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  1. Are you insinuating Lee would use this as an excuse if he was to lose? Not following your logic other than you may dislike Lee
  2. Or Endicott, Conklin, Endwell?
  3. Gabe Dean sees the Big 10 everyday all season. Damion Hahn thank you
  4. Vincenzo Joseph Michael Kemerer
  5. Agree to disagree. I think had Gable stayed in the game he would have adapted to the climate. 9 in a row I don't believe he could repeat but he would win some championships in my opinion
  6. Yes I believe he would, and not a knock on Brands by any means, but just one Gable like only one Cael. No coach at any school has done what Gable did. Yes because see above with recruiting 21 straight Big ten titles 9 ncaa's in a row I think he'd do alright in today's atmosphere but this is just my opinion
  7. I agree no need to give lbs. at the off season tourney's. Keep 113 113 and if you can't make 113 anymore then move up a weight class it is after all the off season. Just my opinion however
  8. 1- Jason Nolf 2- Bryce Brill
  9. No, it is not better than wrestling UNI but I disagree with the concept a HS team could be assembled and beat these teams but just my opinion.
  10. Didn't Oklahoma State sort of do the Iowa type duals coming this wknd, last weekend?
  11. Ramos R12, 3, 2, 1 McD 1, 2, 1, R12 Gillman X, ? , ? , ? Clark 5, ? ,?, ? In theory it is possible this combo ends up better and I'd assume Hawk fans would be thrilled with that considering what the Ramo and McD did.
  12. The suspense is killing me! I have no inside intel, but I think he will redshirt especially if Mega and incoming fresh are. Can't see why he would if they all are going to rs.
  13. Is it confirmed that Zain is competing vs. redshirting?
  14. I lucked out last year. I had Tsirtsis and if I remember correctly it was Midlands, a few of us left, and after the quarters I was the only one left. Then Tsirtsis lost next rnd in semis. I think that is how it went
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