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  1. I have been able to work it out with the booster club and they would be able to help us with half, but coming up with the money is hard. We hosted our annual preseason tournament last weekend, and we were there until 7:00. Wrestling was actually done at 6:00, but not being able to get that extra mat hurt our time. I know, some people didn't stay around to wrestle their 4th and 5th matches. We had wrestlers from North Caroline, South Carolina, and Virginia. I don't want make a donation through the website, and get charged a processing fee, when I put money straight into our account at the school. Any help, would be greatly appreciated? https://www.gofundme.com/kwc-wrestling-mat
  2. I am doing this as a last resort, but I am all out of ideas. Chatham Charter is the smallest school in the state of North Carolina that has a wrestling program. Also, we are currently the only school that has a middle school program in Chatham County. We try to host 4 tournaments a year: 1 preseason, 2 in-season, and 1 post season. We have a small gym, but we can fit three mats as long as two of them are 36 x 36. Which is what we are trying to get. It is hard enough running tournaments on a skeleton crew, let alone raising the money for new mats. If anyone can help us out, it would be greatly appreciated! https://www.gofundme.com/kwc-wrestling-mat
  3. rroot92

    Michigan next year

    I believe "birdman" Minkle wouldn't release Nik Fekete to Hofstra when he graduated.
  4. Minkel is coming out of retirement and bringing the parrot to Minnesota!!
  5. rroot92

    Northwestern loses to the Fightin' Minkels

    Being a public university, doesn't MSU have to post the position and interview any people before they just give it to Chandler?
  6. rroot92

    Northwestern loses to the Fightin' Minkels

    What is the record for most shut outs for a big ten team? After MSU wrestles Penn State soon, that will put them at 4.
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    Gwiaz lost twice last year, once was to Coon.
  8. rroot92

    Ohio State vs. Michigan

    http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/dualme ... =215820009
  9. rroot92

    Should Tom Brands Fire Terry Brands?

    Let's just hypothesize, if MSU were to actually get rid of Dinkle (not a misspelling). How much does anyone think it would take for them to pony up to draw Terry to East Lansing? Is there any amount of money?