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  1. KSchlosser

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    If someone were still posting here this would be appropriate.
  2. KSchlosser

    Kurt McHenry

    I would assert that for the top 1% of wrestlers or teams in some states, the state tournmanet is a lesser tournament at the end of the year and not the climax. Take a kid wrestling at Ed's or Graham in Ohio for the last twenty years and ask them to name their toughest three tournaments/competitions and the state championships might not be in their top five. State titles are validation for some and just another day at the office for others. I think we have been seeing the signs of this before kids get to high school for awhile at least in Ohio. Do you want to wrestle for your school or for your club. With the school you get two months of competition within a 60 mile radius of your school where you might get pushed 5% of the time or you go with your club and have a season twice as long, better practice partners and advanced technique, you wrestle every corner of the state and hit monthly or bimonthly national tournaments.
  3. KSchlosser

    tOSU 125

    I don't know if he goes or stays but Ryan is not going to stop recruiting and trying to put his best team on the mat. If you are Ohio State and are paying their tuition, the sooner you use them the sooner you are getting a return on your investment. The amount of return is up for debate on the web and will be determined on the mat in competition and at practice but if he leaves after two years and you only used him once you only got half your money's worth or if he gets beat out next year and didn't wrestle varsity this year you get nothing.
  4. Hacking around on the interweb today and did a little reading and learning. 1. Vision Quest had two names. 2. Shute won a wrestle off to be Shute 3. The log was hollow. (A certain poster might be able to expand on this) 4. Modine was bulking up to 189 (despite cutting from 190 to 168 in the movie) 5. Shute was the one cutting to 190 and he did it a couple of different times. 6. If the poster was to be believed, Shute was a 6'4" 168 pound monster and as the taller person Swain was 6'7" 168 pound bean pole. (Those 3 inches were huge.) 6. Shute appeared in a Van Halen video holding a sign stating "Will wrestle you for food" 7. Kuch was the most accomplished wrestler in the entire movie as a Jr World Champ for Team USA in 1978. (Anyone know where he wrestled in college?) 8. Mark Palmer did a great interview with Frank Jasper: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16288 9. Princess Vespa was Maggie Epstein. 10. If Taylor Lautner approved a script, why hasn't this movie been recast and remade
  5. My perspective is guided by what is best for the team in March and the belief that the field, the brackets, and head to heads can make a competitive team race. With that said I need scorers frontside and backside at all 10 weights and I think the field, brackets, and head to head concern Ohio State the most at 125, 157, 165, and 174. I don't think I am down on Romero, to me he is still an unknown to a degree. If you told me you could have TC at 165 or 174 with Romero at 165 and Smith at 174, I have more confidence or am higher on Smith than Romero with Campbell a known quality. I like the progress Smith has made better from the start of the year til now and if that continues the second half the season it widens that gap without a bigger jump from Romero. Whether the Bucks are fighting for a title or a trophy, points are points and they need wins One way to look at Iowa 96.5 and Ohio State 92 is that if Sponseller beats Morningstar in 2009 then Tom Ryan has two team titles. At the same time tOSU could have qualified a 197 that scores or got a couple more points at 125 (2-2), 157 (0-2), 174 (1-2), or 285 (1-2) or Sponseller beats Sherefy and gets another win in the medal rounds. After Iowa won the title in 2008 by 40 points few considered Ohio State a contender and more so a bridesmaid the following year. Penn State is the heavy favorite, they will more than likely score at least twenty more than iowa, think an over/under of 120 points. If I am Ohio State and Tom Ryan or any title contender I don't quit fighting for a title until the math/results say I can't win. If you can't get first get second, if you can't get second get third, if you aren't going to AA make it to the blood round, give me some wins, give me frontside points, give me backside bonus.
  6. KSchlosser

    Best High School Team Ever?

