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  1. If I have learned anything from watching wrestling is that no matter how good a kid is nothing is a guarantee. I don't care how good someone appears anything can happen. Injury, bad tournament, get worse as a wrestler, etc. Before this tourney there was a lot of people thinking that Dake was gonna be more like Dustin Schlatter than Pat Smith. That is why it is silly to talk about but hey the season is over, wtf else we gonna talk about. My two cents is that he will not be a 4 timer. I see him getting beat by Taylor at 57 next year. I know people have been saying Taylor his going 65 but he did not seem to me to be a big 57 pounder. I think Bubba proved that once he locked that cradle up. He could have held him there for the whole 7 minutes.
  2. I can't remember the details but growing up in the 80's I remember some pretty salty Penn St teams. I remember watching them wrestle the hawks on IPTV. Granted the hawks usually got the best of them but who didn't the hawks generally get the best of in the 80's.
  3. LOL! This post has made me laugh out loud several times now. All it means is that wrestling season is back in full swing and I love it! I love all of the story lines like having a Ivy league school coming in as the pre-season number 1. Having traditional powers like Iowa, Okie St, Penn St and Minny all having very young unproven teams. The return of Caldwell and Burroughs. It is gonna be a fun season. Go Hawks!
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