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  1. I don't have one in the lower level, but right above it in section 218 (MN) row D which I am assuming is row 4.
  2. Division I Future Dates and Sites. Where Date Host Wrestling (I) Championship Scottrade Center St. Louis March 19-21, 2015 Missouri and the St. Louis Sports Commission Championship Madison Square Garden New York March 17-19, 2016 Hofstra Championship Scottrade Center St. Louis March 16-18, 2017 Missouri and the St. Louis Sports Commission Championship Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland March 15-17, 2018 Mid-American Conference and Cleveland Sports Commission
  3. Although Iowa wants to win every year, and had many runs where it looked like they may, it ain't easy:) There is some fun parity in wrestling right now. Even if the teams don't perform their best at nationals for whatever reason (injuries, sickness, bad day), we as fans go into the tournament knowing how many teams really have a shot at being top three. Even as a MN fan I laugh when people feel the wheels are falling off in Iowa. Starting back in 1987, Iowa lost 4 years in a row under Gable placing 2, 2, 6 & 3rd losing by as much as 38 points. I wonder what the forums would have said back them?
  4. I can't seem to find a schedule of starting times, opening ceremony etc. Does any have that page to share? thanks
  5. Wow, I hope you're being sarcastic and funny. If not please change your name from MN Wrestling. That is embarrassing to all of us if you're serious.
  6. I couldn't agree with you more. Throwing in the garbage is his business but most likely this was done in front of people. Leaving the podium like he did was classless but I believe he's been of pretty good character over his career. It's hard to criticize his whole career because of what he did this once. With that said, he shouldn't have done it, so lets move on to more positive topics.
  7. At least I subscribed for $9.95 to Gopher all access and for $14.95 to Big Ten. I'm on a roll today. Do I need to pay for something else? I'm usually pretty calm, my I'm ready to wreck some s***. Having a little temper issue since I'm obviously not smart enough to figure this out:)
  8. I must be missing something. I subscribed to Big Ten Network this morning. I open up live events and it will only play one mat. I went the the page you listed above, pick a mat and click on go and nothing happens. Any idea's for me?
  9. I guess I better acknowledge that I was initially talking about the voices that could be heard on air. I would guess that they were not the commentators but a couple men sitting close that could be heard. They did seem to be in the know since they made many references such as, "when I talked to Gable", or "Cael said" etc. Sorry, I didn't mean to demean the commentators, I just assumed it was them talking at the time. Thinking back, these two never addressed any of the matches during that time period. If it was media personnel, like posted above, it was very unprofessional.
  10. I subscribed to Flo Wrestling for the Scuffle. The coverage has been outstanding as well as the feed. I have been listening to Mat 3 for about a half hour now and still can't believe their discussions. I have to believe they have no idea they can be heard on air. I'm not goin to type at length but just tell the general topics in no certain order. Jackson hasn't improved and they wouldn't be surprised if ISU drops wrestling. Terry Brands wants a head job and will be selective but doesn't work well with administration. Gable had to get involved when they removed Zaleski and Zaleski didn't plan on the Iowa job being full time (not sure what this meant). Doesn't seem too bad until you hear it all, and most of this should not be being said on air. Someone needs to tell them to shut up. Lots about the Brands temperment and how they hurt the sport. Unbelievable.
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