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  1. Here we go again. Thought I had tickets reserved but the information didn't get passed down the line. Any information is greatly appreciated. Please post here or email shumatejoe@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for asking this question. As I've stated before, the general perception, in all sports, it seems, is that, anything less than D1 equals a failure. If you're a kid who competes in one of the "lower" levels of collegiate wrestling, you weren't/ aren't good enough to compete in D1, with the occassional exception. I find this perception to be way off base. During the whole "Save Olympic Wrestling" movement, which I was an adamant supporter of, the thought kept entering my mind. We have to change our way of thinking domestically.
  3. Thanks for posting this. Great read. Believe it or not, I swear I think I have the Sea World dual he mentioned on VHS in my basement.
  4. It was bound to happen, so I'll say it. Why not give both jobs, Navy and WVU, simultaneously, to Gene Smith. I mean, look what the guy has done with Steiber!
  5. They're out there. I stayed home and watched on tv last year because I couldn't firm up the tickets I wanted. The year before, I had an extra lower level ticket that I ultimately sold via this forum. It took some convincing, however, because potential buyers thought I was scamming them. Sign of the times, I suppose. I have never had so much trouble procuring anything else in my life. Fair product for a fair price is all I'm looking for. Otherwise, it's just me, my couch, and ESPN again this year.
  6. If anyone hears about LOWER LEVEL seats becoming available and/or rooms please post here or email at shumatejoe@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  7. This just popped up on twitter http://m.soonersports.com/mobile/ViewAr ... M_ID=31000
  8. Fleeing is the right call in high school + 5 million. I can't understand why such a call is no longer a possibility in college. I suppose that officiating at any level has become so wildly inconsistent that it was removed to prevent the official's judgement from coming into play in that situation.
  9. Very disappointed that Atlanta is not on the D1 list. Can't believe it, actually.
  10. Is there a coaches clinic attached to this year's dual?
  11. Here's where I found it. http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/ ... m-20130926
  12. Make no mistake. There are more inept coaches at the H.S. and college level in the U.S., and, I would bet, worldwide, that think they are doing the right thing. Despite the decision to include wrestling in the two Olymipic cycles past next year, we're in trouble. If we don't decide to stop appreciating the talent over the work, we're done, and rightfully so. Adapt? Yes. Complaceny, No!
  13. Great thread. I'm glad this discussion is taking place.
  14. Brings to mind Sanderson and Heskett...
  15. It probably is true in all sports. I once counseled a young basketball player regarding the same thing. He didn't get any D1 attention, and that was the end of it. He did not compete at all in college, though the experience would have likely helped him pay for his education and opened many doors for him. Whoever the kid was listening to likely had never been through a college workout, in any sport, and was likely one of the many "armchair quarterback" types we all encounter daily. It is this mentality, specifically, that I would like to see us, as wrestling fans/coaches/writers etc. move away from. As I see it, it is detrimental to the sport, to all sports. We have to be smarter than the other guys. As I've stated before, the top D-1 guys are the cream of the crop in wrestling, but no one is going to convince me that there aren't individuals AND teams in the other classifications who would not be competitive in D-1. We have to start embracing our sport as a whole domestically. There are too few opportunities for our kids to compete post H.S. in any division.
  16. Why does it have to be "going down" a division? How about competing "in another" division? I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but, in my opinion, one of the reasons our sport is in trouble is that we, domestically, make young athletes feel like they have failed if they continue to compete post high school at a non-D1 school. We spout off all the time about how global wrestling is in support of saving the sport at the Olympics, yet continue to use vernacular that demeans a young person's opportunity/decision to compete at an institution that is not D-1! That being said, I am not the speech police, but shouldn't we support any kid that goes on to compete in college?
  17. Can anyone tell me what the process was in those days? Was there an Open or some other Nationals (AAU) that served in a capacity similar to the way the Open does now as far as determining who gets to compete at the World/ Olympic Trials? Were there Regional Qualifiers? Were the Olympic Trials simply "open" in those days, meaning anyone could show up and be on the bracket? Were select people "invited" to the Trials then? Any information is greatly appreciated.
  18. Thanks for all the help. I booked a hotel near the green line train and tickets to the game today. We're all looking forward to it.
  19. Heading north this weekend...want to see the July 2nd game in Boston...tickets are affordable...parking could be the hassle...any advice? Family vacation with a couple days to burn on the front end of the trip...no one in my family, including myself and my young sons have ever been to an MLB game...any pro anything...much less at one of the most historic venues on the planet...Again, any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance...
  20. dtowner, thank you for saying what I've been afraid to on this forum for so long. D-I is the pinnacle from a depth perspective, but anyone who thinks that there aren't many individuals in D-II, D-III, NAIA, and JUCO, that aren't every bit as talented and hard working as their counterparts in D-I, are either ignorant or lying outright. I thought it was very interesting that the mainstream wrestling folks I keep up with, as well as many posters on these boards, were quick to suddenly bring up the non-D-I programs in the wake of the IOC's decision to drop wrestling from the sure-thing Olympic program. It was way past due. As a coach, it's tough to send a successful high school kid off to a non-D-I school to compete when he feels like he missed some bar because he did not get D-I attention. If there was ever a time for our domestic wrestling community to educate itself on this point, it is now!
  21. Purchased through the NWCA...had a buyer but he backed out this morning. $185 is what I've got in the ticket and would hate to see such a good seat go empty... PM, email me at shumatejoe@yahoo.com, or call 2767332044 if interested.
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