    62,000 x 14 = 868,000 43,400 x 15 = 651,000 (adjusted for non resident discount) Even with their extensive travel expenses, does 1,519,000 in revenue makes Blair the most profitable or highest revenue producing program when factoring in tuition, room, and board.
  7. Six thoughts - 1. ESPN needs to find a way to get riding time displayed when they are broadcasting duals. I get that the announcers mention it from time to time but if a guy is close to gaining or losing a point in a close match I want to see it before it happens. This applies to all broadcast networks. 2. Martin looked great. I know he has great mat awareness when not wrestling Bo, but with time to take a shot and get back to a major, I hated seeing him look back to check the clock with 6-7 seconds left in the match. Score and score some more. 3. Not sure how Singletary did not get the fall in the first. 4. I expected an active, aggresive, and full of energy Hayes at 157 with no weight cut. Instead it seems like he is passive, flat footed, and content to keep it close. I still think the potential is there as he will try to hit a big move to go up or up the pace at the end to steal a win, but as a whole I like him a lot better at 149 than 157. I realize who he was wrestling, but his mat presence seems off whether he is wrestling a back up or a returning NCAA finalist. 5. Interested in the continued watch for Ohio State at 125 and 165/174. Unless Mead or Lucas step it up over the next two months, the Bucks may be shut out of points at 125 and I don't know if Malik is better served wrestling or redshirting regardless of his performance at the Midlands. Obviously it is a thought in Ryan's mind if Heinselman was weighed in and ready to wrestle if the outcome of the dual was in question. 6. I can see progress for Romero at 165 but he needs to finish if he is getting his hand raised in March. I like Ohio State better in PA with Campbell or Smith at 165 and 174 than each fighting for the spot at 174 and Romero at 165. Looking at the middleweight depth, I think Cleary has gotten better at 157 though not sure if it would be a Hayes at 157 situation if he moved up, and I do like Schierel's big move potential. While neither are likely a 2019 All-American, I am looking for some points in Pittsburgh at 165.
  8. KSchlosser

    Sammy Sasso

    I can remember an Ohio State 141 that had a lot of success after dropping down from 149 his freshman year. He would start the school year around 160, take a couple of months to get acclimated, and then was money in March. That same team had a 149 that started a little bigger and did pretty well. The 157 that was weighing in at 153-154 in March had the talent to be a multi time All-American at 141 or 149 and the 133 could probably say the same. Sammy should probably talk to the coaches about what is best for him and best for the team as they may have some experience. Haven't seen Sasso since the begining of the year but his body reminds me more of the 141 and the 157 than that teams 149. The worst case scenario has wrestle off sorting out who starts where. With all the support staff at Ohio State, he will have a plan to make the descent as healthy as possible while producing and progressing.
  9. KSchlosser

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    This - 100% agree Unfortunately at this time no one I have heard discuss or saw in print has questioned or discussed this point. It should have been corrected if an issue in the locker room as in cut the hair or don't weigh in and don't wrestle. If he was told prior to the match to cut his hair and he didn't, then I can see why the matside hair cut occured. In my experience as a coach and competitor I thought hair, nails, equipment was compliant before stepping on the scale. None of this excuses the referees past behavior or present motivations, but it would explain the spectacle that occurred. With that said I don't see how you can allow this official to continue to be licensed. If you have two strikes that gain negative national attention,. I am not giving you an opportunity for a third. I worked a 10 hour day yesterday and drove 300 miles. I listened to ESPN, FOX, Mad Dog, and CBS radio at different times, and this incident was discussed heavily on all networks.
  10. KSchlosser

