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  1. Maybe he did it so other coaches would be talking about it at NCAA leading to more potential applicants. I am excited about the prospect of a Taylor or Perry to shake things up. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Dardanes has beat every top guy except Schopp and Hall. Dardanes used to get beat by riders but he has seemingly upped his game in this department. If Dardanes gets a 1st period takedown he is in the driver seat. Defers his choice and Schopp picks top, then even if he gives up riding time and escapes he can choose neutral. Dardanes is likely the strongest 3rd period wrestler in the field and wrestlers pushing him is when he is at his best. I am thinking seeding Brewer was tough simply because he didn't wrestle top competition this year. I have no idea about Brewer never seen him wrestle. I think Taylor is really the number 2 based on the years results and given Schopp being questionable following his injury.
  3. I agree BSU was tough a few years ago, but things are cyclical for some teams and once in a lifetime for others. Maybe PSU will win a few more but then again maybe not who knows.
  4. Indianapolis has a great chicago style pizza place called South of Chicago Pizza
  5. BigRed please oh please tell me where those pizza's are from. i am a huge chi-town style pizza fan
  6. someone who has the time could use d1cw.com's recruiting classes and plot them against ncaa finishes for the past 2 or 3 years years and get an idea
  7. 125: Gilman by maj 133:Dardanes by dec (it is very important is Dardanes wants to win that he keep Clark from scoring in the first period, and don't choose down if you are leading!) 141: Dardanes hits a few double and wins by something 7-3 or 9-2 (major is unlikely but possible) 149: Sorenson by decision (don't see a major, short hasn't given up bonus points this year) 157:Ness by dec (30 % chance of pin) 165: Wanzek by dec (Moore has had mixed results, give it to the hometown boy) 174: Storely gives Evans his first loss 184: Brooks will be too much for Pfarr (though if Pfarr can counter well he could win it) 197: Schiller is a class above Burak, and Burak hasn't been lighting the world on fire given his competition 285: Telford wins Min wins 18-13
  8. where can I find results for flo premiere events?
  9. This seems like such a homer post, Iowa wins 9 out of 10 matches leading to a team score of 38-3.. winning 2 out of 3 in overtime.. and the refs weren't cutting them any breaks. They were so biased that Iowa could only mostly dominate NW. I am a huge Minny fan but can easily admit that Zach Sanders was stomping Robles something awful the NCAAs a few years ago. What's right is right regardless of the team.
  10. Anyone else think it was a bad call?
  11. I understand message boards are the bottom of the bottom, doesn't mean we can't strive for better. The shocking loss really questions whether Garret was sick or if he maybe mentally broke a little against Waters and is no longer the monster he seemed to be.
  12. the general theme of this topic is just cancerous. Why is the de facto conclusion that someone is ducking someone if they don't wrestle or make weight. Wrestling coincides perfectly with flu season and given the person to person contact a wrestler has any given week it is surprising if a wrestler isn't sick at least a couple of days a season. I am not saying this is the case, but
  13. The flo guys definitely add some energy, but I still think the 20 a month is a little steep. Or maybe just too much for the casual fan. I mean we need commentators on btn or ESPN that will engage people just checking an flipping channels.
  14. This is why we need wrestling announcers to get some recognition. Football had Madden, basketball has Vitale, wrestling needs an announcer that adds color and recognition. Listening to takedown radio was one of the best things about the national duals at UNI. Gibbons has shown some nice commentating that makes it interesting to listen to and watch. Although I really miss Ken Chertow too.
  15. Lets look at teams that didn't win the national title this year Minny 7 All Americans 2 2nds, 2 3rds, 2 5ths, and a 7th OSU 5 All Americans 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and a 8th these are teams that didn't win a national title Ohio State next year I am projecting 7 AA's 1st L Stieber 2nd H Stieber 4th B Jordan 4th Synder 6th Tomasello 6th Courts 7th Demas That team wouldn't have won this year, is it enough for next year? Minny won with 98 points in 2007, this year that is good for 4th, last year that would have been 5th. It may come down to how the other top schools reload.
  16. Barry Davis mentioned that he needs to not do that in order to win, turned out to be true.
  17. How about we just do best combined seeds to never place, that is easier to quantify. I have Cole Van Ohlen with a 3,4, and 9th seed never placing. For comparison Haynes of Mizzou had 12, 12, 6 seeds with no placement.
  18. Best example is comparing Coon this year to Storley from last year. Both ranked #1 with 1 loss going into the big ten and end up losing multiple matches, Storley placed 7th after losing to 4th seed Heflin and 8th seed Yates while also beating 7th seed Munster. He moved from probable 1st seed to 6th seed based upon that tourney. This year Coon loses to 8th seed Gingrich and 10th seed Tavanello and beats 9th and 10th seeds to place 9th. Coon ends up with the 4th seed despite the bad showing at big tens. The consistency is not horrible considering all the other factors, but realistically he probably should've been seeded 6th after Telford and McMullan. Just like Storely was seeded 6th after Kokesh and Asper.
  19. I am very frustrated by cbssports all-access. They provide a large amount of college wrestling coverage and also overlap with BTDN (or at least that was the case last year). Currently the price per month is $17.99, which isn't bad considering there is lots of coverage. BTDN on the other hand is $14.99, but it seems like most of the non-BTN coverage is free through cbssports anyways. My main concern, however, is the inability to sort through the upcoming events. The only way is to scroll through page after page of upcoming events to see if there are wrestling events going to be covered. I even emailed them regarding this and this was there was response "Unfortunately, upcoming events are only listed by date and not event. You can only order archived events by the sport in question. Our apologies for the inconvenience." I really hope they come up with a solutions, but it doesn't seem like they are working on it. I wonder what other people's experiences are with these services.
  20. So how does this affect the Nebraska lineup? Already have Sueflohn and Green at 149 and 157. Sueflohn is not a big 149lber... does Green bump up?
  21. First round I see Paddock over Vinson as being the biggest upset alert. Paddock is dangerous and Vinson had a tough loss first round last year as well.
  22. Let me ask perhaps a more interesting question, if Dake loses to Taylor at Southern Scuffle, but wins in March does he get the Hodge. Obviously Ruth and McDonough should be heavy favorites for the Hodge as well, but tough to not give it to a 4 time champ.
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