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    Jack Mueller

    Reminded me of a match about 10 years ago when a guy from the west coast tech'd a NW wrestler (Lang?) in about 3:30. No turns in this one but the same type of surprising domination.
  2. Lipdrag

    Let’s keep it classy

    126 in the US house voted for it. Is it OK if I show just 3 and some of the headlines?
  3. Lipdrag

    Let’s keep it classy

    I agree. Mommy paying for their sniffle medicine through age 26 is also condescending. We have extended infantilization to the late 20's while many politicians are publicly calling for 16 year old voting age. I think their opinion is BECAUSE they can't yet think or act maturely we would like them to vote. Ya know, before they figure it out and we lose them.
  4. Lipdrag

    Let’s keep it classy

    Great. Then your science would indicate that there should be no voting until 25 either. Undeveloped brainers should not be negating what we developed brainers know to be right.
  5. Lipdrag

    NCAA Session 3 Thread

    Is Chippy a nickname for Chip? Must be for Ness.
  6. Lipdrag

    NCAA Session 3 Thread

    I hope Pantaleo's 3rd period penalty was significant. Cost him the SemiFinals.
  7. Lipdrag

    NCAA Session 3 Thread

    What was Pantaleo's penalty? I'm watching the cartoon on Track's dashboard and can't see the live action.
  8. Lipdrag

    An Outsider's Take on the Big Tens

    I agree with doing this at those the kid levels and in season tournaments. However, THE CHAMPIONSHIPS?!? For the premier wrestling conference in the country? Ridiculous. Even the BIG TEN and NCAA Semifinals should have only two mats going. Get that side wrestle-back stuff out of here when the main event is ongoing.
  9. Lipdrag

    bracket pools

    Gutsist move I ever saw, man.
  11. Unimportant college backetball games (i.e. all non-national championship games) should adopt an old wrestling rule: In the case of a tie after regulation the referee picks the winner.
  12. Lipdrag

    Caption this...

    Who farted? No, you pull my finger. Which way is Pittsburgh?
  13. Lipdrag

    Bad scramblers

    Then you must object to the concept of a defensive pin. Furthermore your logic leads to the situation where the "top" man can lie flat on his back and pull the other guy's back to his own chest. If the wrestler "in control" can keep the other guy's shoulder blades on his own stomach while his own shoulders are down then he should get a pin via the transitive property. So long as he "controls" the other wrestler because "if you are in control, then you should get the (pin)". Absurd from my perspective.
  14. Lipdrag

    Bad scramblers

    I think that the "top" man who is often underneath the other guy in a tilt should not get near fall points if his shoulders are closer to the mat than the other wrestler's shoulders. Same for a cradle. Pulling a guy on you and being awarded with near fall points when your own body is preventing the fall due to being underneath the other guy is non-sensical. No near fall unless and until the other guys' shoulders are nearer the mat than your own.
  15. Lipdrag

    Straps controversy

    Ref is a complete tool. Much worse than the haircut guy of a couple weeks ago. So, if the teams would have shaken hands between the head table and the mat but no ON the mat then no penalty. Lesson learned for coaches of winning teams: Have all of your wrestliers sit down, shut up, and turn their chairs around until after this tool of an official has signed the book. Only then does anyone get up to shake hands. Then insist that the hand shaking happen along the edge of the mat on the wood gym floor. Even then you might not be safe from this guy. He would conduct a post match skin check to retroactively med DQ one of your wrestlers. Better wait until he leaves the gym.
  16. Lipdrag

    Duck of the month club

    What else floats? A DUCK. If it weighs the same as a duck . . . then it's a witch.
  17. Lipdrag

    Duck of the month club

    Can we have two team rightfully dubbed the Duckeyes in the Big 10? Iowa AND Ohio State. We should convene a team name tribunal to sort it out.
  18. It's like, you know. I was like, she was like. Likely.
  19. Lipdrag

    most SV losses in one dual?

    Those 3 consecutive 1-1 matches must have been a pure joy to watch for the spectators! 21 minutes of wrestling with 6 escapes to show for it. No one rode the other guy by a disparity of 1 minute either. Maybe some incredible scrambles happened with both wrestlers rolling out of bounds or resulting in harrowing stalemates for fan enjoyment. Or maybe they all leaned on each other and took half-hearted shots. I saw two high school kids wrestle 5 times in 17 days - League Dual meet, League tournament, Team District, Individual District, Individual Region. All matches went to overtime. One guy won 4 and the other one once. The scores were not always 1-1 after regulation. Actually one or two got to the high single digits if I remember correctly. They both ended up placing at the state tournament. Interesting little stat, KTG. Thanks for sharing.
  20. The Lipdrag (also known as the fish hook) was one of the practice torture moves we would do to each other when bored in high school. If your practice partner was just turtling up on bottom a Lipdrag (insert index finger in the side of the bottom man's mouth then pull like you wanted to spin his head around) usually got things going. Sometimes a fight is what it got going. There was also a close cousin move: the Nosedrag. Both seem quite gross now. I don't know why I didn't get my finger bitten off back then.
  21. Lipdrag

    Rule idea: push out

    First, make the wrestling area of the mat square. Right now we have less than 1/2 of the total mat area is for wrestling (32 foot circle =800 sq feet, 42 foot square = 1700+ sq ft). Let's use a 32 foot square which maintains the 5 foot safety margin. Then we'd be using 27% more of the available space. Second, I vociferously oppose a push out rule. Pushing IS NOT a folk style wrestling move in any way shape or form. Pushing is actually stalling. A step out rule I do agree with wholeheartedly. There is a difference and it will require a referee's judgment to determine it in some cases.
  22. I noticed the "Ohio style" a couple of years back at a high school tournament. The kids were always choosing neutral and/or cutting the opponents with little real mat wrestling. I thought of it as a bit aggressive and bravado-ish at the time but those schools competed with and beat some of the best Michigan schools/kids so I figured it worked. I had not made a connection between the bias toward takedown wrestling and avoidance of bottom until reading this thread. I wonder if the kids take that mentality to OSU with them or if OSU puts that mentality into the Ohio high schools. I guess that part of the answer comes from how many of the OSU wrestlers are Ohio natives. Most, I imagine.
  23. Lipdrag


    Will :07 of riding time be enough? Can Coon get out more quickly? At Big 10's it looked like riding time of 1 second or so difference was going to win it until the toe drag takedown.
  24. Lipdrag


    Coon shooting a single against Snyder!! Cheeky.