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  1. Romero is the real 205lb Champion.
  2. UFC is not a sport tournament. It is a show. Romero won the fight.
  3. New rules and location. 25-30 October 2017, Sochi, Russia.
  4. Thank you too! What do you think about a permanent discussion on wrestling styles like Pankration and Grappling?
  5. A well trained Chamizo can defeat easily this clown. Bundesliga is not a world championship.
  6. See Yoel Romero vs Weidman...great takedowns in round 2.
  7. @Khuzin I have another question. Is no-gi Grappling popular in Russia? The Russian Grappling federation is very close to Russian Wrestling and there are former freestyle wrestlers in the national team. In my opinion with the current UWW ruleset (2 points takedown and 3 points throw) Grappling is the best submission style...better than sambo and "freestyle friendly". What do you think?
  8. Russia has a great tradition in Pankration. I like very much the website pankration.ru . This style with the UWW ruleset (especially the Elite, with full contact striking with no gnp) is a very interesting sport and you can see a lot of takedowns and throws. Today mma isn't a sport. It is a show like wwe...
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