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  1. It is wrong to stereotype people. The Dutch do that. By the way, Cadieux Cafe is Belgian, not Dutch.
  2. Feather bowling. Cadieux Cafe.
  3. One sport category. Period. Weightlifting. Track. Basketball. Wrestling. Bicycling. Swimming. No sub-categories. The Title 9 Warriors are getting their "non-discrimination" come-uppance and I have zero pity. They destroyed most men's sports opportunities in colleges in the name of "equality". Now let them be hoisted on their own equality non-discrimination petard. Serves them right. Yes, individual girls/women are losing opportunities but this is no more tragic than all of the male athletes whose opportunities were lost to "progress" so a woman who never laid her hand on an oar was suddenly a D-1 Collegiate Rower. It was crazy, absurd, and unfair then but when the victim of the absurdity was some man - probably white - it did not matter. Now that the women themselves are the victims of the non-discrimination mafia the crying begins. I cannot muster a tear for them. So, Carry on Mr/Mrs Weightlifter. Carry on.
  4. They changed the ranking rules due to COVID. Dead people mailed in ballots for her to be #2. There is NO EVIDENCE of fraud so you are making BASELESS ACCUSATIONS!!!. Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and this forum will soon ban you for misinformation and all-around churlishness. Imagine, citing facts. What are you thinking? Must we get your DI here to perform an attitude adjustment?
  5. You, Mr. F. Nelson, are 1000 times better than CNN because you admit your fake news transgressions, are ashamed by it, and are punishing yourself as a penance. Go to the journalism head of the class.
  6. Pushing is not wrestling unless it is Sumo. No taking a shot. No putting oneself in a state of risk to score points. Nothing. "Taking ground against your opponent's will" is not a wrestling move. Unless there is a set up, a shot, some sort of snap, Russian series, or anything else which has a sniff of skill then pushing is stalling. Period.
  7. Massa does nothing for 8 minutes then maneuvers aggressively to his own back. Playing with fire means to me that he was trying high risk/high reward moves and got caught. Massa was sleep walking and rolled to his back for a good night peck on the cheek. Number 2 in the nation? He was not even number 2 on the mat in his own match today. The ref worked harder.
  8. Hands to own face will be a new penalty as they try to pull off their own masks when about to be taken down or pinned. Of course, facts mean nothing in Michigan with that governor and that football coach.
  9. Russelscout declared that he must apply deontology in this case which requires prioritizing the safeguarding of those whose lives are at risk in the short term over the long term well-being (economic directly and therefore health indirectly) and the majority. The exponentiality of infections/deaths was not part of his argument. No mathematical consideration or even the consideration of predictable consequences (such as indirect deaths caused by economic ruin) was part of his argument which is, of course, a characteristic of deontology. I was addressing that point by the car analogy: any deontologist worth his salt who is against anything which may cause the loss of a life should apply the same philosophy to driving and to the receipt/use of driven products in his/her personal life.
  10. Do deontologists drive? 38,000 deaths per year by vehicle and about 70x that number of injuries. So I am sure that all good deontologists will not drive nor eat food or utilize any goods that have been driven. Just adapt your own personal economy and that of all good deontologists as you go. How is that for a moral sandline? Probably washed away with the first wave of reality.
  11. "At least this time it was a pandemic and not a stupid political decision screwing the athletes." - TobusRex A glass half full sentiment!
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