast and Ken added a lot of his general knowledge of the sport and rules. Ken talks a lot but it is not condescending to wrestling nerds but very educational for the casual fan. Ken and Rich Burk had great chemistry and played off each other well. 4. Riding time graphic was placed above the scores. Great to see the PAC 12 brass improving the broadcast. Would have liked to have seen the team scores shown a few more times though since they weren't keeping it on all the time any more. 5. Thought Shields at 165 started slow but came on strong as the match went on to earn the major. 6. In the 174 matchup, kc noted there was no video set up for challenges. Not sure why they couldn't use the broadcast video for this purpose. 7, Forgot Ian Miller is coaching at OrSU. 8. Thought 184 was a good match but a little disapointed that Coleman just conceded the td in ot. The coach and competitor in me would have liked to see him fight tooth and nail even if he only held on for five more seconds before giving up two. 9. Austin Harris has a great beard. Wrestling needs more beards. Thought he could have scored at end of regulation and off the first pass in ot. Good finish by Grant with the double for the win. 10. Hall will be a 27 year old sixth year senior next season. 11. Thinking ahead to March curious if Steveson and Dhesi have wrestled before. Loved KC stating both wrestlers are stalling in the second. Daniels was dead at the end and thought he should have been given another stalling call to end it. 12. Courtney did a good job of defending Bresser in the first and second but very few offensive attacks. Seemed like Bresser was content to do nothing in the last period with a 1-0. Courtney was the more active wrestler in the third and he still got called for stalling.... home cooking? 13. Was anyone surprised KC worked in some ads for his camps? 14. Willets-Crooks was a great match. Slow motion makes things seem closer than they are. I would have given a reversal in the second and not one plus two 15. Does Klackamas have a pipeline to OrSU? Heard they are wrestling them next weekend so they appear to have a great relationship. Got to be good for the pacific northwest. Overall an enjoyable and competitive college dual with two one-point matches and two twos in regulation, three OT finals, and wrestlers fighting to save bonus in the other three matches.
  13. KSchlosser

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Delay the start if possible, they have done it at Ohio State a few years ago and make some announcements to those in attendance. I go to a lot of football games, a couple of bball games every year and have gotten use to 10-20 minutes of tv timeouts every game. I can remember them holding up matches in the arena for commercials (early BTN) during the broadcast while there live. They could also tape delay and catch up throughout the broadcast. Worse case scenario that way you are caught up by intermission provided the bball game doesn't go to ot. If delaying the broadcast then run an update on the bottom of the screen at the end of the basketball game and during the dual. With all that said they will cut out parts of the second or third game for overage time in college basketball back to backs as well on btn, espn, and fox as well. I don't even know the time of the fall but you could also show Lee's match during intermission. Figure this stuff out in preproduction meetings and keep the facility and host aware of your plans so they can communicate with the teams, fans in attendance and viewers at home. I do think they show complete duals when they reair and there is commentary so I am assuming the broadcsasters are still providing commentary even if it is not being broadcast at the time I did notice BTN had a riding time graphic under the match scores which I appreciate. Seemed like there were a lot of empty seats in CHA. Liked Tim and Jim on the broadcast.
  14. KSchlosser

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    If someone were still posting here this would be appropriate.
  15. KSchlosser

    Kurt McHenry

    I would assert that for the top 1% of wrestlers or teams in some states, the state tournmanet is a lesser tournament at the end of the year and not the climax. Take a kid wrestling at Ed's or Graham in Ohio for the last twenty years and ask them to name their toughest three tournaments/competitions and the state championships might not be in their top five. State titles are validation for some and just another day at the office for others. I think we have been seeing the signs of this before kids get to high school for awhile at least in Ohio. Do you want to wrestle for your school or for your club. With the school you get two months of competition within a 60 mile radius of your school where you might get pushed 5% of the time or you go with your club and have a season twice as long, better practice partners and advanced technique, you wrestle every corner of the state and hit monthly or bimonthly national tournaments.