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  1. Lol, to be clear, we knew what was going to happen, I just think it shouldn't happen. In my opinion, if Lewis wrestled Hall twice, he'd have 2 more losses, he wrestles in the Mac, not a strong conference at all these days, but not his fault either. There were some very questionable seeds today, though I don't agree with this one, there were far worse. Either way, Valencia v Hall will be the final. Hope I'm wrong though.
  2. I'll argue whatever I feel like arguing, isn't that what these boards are for? Amine beat lewis this year, his two losses to hall should be irrelevant, like I said a round robin between the three of them, common sense does play, the fact that Amine beat him this year and last year at this tournament should factor into common sense Amine should be three and Valencia two. That said, I don't think it really matters Valencia and Hall will be the likely final
  3. So Amine is punished for losing to Hall twice? Not lewis fault he didn't wrestle Hall of course but seems ridiculous to punish Amine for losing to Hall. To me, its simple you have a round robin between Valencia, Amine, and Lewis. Amine beat Lewis and took third at last years ncaa's, Valencia national champ at the weight Lewis 4 at the weight, zero bad losses by any of them. Common sense says he should be ahead of Lewis. Either way I don't think it matters much, I think Valencia v Hall will be the final.
  4. I'm not sure there's a huge difference between 3 and 4 to be honest, both Zahid and Hall are still the likely finalists. I'm just not sure why Lewis is seeming to get the bump to two, when Amine beat him head to head this year, and Amine's only losses are tight matches to Hall(2) and Zahid. Not to mention he finished third in this weight last year by also defeating Lewis(I know last year apparently means nothing). I personally think it should be Hall Zahid Amine Lewis. Its a round robin for the last three, Amine is 2-0 against Lewis returning third at this weight, no bad losses, wrestled a brutal schedule, he should be 3 Lewis 4, even with the win over Zahid.
  5. Fair, the outcome could be entertaining no doubt, the individual match ups not so much. As great as Penn State is, and Ohio state for that matter, it's unfortunate we don't get to see great individual matchups between the two, except Nickal and Moore, and arguably Lee-McKenna.
  6. Not a great dual to watch to be honest. 25- Not a lot to see here sou 3-0 33- Pletcher should control an easy major 7-0, he beats rby as well 41-Mckenna has been as impressive as anybody I've watched this year, Lee is very good with a great pace, but I think McKenna puts it on him 10-2, squeezes out the major 11-0 49-Jordan needs a major and should get it 15-0 57-Nolf by fall, though I wouldn't be surprised if Hayes gets stalled out. 15-6 65-Cenzo major 15-10 OSU 74-Hall by dec 15-13 84-Martin major, I don't care who they send out, this could be worse as well 19-13 97-Nickal dec, Really the only competitive match in this dual, and who knows with Nickal he could end it in 30 seconds. I think this will be tough though and he'll have to grind one out against a very good Moore. 19-16 HWT- Cassar major-kid is really good, this could be worse as well 20-19 PSU. Dual will be completely decided by bonus points, which won't be great to watch. Everyone that is overmatched will be backing up, stalling, blocking, mind you doing what he needs to do for his team to win, but not exciting wrestling. It's much more fun when we don't know the outcome of almost every match. 25 and 97 really the only toss ups I guess, and I don't think Nickal is a toss up.
  7. 125- Toss up if Mattin can't go- I'll say Asaad decision 3-0M 133-Micic dec 6-0M 141-Mckenna dec 6-3M 149- Jordan Major 7-6OSU 157-Which Pantaleo shows up? Mich dec 9-7M 165- Massa major-13-7M 174-Amine dec 16-7M 184-Martin Fall 16-13M 197-Moore major 17-16 Hwt- Parris dec19-17M Michigan must win the close ones because of OSU's bonus. Jordan's could be worse as well as Moore's. Should be a great dual
  8. Who get's this job is the question? Pritzlaf? Askren? If Ben Askren wants this job and is committed to hanging up his gloves, I would hire him in a second. He would not only create a ton of buzz for the program, he would keep the best in state kids home and would be in the mix for all national talent as well. With his wrestling success followed with his mma success, I'm not sure there is a bigger name out there. I'd bet he'd have Wisconsin in the mix within 3 years. I think kids would love to go wrestle for him. Not to mention his dislike of Iowa sure would make for a fun dual!