    Ohio state vs Wisconsin

    I say what I say because I don't believe Tom would be in the position today without Russ doing what Russ did. No disrespect to any wrestlers who wore a Buckeye singlet but for the first sixty plus years in the history of the program, wrestling was not a priority for the school. Those who achieved good for them, those who competed good for them. The school did not ask for or demand greatness or results on the mat or in the classroom. Ohio State chose to make wrestling a priority when they hired a former Michigan wrestler and head coach as their Athletic Director, Rick Bay. He wanted winners, academics, and class. He made a number of hires for underperforming varsity sports and started the groundwork for the billion dollar construction boom in the athletic department over the next twenty years. Bay was a visionary for Ohio State. Andy Geiger gets the lion's share of the praise for the success, growth, and evolution of the Athletic department, but in my opinion Rick was the start to budgeting, planning, and hiring. As a man of principle, when the board wanted to fire Earle Bruce, Bay resigned because he didn't agree. When it came to wrestling Russ was Rick's man and his hire forever changed the direction of the Ohio State wrestling program, just as his vision changed the direction of the athletic department. As Bay laid the groundwork for Geiger, Hellickson gave Ryan the foundation to build upon While Russ never won a Big Ten or ncaa title he had seven of the eight of the best finishes at the NCAA Tournament that Ohio State had in 85 years. He had more All-Americans then every coach not named Ryan had combined. He was responsible for getting the team out of Larkins and into Steelwood and seeing their budget double every five years. He also backed Ohio International to the Buckeye Wrestling Club which Ryan turned into the Ohio RTC in his third year in response to USA wrestling. Among the many coaches and wrestlers that came to Ohio State because of Russ, there are seven guys who gave Tom Ryan instant credibility in coaching and wrestling for the Buckeyes and across Ohio; Tommy Rowlands, Blake Kaplan, JD Bergman, J Jaggers, Reece Humphrey (and Jim), and Lance Palmer. Tommy was on staff for the first 3-4 years while taking TBWC to RTC while making a couple world teams. Blake did a lot behind the scenes with the alumni and the RTC. Ironically J would have been at Wisconsin if not for Russ, he won Tom's first national title, and he has stayed on to be a key assistant. JD was in the room for a decade as a three-time All American and a World Team members as was Reece. Jim coached for Russ and Tom and was a resource for every wrestler in the room as long as a Hump was in Cbus. Lance never wrestled for Russ but after Rowlands and Jaggers classes, he was the next recruit and a key to opening the door for Eds to Ohio State and really any recruit in Ohio. Do I think if Russ had another ten years he would accomplish all that Tom has built or accomplished? No, he gave all he had to give and it was time for the next guy to come in. Do I think Tom would have Ohio State where they are today without Russ? No, because I think it would have taken him more time to build what they have now when you look at the big picture and have an understanding of the changes that took place before Hellickson was hired and while he was there.
  11. KSchlosser

    Ohio state vs Wisconsin

    I will give Tom Ryan all the credit for doing all the landscaping, building the dream house, party barn, and guest house; and stocking it with all the toys and ammenities one could desire but at the same time remember that Russ Hellickson cleared and graded the lot before pouring the foundation.
  12. KSchlosser

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    You are my huckleberry Erminio. Mr Terry welcome to the big leagues as I try to preserve Jordan's redshirt. As i said earlier tough year in Ohio to fill the entire lineup, filled with the automatics then started filling holes. Seems like half of the Ohio college D1 starters are out of state kids across tOSU, CSU, KSU, and Ohio or unproven talent hence DII and reserves. Really miss that automatic kid from St Edward.
  13. KSchlosser

    Walsh Ironman

    Pretty tight race to finish in the top 25 this year with five teams seperated by one point. Based on the results, head to heads, common opponents, and placements, looks like it will be a dog fight this year DI in Ohio and I can't help but feel for all those DII runner ups the last twenty years that would like to have a crack at the field in 2019. With that said I love the Ironman tournament so congrats and kudos to those who built it, those who run it, those who have competed or coached in it, those who have attended it, and for all of those that are yet to have come.
  14. KSchlosser

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    Not sure how I replied twice so as to not waste a post and since we were talking VT, I will add that Jared Haught's brother had the best beard in Cleveland in 2018.
  15. KSchlosser

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    Not sure how I missed Miller transferring to VT. Was he a graduate transfer? I think it is an All-American every year since 1982 and a DI All-American since 1991 for St Edward.