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  1. jdowntown

    Free vs Folk - The great compromise!

    Given the international styles propensity for change, I think it would be way easier to get UWW to change to make it more viewer friendly and closely align with folkstyle. I propose the following changes: 1. Eliminate the lay and pray defense on bottom. Give 1 point for an escape and remove the automatic return to neutral. This will force the bottom guy to work (more exciting) and give the top guy more opportunity to score as the bottom guy is not doing the lay and pray (also more exciting). 2. Make guys on top keep a turn for say 2 seconds so there is none of this confusion about who turned who. Fans hate the ambiguity that we see in so many matches. Make a person hold the other person down on a turn. 3. Remove criteria in favor of overtime. If there is a concern for matches taking too long, maybe do 1 minute of sudden-death neutral and then move to a top and bottom round.
  2. Your math is off. First off, what you tried to do is only true in a random distribution. These are seeds and not random distribution (like the old international style brackets that were truly a draw, there is no draw in this NCAA bracket, just straight seeding). As a counter-example, take Duke in basketball, by your logic, their getting a 1 or 2 seed 10 years in a row would be (2/16)^10 or 1 in a trillion. But it is not because they have a good a basketball team that consistently earns the top seeds. For Cornell, they just happen to have several guys in the approximately 6-11 range who got 8 or 9 seeds. Not that surprising. Secondly, your math only accounted for 5 guys who met the criteria. You did not include the 2 that did not fall in that same range. Even if this was a random draw, the odds of 5 of 7 people facing the "top ranked" guy in the first 3 rounds is: (7 choose 5)*(1/4)^5*(3/4)^2 = 1.1% which is still fairly rare, but not as bad 0.1%
  3. jdowntown

    How to beat Delgado

    It is easier than you think: if Garrett would have had the ref who did the Colon vs Graff match, Garrett would have had 2 TD's and 2 sets of near-fall and an insurmountable 8-2 lead in the first. Sorry I could not help myself - seriously though I kept thinking to myself that there was no substantial difference between Colon's situation and Delgado's x2 (and I believe that neither should have been awarded any points).
  4. jdowntown

    Is Dake better than Taylor?

    There are really 2 questions in one in this: Is Dake better than Taylor, head to head? If you were making a team from scratch and got to pick/draft who you wanted, would you pick Dake over Taylor? The answer to the first question is really not debatable now. It was at the beginning of the season, but 3 for 3 in folk is beyond a reasonable doubt. The second question however is debatable even now. According to the NCAA team scoring, Taylor was more valuable due to his bonus points than Dake with the higher placement points. Personally, if I were making a team from scratch I would take Taylor, but I could not fault anyone for picking Dake instead.
  5. jdowntown

    Scoring at Nationals

    Championship side wins by round: Rd64/R32/R16: 1 pt (If you were not in a pigtail and win in the Rd32 you get an extra point for the bye in the R64) Qtr/Semi: 7 pts Championship: 4 pts Wrestle back side wins by rd: All rounds prior to R12: 0.5 (Again if you did not wrestle in a pigtail and win the first round of consolation you get an extra 0.5 for the bye) R12/Qtr/Semi: 3.5 3/5/7 place: 1 Bonus on top for any match: +2 pts for pin/DQ/etc +1.5 tech +1 for major Or you can consider things alternately: Each win on the championship side is worth 1 and on the consolation is worth 0.5 (this excludes championship and place matches, but does count the bye followed by win as above) Extra points for placing: 1st gets +16, 2nd 12, 3 10, 4 9, 5 7, 6 6, 7 4, and 8th is 3 With the bonus for pin/tech/major as above