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  2. Do you mean lucky as in they are lucky they have the best situation for the brothers to pick from or do you mean they are lucky to be chosen despite better situations for the brothers elsewhere? Or is it a different lucky altogether? Basically, what is the lucky part? I think it's lucky they aren't you?
  3. 71 schools. Incredible. However, wouldn't the quality of the wrestling be affected if all of these schools still had wrestling? I'm curious how many high school wrestlers participated back then compared to today. The ratio would be an interesting number to dive into.
  4. You are a big d-bag. Every post you make just shows how immature you are, I actually feel sorry for you. You can not make a post without showing your jealousy towards PA wrestlers, it is pathetic. I hope Chance can stay healthy his entire college wrestling career,if so he will have a fantastic career. I was bummed when he switched from PSU to Okie State, but I will still root for him. This kid was beating state HS champs while he was in 7th and 8th grade, and beat numerous others while in HS along the way. I for one can not wait to see him wrestle n college. I hope he redshirts his freshman year, and if that is the case I do not see many who will beat him his next four years. Sure it is a very bold homerish prediction, but I just see him being that good. On a side note, my 10 year old son got to meet Chance at a club practice a bit ago. My son is one of the lesser skilled kids at this club(not that he is bad), plus he one of the youngest also. Anyway my son was in a group of 3 and was standing against the wall being the odd kid out. All the sudden Chance goes over to him and grabs him and takes him to the center mat and starts wrestling him. It was beyond cool for him to do that, my son was loving it! My son follows HS and College wrestling, he loves wrestling and knows all about Chance. After practice my son was too shy or embarrassed to ask for a pic with him, so my wife asked for him without my son knowing. Chance went right up to my son and joked to him and said "so you want to get a pic with me?" My son could not even speak, he just nodded yes. This was my first impression of Chance, and words can not describe the smile he put on my sons face. My son told all his family and friends and showed the pic to everyone. As crazy as this sounds, my 10 year old since then has improved rapidly and always asking to wrestle more and more. Thank you Chance. Glad to hear he's laying it on the line against a 10 year old.
  5. Here's the story on his back injury and missing the Dapper: http://highschoolsports.pennlive.com/ne ... our-weeks/ Sounds to me like he needed to get in that back brace ASAP. Congratulations, Ryan, for sounding like a douche. Chance LeBron Marstellar.
  6. BTW, I don't want to come off as negative (which I can be at times!), but I am excited about our new talent at the Senior level. The coaching changes can be helpful for the younger guys. Nothing at all against Zeke, I just think it's a good time for a change. Honestly, Ramos' quick adaptation to high level freestyle really surprised me. Who knows, he may continue to surprise in Uzbekistan...or however the heck you spell it. :-) Ed is indeed a freak of nature. I also think he's a very quick learner and a brilliant talent. Cael and Jake and other wrestling guys back east will push him and push him to get him possibly ready for top 3 in Brazil 2016???
  7. Oh, how much I love PA fans. Pressure? How many highly decorated wrestlers in HS have had injuries that stall their careers? I submit very few. Super talented wrestlers generally stay healthy throughout their HS and College career's. Chance not only has not stayed healthy, he has not sought out tough competition in the last year or two, alleged injuries aside. We'll see if he can even stay healthy once he hits the room and faces men. BTW, Dapper Dan is ONE match. You mean to tell me he was able to grind through states and cruised to a 4th title but a couple of weeks later he couldn't wrestle one more tough match?
  8. Zero chance. Every year US fans think all the guys all belong on the podium and every year US fans are disappointed. 2012 was a great Olympics--although the rules were completely different than they are now scoring-wise. I still only see JB and possibly Varner. Ramos will be thumped very quickly.
  9. QUIT SAYING IT'S A PROBLEM ON THE USER END. That's a bunch of sheet. Do you all think everyone has a PC/Laptop/ that is 10 years old? Flo/Willie/Nick whomever always have a ready excuse. The only thing they are consistently solid with is spamming my inbox. That never fails. These dudes turn a real tidy profit. Tons of advertising on site and all the clicks they get all add up. That is why most of us just wait till they put them up days later. They make money just by my clicking on the website and I finally get to see the matches even though I know the outcomes.
  10. http://assets.ngin.com/attachments/docu ... Packet.pdf
  11. This seems like the wrestler's version of Tommy John surgery. Who knows if he'll ever be 100% again? I hope he gets there but we won't know for at least another 9 months or so.
  12. You're kidding? These idiots still charge 150 and can't deliver a consistent product? Unbelievable.
  13. And you making an idiotic comment on every thread.
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