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  1. I was there. Both teams had wrestlers who were stalling in my opinion. Water definitely gassed after being very aggressive early on. No way he wins NCAA with defensive nature like that. He'll get taken down and beaten. 133 was a major swing match....M\issouri looked great eiarly and then gassed. Missouri's 141 will bomb at NCAA if he doesn't stay aggressive. He let Central Michigan stay in the match and it cost him, and it nearly did last night too. Drake smoked a back up. Great job. 157 was entertaining with it be very physical. Alex is a beast and did what a defending champ is supposed to do though his takedowns were not as crisp as I would have expected and that cost him tech. 174 has a highly ranked Missouri kid who will struggle at NCAA if he wrestles like that. His takedowns are lacking and that keeps guys in the match. Was Ok STate stalling early, yes. Was Missouri by end, I would argue yes though Ok STATE kid could barely walk. 184 was a decent match. Willie has some great leg attacks but doesn't set them up as well as he needs to in my opinion. Cox is big but seemed uninterested. He got poked in the eye hard and that definitely effected him, but he also seemed tired and not into the match. His body language after the match told me he was hurting. I left before HWT finished. Not interested in a boring match. My overall take: If Missouri wrestles like that in March, they do not get on the podium. When you allow opponents to stay close, bad things happen.
  2. Voodoo economics.....Beuhler, Beuhler, .....Beuhler.
  3. Plain and Simple, I want to see an attacking wrestler win over a conservative, defense oriented wrestler. Taylor..,..preferably by a serious butt wooping in front of a bunch of my fellow Iowa fans who appreciate an aggressive minded wrestler getting after it!
  4. Life long Iowa Fan here....and Taylor deserves tons of credit for wrestling outstanding and I've never had any problems with his interviews or actions. Simply put he backs it all up....win or lose. He attacks, is in phenomenal shape, and is relentless in all positions. Honestly, I do not know how Dake has even kept it close let alone beat him...I guess the only explanation I can come up with is that Dake is in his head. He should be able to roll over Dake with at a minimum of 3-4 point win if not a major. Just baffles me.....in all honesty, he reminds me of a sophomore MCirravy only he's better on top than Lincoln. Personally, I hope he gets it done in March over Dake.
  5. Mike Allen, back in my high school days in Waverly Shell Rock, flat out told us in the pre-dual meeting the following: 1) if your opponent takes 3 consecutive shots in a row to your none, you're going to get called. Guess what didn't happen very often? someone sitting around. I think it needs to be addressed in this way so that refs who fail to enforce it, can be reprimanded and/or educated to become better officials. "Lack of offense" is not enough of a definition. In my opinion, it has to be cut and dry (ie, 3 shots, 4 shots, etc). And for what it's worth, I think a push-out rule would do damage to folkstyle and simply promote pushing and shoving. That's not wrestling and freestyle drives me nuts. as always, just my 2 cents.
  6. Maybe this has been answered before, but why was Benefiel listed on one rankings (#1 no less) and then subsequently he's gone now? Again, if this has been answered, sorry for the "ask" but I'm curious. I see Elmhurst has some really good kids at both weights that Benefiel would be around. Thanks.
  7. Kolat was on another level. Dominated on his feet and was a beast on top. I think if he's in shape, Kolat majors Logan. Just my 2 cents...why no talk of Ironsides here. Oh yeah...cause nobody could hang with him in his prime. Wouldn't need to discuss it.
  8. Neutral: ankle pick Bottom: nothing. I sucked at getting out. Top: cross face cradle.
  9. This is not a cocky statement but I know it'll come across as one, but why don't fans realize that winning NCAA titles is pretty challenging. Just ask Oklahoma State about that in the 90's. They had awesome teams and yet went away most years with disappointment. So before you proclaim yourselves' locks for the next several titles, why don't you try winning more than one first. Really, it's not that easy....especially when you have a bulls-eye on the front of your singlet that reads PSU. I'm not saying you don't have a good team, but magic in March takes a lot, and many far greater than the members of PSU's current roster have fallen. Ask Greg Jones, McGuiness, Borschell, and lots of others. A little humility goes a long ways when you have one gold trophy in the case in 50 years.
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