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  1. Isn't Ringer already closer to Dake than Taylor ever was ?
  2. Potato boy really is , my cousins are all Kelly's and Fitzgeralds. My screen name is my attempt at removing some doubt which Irishman it was and of course my 2 older brothers are Pat and Mike .
  3. ZR grinds people into submission , Nolf is like a whirlwind of activity that never stops , if he doesn't get the take down he just doesn't care , something else is coming in the next 2-3 seconds. Injury is the only thing that can slow him down . There is a gigantic gap between him and everybody else.
  4. Alvarez is grooming an ex wrestler/football player to take over the he leaves . Alvarez was the sticking point with Donny P , not Davis . Makes me think there might be bigger things happening there . Askren is from the next city over from the Alvarez protege ? Also is around Donnie's age ?
  5. Walking up stairs isn't the best indicator , now if was walking down stairs one after the other , well thats something else . From a guy with 9 knee operations.
  6. In a 12 month period Sueflhon beat Thielke , Dieringer, E Cooper , and one of the Dardanes . Nice 12 month stretch for him . Thielke's loss to Sueflhon was all counter wrestling , smart game plan from J Messenbrink .
  7. Skin but had a letter from a doctor specialist in CA that it was ok to wrestle . I/M said no.
  8. I for one would like to know how Hall does in the room with Bo N 1/14/97 who is one year older than Hall . I say things have swung towards Hall . Hall is the same age as most RS sophomore's .
  9. Not a PSU guy at all but once Cael taps the ability of Hall to perfect 1 or more takedowns from the front headlock with out going to the mixer, in combination with his additional freestyle work on his feet , well thats plain unfair .
  10. Clovis could go the the Clash . They might meet Apple Valley then . What would the PPV be on that .
  11. I saw somewhere some yahoo said that Snyder was never taken down in high school, I saw him as a junior win the ironman with ease and we joked that he should take on Brooks Black. Well the reason I bring this up being a 14 yr old freshman at the Beast of the East and not get taken down at 215 . I'm not sure if that is true that I would ever pick against Snyder.
  12. Anthony as sophomore was 138 , lost in Qtrs at Ironman to Fr Manville who got murdered in the finals by Sr Retherford 4-2(sarcasm ) Zahid won 113 4-3 over Ke'shawn Hayes Same year Pico won 132
  13. Managing mothers of his wrestlers?
  14. The issue is most likely tech , do they have their trucks outside with connection's to satellites ? Whole different setup . Using a schools outbound router and bandwidth is a dice game . I know Martin and in no way they want this to happen , the trick of being everywhere all the time is what you have to work with when you get there . It's not an excuse but how do you want to plow the field, really wide or deep ? This dual was never going to be close and for people to complain that they missed the dual of the century . WTF have you been smoking ? Planning and forethought might help on the tech side but I'm sure it's not there's attempt to scam anybody. Gerald Walsh Love wrestling and think trackwrestling changed everything , it's all about the data Marty .
  15. headsuck They figure that out ahead of time , same height but no side to side , only bending at the knee , 7th and 8th knee operation since 1967 .
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