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  1. Would expect Zadick to move into the #2 role at VT once the hiring process has been formally completed.
  2. Don't think Hoffman was shown the door. He is moving from a #2 assistant to a #1 assistant position. In addition, an injury has limited his mat time the past year and this is a natural progression.
  3. http://virginiatech.247sports.com/Board/59428/Contents/Wrestling-Scoop--44576504?Page=2 http://chat.virginiatech.sportswar.com/mid/7611946/board/vtwrestling/
  4. There are posts on both Hokie message boards (247 and TSL) that have pretty solid hints on who the new 2nd Assistant will be at VT.
  5. Not Ramos. He will not be coming to VT. 2nd Assistant at VT should be announced soon.
  6. http://gomocs.com/news/2016/4/20/mocs-add-david-hoffman-to-wrestling-staff.aspx Good luck to David. Moving from 2nd Assistant at VT to 1st Assistant at UTC
  7. That said it all right there on whether Ramos was correct or not.
  8. I am glad that you finally had enough guts to answer....and I agree, Tom Brands isn't Iowa wrestling so Ramo's comments were not an attack on Iowa wrestling as a whole...just Tom Brands.
  9. Is that a yes or a no answer....or are you too Orange to answer?
  10. Coon did nothing (except win) in their match for 3rd with Ty providing being the aggressor all match long while Coon played Greco. Ty beat him soundly the two previous times and he will get him next year as well.
  11. So you believe that Tom Brands IS Iowa Wrestling. Interesting viewpoint OJ
  12. Ramos said that he was told that Tom Brands would be in his corner. Tom Brands confirmed it. Anyone that watched the bouts will tell you that Tom Brands was not in his corner despite Tom Brands saying that he was...while sitting in the middle of the mat.
  13. He didn't insult Iowa. He just said he was lied to by Tom Brands. That isn't an insult on Iowa at all unless you think Tom Brands IS Iowa wrestling in its entirety.
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