  9. As far as Iowa goes, they didn't have a good tournament, we can all agree on that, but it's not like Marinelli lost to an MSU or Indiana kid, he lost twice to the returning 3rd in the country and once to the current junior world champ. The problem for him is the weight is absolutely brutal, I think a 5-8 is very realistic, but unfortunately for him a round of 12 is also possible. This is not meant as a slight to him at all, frankly I've been very impressed with him this year and think he finishes on the podium. As far as Lee goes, the kid is awesome, I'm glad they yanked his shirt, do I think it was the right thing to do, probably not. He looks like a lifer at 25, Cruz and Nato graduate, sounds like there's a decent chance Suriano moves up, Iowa isn't winning anything this year, I would have sucked it up this year, taken my lumps and run the kid out next year a full year after surgery and watched him win 4 titles. That said, I understand why they did it, and I think he definitely could win this year, but I think Nato gets it done in two weeks and Lee wins the next 3 in dominant fashion, if that happens we'll be having a different discussion on whether or not his redshirt should have been pulled. The only other argument would be he might take an olympic redshirt down the line, or he just wants to get on with his life, wrestling career in 4 years, which would both be very valid and understandable. A strong Iowa is good for the sport, they're great to root for or against, I hope they get back to the point where they're back in the national title hunt.
  10. This was a very impressive showing by Ohio State. I think they may be the favorites. They have 3 very likely champs in Snyder, Moore, and Tomasello(I think he wins if healthy), you have 5 guys who could be anywhere in that top six in Pletcher, McKenna, Jordan, Jordan, and Martin. Then two other guys who could very easily all American in Hayes and campbell, and I might be selling Hayes short, I think he's likely top 6 as well. As good as Penn State's hammers are, the loss of Suriano could cost them a national title. They're not going to get anything out of 25, probably not much out of 33, even with Lee at 41, that weight is so unbelievably deep, no guarantees they'll get much scoring there, and who know about 97 right now. Bonus pts. or no bonus points, Ohio state if they get and stay healthy is going to be tough to beat. Two very good teams.
  11. The reality is Coon has very little chance of beating Snyder, I think we all realize that. His only chance in my opinion is to force the upper body stuff, make it as much of a greco match as possible. He needs to take risks that could end up getting him pinned, majored or teched. A loss is a loss, go down swinging for the fences in this case. As great as Coon is, and I do think he will go down as one of the best Heavies not to win, he needs to go for broke, has to use his big size advantage to have a shot. Even the threat of a throw would have to slow Snyder down a bit. I think the more Coon get's to wrestle him this year the better for him, Vegas, dual, big tens, they could meet at a minimum 3 times before ncaa's, if Snyder beats him handily each time, which I expect, he's much more likely to try and hit a big throw and go for the home run.
  12. Chalk me up to the talent is only one facet in our sport. Just like the strongest, fastest, etc. etc. guy doesn't always win. Zahid is awesome and has a higher ceiling, not sure that's all that debatable. But Bo can win, and it wouldn't be a surprise at all. He needs to wrestle to his strengths, slow the match down, make mat wrestling matter and he'll be just fine. I think what makes this sport great is that all different types of people can win. Play to your strengths. I know this is all earth shattering news. Let's just hope we get to see the match Sunday.
  13. I think you guys are underselling just how good Coon is. He was a top 4 seed as a true frosh, and ranked as high as 1, not something you see very often at heavy, obviously we know he didn't exactly light it up at nationals that year. Then a 2 and 3 at ncaas, not to mention a greco world title thrown in the mix. That said Snyder is the best wrestler in the world right now, if they were the same weight Coon would not win. However Coon is going to have around 50lbs on him, with a huge height advantage. Coon can win. I won't predict it but this 1 percent stuff is ridiculous. I think Coon can win one of two ways, exactly what Cletus said above, and my preferred way, use his Nasty underhooks and try and force a big throw. He's going to have such a size advantage, he really will need to try and take advantage of it. Even if he just threatens Snyder with a big throw and doesn't get it, he'll likely slow Snyder down. Secondly, slow the match to a stand still, use his hooks to block, and just make it a grind fest. Use his size to wear on him and then try and ride hard for a minute. I'd sell out on top, if nothing else to make him work harder to get out, obviously Snyder isn't going to ride him at all. This match is going to be way tougher than some of you think.
  14. Though the best I think they can do is third, they will be very tough next year 25- Asaad? not a strong weight 33- Micic- top 4 41- Profinci- tough kid, qualifier again 49- Pantaleo - Top 6 57- Not sure if Sutton can make it here, if so, could be pretty solid 65- Massa- Top 3 74-Amine -Top 6 84 Abounader - Top 6 97- No idea how this weight will shake out Hwt.- Coon- 2nd Thats 6 very likely all americans, should put them in contention for a team trophy. I'm by no means an insider so hopefully somebody with more info. could chime in.
  15. I hate 33, but I knew it would shake out that way. The big ten kids get hosed because they beat up on each other. Throw Gross or Brock in the big ten schedule I'm guessing each takes at least one additional loss. That's not a knock on either, both are tough, just 33 in the big ten was brutal this year. I mean freaking Zane Richards is 8 seed, the returning finalist at the same weight. That first period for Brock against Clark was huge. Can't argue Jordan over Mayes, though I think Jordan beats him, but same thing happened here with Zain, Sorenson and Jordan. All in all the seeding looked better than some of the previous debacles
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