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  1. Hands to own face will be a new penalty as they try to pull off their own masks when about to be taken down or pinned. Of course, facts mean nothing in Michigan with that governor and that football coach.
  2. Russelscout declared that he must apply deontology in this case which requires prioritizing the safeguarding of those whose lives are at risk in the short term over the long term well-being (economic directly and therefore health indirectly) and the majority. The exponentiality of infections/deaths was not part of his argument. No mathematical consideration or even the consideration of predictable consequences (such as indirect deaths caused by economic ruin) was part of his argument which is, of course, a characteristic of deontology. I was addressing that point by the car analogy: any deontologist worth his salt who is against anything which may cause the loss of a life should apply the same philosophy to driving and to the receipt/use of driven products in his/her personal life.
  3. Do deontologists drive? 38,000 deaths per year by vehicle and about 70x that number of injuries. So I am sure that all good deontologists will not drive nor eat food or utilize any goods that have been driven. Just adapt your own personal economy and that of all good deontologists as you go. How is that for a moral sandline? Probably washed away with the first wave of reality.
  4. "At least this time it was a pandemic and not a stupid political decision screwing the athletes." - TobusRex A glass half full sentiment!
  5. Then don't think it. I have never read a single post on this board (about WRESTLING explicitly) state that the student athletes should abandon classroom studies or that wrestling is more important. This scold post is quite unwelcome.
  6. Unless the doctors and nurses work without pay and the electricity company transmits without compensation and all property taxes are revoked for that time and all people paid by the property taxes also do not require compensation, etc. etc. then IT IS NOT FREE!! The only question is who pays for it but it is not and cannot be free. Joe Kennedy wants all federal tax payers (about 35% of the population) to pay for the health care of everyone who gets the virus. The reason we have health insurance (private, medicare, medicaid) is for just this sort of situation. Let it work.
  7. CDC says as of yesterday at 4;00 pm 938 cases and 29 deaths in USA. If we actually have a 100x infection rate and still only 29 deaths then our fatality rate is .03% which is 1/10th as deadly as the flu. That sounds like exponentially LESS serious than people think.
  8. I believe very strongly that the effects of the reaction to this virus will cause much more long term negative effects and human misery than the virus itself. In no way do I mean this to be insensitive to any individual or family that loses a loved one. I am talking macro effects here. For perspective - about 10,000 people die every day in the USA and more than 250,000 worldwide die every day.
  9. Absolutely agree. I'm getting all of the push out points I can against the virus. I am licking every doorknob I encounter before going through the door.
  10. This is not sumo and pushing is not wrestling. Pushing with no attempt at a set up/shot or shifting the opponent's weight or level change or underhooks/throw set up is stalling also. I can live with a push out rule IF both wrestlers are penalized for stepping beyond the wrestling surface - like a double stalling call.
  11. Maybe NIU doesn't get the next Sanderson to finish his career in Dekalb but it could certainly be the stepping stone for coaches on the upswing. Like in football often MAC schools groom coaches (or prove one to be not ready) for big time college football NIU could become the wrestling coaching incubator in the midwest. Many a strong young coach would like the opportunity to lead his own program rather than be a long-term assistant under someone else. Several very prominent high schoolers from Michigan went to NIU earlier this decade but they did not seem to develop much there. I think "untapped potential" is maybe a better characterization of NIU wrestling than "under the radar".
  12. Hear! Hear! You articulated what I feel but was unable to state clearly and dispassionately. Thank you.
  13. Do you think a basketball only arena will be big enough? A hockey rink-sized arena is needed to handle the 12 mat configuration. Can the university BBall arenas handle the 12 mats? Crisler? Breslin? If it has to be at Ford Field (which I hate) then they could at least push the mats as close to the stands as possible and run the big black curtains along the girders to make the space feel more appropriately sized. Block the upper decks the same way and then it will begin to feel right sized rather than cavernous. Allowing re-entry this year was a definite improvement for Ford/MHSAA. The no food thing is unforgiveable. The wrestlers are THE THING. Often bureaucrats think their "rules" are more important than the actual THING and ruin it.
  14. Is anyone else getting sick of the referees talking so much? I want them to shut up and just ref. I don't think anything is added to the wrestlers or the bout by hearing "keep working", "center, guys", "work with that", etc. etc. High school referees can do it without the chatter. Are they mic'ed up or is this just bleed through to the open microphones of the announcers?
  15. Does the wrestling circle at Rutgers look very small. It appears like a high school-ish size circle rather than the huge circles we see in the NCAA final. I suppose I could look it up but does anyone know the minimum and maximum size circles?
  16. "Plus, that kid wrestles, and he DOES have a concussion, sue the school, sue the coach, sue the referee, sue the doc. " Just saw hundreds of takedowns and mat returns more "dynamic" than the one in question at the individual state finals. No concussions (like this instance, obviously, as the kid wrestled 6 days later and presumably practiced), not one school sued, not one coach sued, not one referee sued, not one doctor sued. If you have not seen the Bobby Douglas interview linked earlier in this thread then please watch it. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=477319369798386 His concern for Coleman's reputation and for the sport of wrestling are epic and should have been applied in this instance by those involved. Virtual asterisks now will be associated forever with this team championship and with this wrestler - unfortunately. He probably would have reacted like the Dexter MAN if he attended Dexter.
  17. This thread got waaaayyyy off track. Rangernot and old coach - get a room and resolve this the old fashioned way; by slamming each other physically instead of putting us through it on this board. Now, back to our regularly scheduled thread: It was no slam. Not even close. The referee blew the call then the coach blew his integrity - again (you have to know Michigan wrestling to understand this one). Catholics all around MI were shamed by this. Imagine the miracle and interceding grace of the divine - Rojas has been cleared to wrestle tomorrow. AMAZING!!! Someone must be up to his old healing tricks again. Glory be.
  18. My Farrah Fawcett poster is 34 years old. Is that above or below the average?
  19. Tooth contact with skin is not a bite. Tightening of the jaw muscle is a bite. Intent is not irrelevant - ever. I once knocked out a kids' tooth with the top of my head. I needed some stitches in my head. We were both bleeding profusely. No bite. I initiated the contact and the fact that his mouth was open did not mean he bit me.
  20. And his character. Probably not fixable at this point as he has had many opportunities to attend character therapy in the past.
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