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  1. Tooth contact with skin is not a bite. Tightening of the jaw muscle is a bite. Intent is not irrelevant - ever. I once knocked out a kids' tooth with the top of my head. I needed some stitches in my head. We were both bleeding profusely. No bite. I initiated the contact and the fact that his mouth was open did not mean he bit me.
  2. And his character. Probably not fixable at this point as he has had many opportunities to attend character therapy in the past.
  3. "RBY should have been DQ'd" - for wrestling an emotional child. "He's young" and "C'mon, give a kid a break" got DeSanto through high school and even got him out of his display of immaturity and cruelty in the Micic match. He is no longer young. He is, however, an emotional child. RBY should have been DQ'd for wrestling one
  4. I see Facundo at 165 in college. He is comfortably wrestling 160 now and I would not be surprised if his alpha shows he could do 152. If he can build strength while maintaining 165 he'll be fine in college. AA for sure in my mind. Nat'l champ is always a crap shoot depending on too many factors between now and full college seasons. I think 189 is way to high for him. Doesn't have the frame for it.
  5. Reminded me of a match about 10 years ago when a guy from the west coast tech'd a NW wrestler (Lang?) in about 3:30. No turns in this one but the same type of surprising domination.
  6. 126 in the US house voted for it. Is it OK if I show just 3 and some of the headlines?
  7. I agree. Mommy paying for their sniffle medicine through age 26 is also condescending. We have extended infantilization to the late 20's while many politicians are publicly calling for 16 year old voting age. I think their opinion is BECAUSE they can't yet think or act maturely we would like them to vote. Ya know, before they figure it out and we lose them.
  8. Great. Then your science would indicate that there should be no voting until 25 either. Undeveloped brainers should not be negating what we developed brainers know to be right.
  9. Is Chippy a nickname for Chip? Must be for Ness.
  10. I hope Pantaleo's 3rd period penalty was significant. Cost him the SemiFinals.
  11. What was Pantaleo's penalty? I'm watching the cartoon on Track's dashboard and can't see the live action.
  12. I agree with doing this at those the kid levels and in season tournaments. However, THE CHAMPIONSHIPS?!? For the premier wrestling conference in the country? Ridiculous. Even the BIG TEN and NCAA Semifinals should have only two mats going. Get that side wrestle-back stuff out of here when the main event is ongoing.
  13. Gutsist move I ever saw, man.
  15. Unimportant college backetball games (i.e. all non-national championship games) should adopt an old wrestling rule: In the case of a tie after regulation the referee picks the winner.
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