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  1. Alvarez is grooming an ex wrestler/football player to take over the he leaves . Alvarez was the sticking point with Donny P , not Davis . Makes me think there might be bigger things happening there . Askren is from the next city over from the Alvarez protege ? Also is around Donnie's age ?

  2. As do I!!! I guess I'm just lucky. Win for me, ehh?

    The issue is most likely tech , do they have their trucks outside with connection's  to satellites ? Whole different setup . Using a schools outbound router and bandwidth is a dice game .  

    I know Martin and in no way they want this to happen , the trick of being everywhere all the time is what you have to work with when you get there . It's not an excuse but how do you

    want to plow the field,  really wide or deep ? This dual was never going to be close and for people to complain that they missed the dual of the century . WTF have you been smoking ?


    Planning and forethought might help on the tech side but I'm sure it's not there's  attempt to scam anybody.


    Gerald Walsh

    Love wrestling and think trackwrestling changed everything , it's all about the data Marty .

  3. and I'm not really a wimp , had total knee replacement , the kind where they cut off your lower leg and upper leg and drive the replacement into the center of the remaining bone. Had surgery Wed but went to work the following Monday for both and they were 3 months apart . Plus the family ? Big tOSU fan at 174 and I'm a very big Hall fan .

  4. Tumor sounds nasty , I had turf toe , the kind that requires surgery . The procedure was not successful and it's the reason I no longer travel from WI to Ironman to Clash or CheeseHead . My doctor said your lucky it's not worse , the tendon underneath the big toes was severed , he said your lucky it's not a tumor , that's much worse . I'm  from WI , not really a fan of tosu , but i'm giving the the kid a break on this one .

  5. Just telling what this coach told us , 2-1 is a period score , not a freestyle match score . Didn't Howe take a period from JB at the trials ? All this talk about nobody is even close to him reminds me how everybody on this board said Stieber and Ramos were on a whole different level than the rest of the country . Didn't Ramos barely beat Graff twice this year, people see what they want to see.

  6. I had breakfest with a coach at the Ironman last December , he wanted to talk to my friend who was looking for a team from Colorado for a event . This coach says that at the OTC he reffed a full out match between Dake and JB and it was only them and him in the room , 2-1 JB . he then stated that he would never underestimate Dake . Not saying he could beat him now but give it a rest about not standing a chance.

  7. Oldfan - I got it that's why I almost spit-up , it 's like Husker was saying , don't waste your time here posting on subjects that you know nothing about when you should be practicing you trackwrestling skill's.

    It's the best , one of the funniest things I've read in a long long time .

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