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  1. The way cenzo has looked recently, I think we'll be much improved at 165.
  2. I'll go low scoring 17-16 PSU That's with Nolf only getting 4. I'll let you pick the match how I did
  3. landlordbob


    I saw NATO at the airport before he flew to Iowa - Tiny - I wouldn't be surprised to see him back at 125
  4. Vs 125 Suranio 133 Cortez 141 jimmy 149 Zain 157 Nolf 165 Vinco Joseph 174 Nickal 184 cutch 196 Caersar 285 Nevills
  5. This a good post but can be discussed... Through history Iowa and Okie State owned the sport. As far as HS talent no one comes close to PA HS wrestling. Check the NCAA Championship entrees either by wrestling state or team...marginally PA. Talk about coaching... Penn State has the eqvillant of what Ohio State has in FB, a great recruiter that can coach the sport. I live in C-Bus and Tom Ryan is a good coach - just not Cael Sanderson. PSU had poor coaches before that who couldn't recruit - Fritz Sunderland etc. The difference between PA HS wrestling and other state is simple - the small school wrestling is superb. Ex - Zain Retherford. The top recruiting area in the country is the Lehigh Valley - you have to be able to own that area. Top 5 is Harrisburg. Top 10 is Pittsburgh and I 80. That's three fertile recruiting areas in one state. It's simple you have a coach in a different sport than Meyer who can own those areas and go to Texas and CA and get their top talent. Of course except Lee and Teasdale who will ultimately destroy us - tell that to Nick Suriano :-)
  6. This... Bo needs to stop the circus throws, both of his losses come from those throws.
  7. MSU actually has some good stuff here, the only thing I'd change is Joseph. I'd roll the dice and at least have him in the semis.
  8. I'm here with this mindset but I've heard it could be up to two years before we see him in the blue and white. He's going to a place to train with one of the best coaches in the world - that's all that matters.
  9. Cenzo has to be frustrated at the very least watching that title and 19-0. Not to mention the fact of the weight problems and pinning Jo Jo after Nolfs best was a major. Anybody betting against Suriano - I'll take the numbers and hold the money.
  10. Did you watch ZR this year? If Nolf was able to pin him, Zain would smoke hm.
  11. I consider Matt Brown an upper weight so I think he's done well
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