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  1. The mascot of the junior college I wrestled at was the Aztecs. Hence, I am a singular Aztec.
  2. Pauley Pavilion was renovated 6 years ago. I think it's very nice. But with a capacity of ~13,000 it's too small. Plus, I don't expect the NCAA's to go back to a college campus.
  3. Are you sure? I was watching the match closely and could have sworn Marsteller chose down. The people around me wondered why he chose down also.
  4. After watching them both this tournament, I have no idea who will win, but Hilday has really impressed me. Tough to think Nolf could lose, but I expect a tight match.
  5. So happy to see Wick finish 3rd. He's such a great guy. As long as Wick is and as compact as Marsteller is, I was surprised Marsteller chose down. He was leading the match up to that point.
  6. I don't know. Fresno is more centered geographically but Bakersfield is closer to the more populated Los Angeles metro area than is Fresno. If it was in Fresno, maybe fewer people from southern California would go the extra 110 miles to get there. But Fresno is closer to the Bay Area and Sacramento area so more of those folks would likely make the trip to Fresno. My guess is that attendance wouldn't change dramatically if that was the only change.
  7. If... (1) AJ Nevills loses to Kasper then wins his first consolation match, and (2) Nick Nevills beats Suglio then loses his next match Then they will wrestle each other. This is the soonest they could possibly face each other.
  8. Some people in California complain about the state tournament being held in Bakersfield, but I'm not one of them. All things considered, I think Bakersfield works really well.
  9. I do prefer the one class system, but regardless of how many divisions there are, attendance at the state meet is dependent upon many factors. Frankly, I don't think the number of divisions is a very big factor for attendance at a high school state meet. I haven't claimed otherwise. Geography plays a big role in a big state like California. Do you agree? The depth of wrestling culture in a state also plays a big role. California has a very large population, but it does not have as deep as a wrestling culture as states in the "wrestling belt." The number of wrestlers at the state tournament is a big factor. These considerations are far more important than the number of divisions. Going back to California vs. Ohio... In Ohio the state meet has 48 wrestlers per weight (three 16-man brackets) in a state with a deep wrestling culture where virtually everyone lives within a 2 hour drive of Columbus. California has 40 wrestlers per weight in a state with not near as deep a wrestling culture where the vast majority live farther than 2 hours (often much farther) from Bakersfield. The people in California that support multiple divisions often point to state meets like Ohio and say "Look at their state meet. If we had divisions, we could do that too." It's asking too much of divisions to expect them to compensate for the geographic differences and differences in wrestling culture. California and Ohio are apples and oranges when you consider the larger factors. The numbers of divisions isn't one of them. If California had a 64-man bracket with 1 division or two 32-man brackets with 2 divisions, I bet attendance at the state meet would be essentially the same. If Ohio had a single division with a 48-man bracket instead of three 16-man brackets, I bet their attendance would be essentially the same as well.
  10. California has roughly 800 high schools with wrestling programs, divided up into 10 geographic sections ranging in size from under 10 schools (Oakland Section) to ~300 schools (Southern Section). The 10 sections qualify between 1 and 10 guys for the state tournament. There are 40 qualifiers per weight class. The state tournament has been held in Bakersfield since the early 2000's. The California state tournament is fantastic. Have you ever attended it? I've attended it every year for over a decade. Would it be better if every seat was filled? Of course. But the attendance is, in my opinion, a reflection of geography. Let's compare California to Ohio, for example. Size of California relative to Ohio: 150 mile radius around Columbus: 150 mile radius around Bakersfield: Ohio has roughly 500 schools with high school wrestling. Columbus is reachable by virtually the entire state of Ohio within about a 2 hour drive. Within a 2 hour drive of Bakersfield, you have maybe half as many schools as Ohio has within 2 hours of Columbus. With the far distances involved for so many programs, unless a team has a qualifier at the state meet, it can be difficult to get there. I am fortunate to live about 2 hours from Bakersfield (if I time traffic right) and the flexibility to take Friday off work to attend. With the relatively short distance, I can drive up Friday morning, get a hotel room for a night, and drive home after the finals on Saturday and be home by midnight (I often do this). For all the people that live 4 or more hours away (everyone in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Diego), they can't do that near as easily. At that distance, they are pretty much forced to get a hotel Thursday night and Saturday night. For some people, the cost of 3 nights in a hotel is no big deal, but for a lot of people it is. If California moved to divisions like some people want (I don't) and expanded the state meet to three 32-man brackets (or something similar) and held them all at the same location, there would be more people at the state meet because they expanded the qualifiers. More kids, parents, coaches, grandparents would make the trip regardless of distance to be there for their kid. If filling every seat in Bakersfield is the goal, adding more qualifiers would help make that happen. But I hope they never do it. The California state meet is great the way it is. I lived in Arizona for 13 years prior to California and far prefer the 1 division here to Arizona's multiple divisions.
  11. Hahaha! That was funny "halftime show" entertainment.
  12. What is the rationale for this? As long as the Indiana school doesn't travel more than 300 miles, why does anyone care how far other teams may have travelled?
  13. Congrats to your son. If it was within the past decade, I'm sure I had the pleasure of watching him.
  14. I don't know Pepple's background, but Funakoshi never stepped on a mat before HS and went to a HS with a good program, but far from a powershouse. To take 3rd in California like he did was a huge accomplishment. The Southern Section in California is full of guys that "only" place once at the state tournament because they have 300 schools and send only the top 9 to state.
  15. There are people in California that want to split up the state meet here too. May it never pass.
  16. As closely as I have followed wrestling for a long time (born in the 1970's) I don't think I could make a top 10 list that I believed in myself due to ignorance and the impossibility of making a fair comparison between wrestlers. I wish it was as simple as saying: if two guys wrestled each other at their peak ability, who would win if they were the same weight? But that question doesn't even cover it. How do you compare a guy like Abas to a guy like Cael? Or a guy like McIlravy to a guy like Stephen Neal? Trying to imagine those match-ups hardly even makes sense. Similarly, comparing one generation to another is problematic. Based on personal observation of the names mentioned in this thread (which excludes any college wrestler pre-mid-90's) Cael is the best I've ever seen. I think Cael beats Dake if somehow they met head to head in the same weight class at their peak ability. I think Dake beats Steiber by the same criteria. As far as how any guys in the last 20 years would matchup against people like Mark Schultz, Dan Gable, Dan Hodge, etc...I don't even pretend to have the slightest clue.
  17. Of course duals count. They count the same as regular season conference games in volleyball, basketball, NFL division games, and so on. All the results will go down in the official record books. Maolsen meant that Big 10's and NCAA counted more than regular season duals.
  18. This is the best I've found. It doesn't show the clock, but it shows what was happening. I think this is one of those times when it would have been better to swallow the whistle, even if the call was justified by the letter of the law. It didn't look that bad to me. He was backing up a bit but still circling and facing his opponent. His fist pumps looked like excitement, not taunting, to me.
  19. That call against Garrett was so atrocious.
  20. I agree. Especially since cautions are mandatory even if both guys are wrestling hard but neither happens to score. In my opinion, it takes more effort to earn a step out than to earn a caution and then shot clock point.
  21. Calendar year. The 2015 World's were last September.
  22. No. Wrestling is in for 2020 and 2024 already. Let's hope wrestling gets it right at those two Olympics so after that it's not in question.
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