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  1. Beckman vs Gulibon could be one we see for the next 3 years. I believe they wrestled multiple times last season both in Red Shirt years. Beckman has already used one year of eligibility. I dont really see either one getting bigger then 133.
  2. Bubba almost got himself choked out a couple of different times!! His hands are fast and obviously pretty heavy. I was impressed for the most part by his fight I know alot of MMA fans find Askrens style boring, but to me being a wrestling fan first I thought it was highly entertaining. I dont understand why the Russian wouldnt work out with some of the great wrestlers in that country in order to prepare for the fight. The funniest thing was knowing it was coming and there was nothing the Russian could do to stop it. Bellator has a good product and I like how it is ran in a tournament style compared to the UFC. I also liked the amount of promotion wrestling got. It seems like Bellator feeds off wrestlers and with the way all the wrestlers competed in this event, I would imagine they keep seeking out top level wrestlers.
  3. Ill take Wes Phipps at 174 over Bo Nickal in 2014-2015. It would be a guy on his 3rd year in the Penn State room over a true freshman.
  4. In recent years in college football it seems there has been an increase in occurance of players recruiting other players from across the nation to join them at a select college in hopes of winning championships. Does this take place in wrestling? Is say Chance Marstellar on the phone with Bo Nickal saying "Hey we can be workout partners and win individual and team championships togethor, lets do this!"???
  5. Not sure what Phipps is weighing now a days, But I would think he would be a favorite for 184 instead of McCutcheon. Am I missing something?
  6. This whole situation either wouldnt exist or would be really crazy if Brooks Black signed with PSU instead of Illinios like most PSU fans thought he would.
  7. Why wouldnt Cael honor his offer to Haines and Thomas' commitment to him by telling Nevills, "Haines is currently our guy, you beat him out, your our guy!"??? Was Macintosh also from Clovis? Maybe Cael like Macintosh's work ethic and hoped Nevills brought the same? How much film of Haines and Nevills does Cael and Staff watch before this decision is made?
  8. Only disagreement is with characterizing Kolat, singularly, as the greatest HS wrestler ever. Jimmy Carr 1972 (FS Olympian) and Dave Schultz (silver in Tiblisi [top US placer that year] and US open champ) have HS credentials that aren't overshadowed by anyone. I think both of the above posts have it about right, but a few comments. The only quarrel I'd have with Vak's posts is his use of the Cadet worlds comparison (1st v 5th). I don't think that tells us anything. From the video, Marsteller looked like the clearly superior wrestler in his semifinal match at Cadet worlds until he dislocated his elbow (it was nasty), defaulting him to 5th, but I frankly think he would have won... or at least placed the top 2. But even if Marstellar had won, he still doesn't have the credentials (at least not yet) to be equated to Kolat. What made Kolat stand out was not his Cadet world title (which was nice, but isn't unprecedented for a high schooler), but rather his consistently high placements at college and senior level events during his high school tenure. That is what Marstellar lacks. It is largely not his fault, as the idiotic NCAA cut off eligiability for high schoolers to compete in open tournaments after Chance's 8th grade year, but even so -- for all his wins and obvious talent, Chance cannot point to a single notable win against a senior-level or even college-aged opponent. The only recent tournament in which Chance competed which featured non-high schoolers was FILA Juniors last year, and Chance went 0-2. Maybe he was sick, I don't know, but I don't care either -- the fact remains that the only way to distinguish the many scores of high schoolers that had undefeated careers is to look how they fared against older opponents. Chance just does not have that credential. I wish he had competed in FILA Junior World Team Trials last month, as there were lots of great 163lbers there and we'd have had lots of grist to make the comparison. But he was not there, so we're left with a dearth of evidence. I'm also on board with looking at Kolat and Schultz as the most distinguished high schoolers thus far. Carr too, but the lack of competition at his lower weight offsets somewhat the significance of his accomplishment in making the Olympic team. Last comment: The other high schooler to watch as these guys enter their senior year is Kyle Snyder. He did make the Junior World Team last month, and though he didn't have to beat anyone of note to get there, to my eyes he looks like the real deal. I really like his odds to walk away with a medal at Jr Worlds, and when he does, I think it will be very fair to argue that his high school career is superior to Marstellar's (though I think Marsteller is the real deal too). I hope both of these guys dip their toe into some senior-level freestlyle events next year too, so that they can give themselves and us a better sense of where they stand in the high school GOAT conversation. Except I believe Kyle Snyder is not competing his Senior Year and will be at the OTC correct? Also Snyder doesnt have PA state titles and his weight is far less competitive then Chance's..............
  9. Is this because some high level High School wrestlers now a days are at the level of Collegiate wrestlers in the early 80's-90's? Dake, JB, and Howe are all physical specimens. Flip time periods, Take the current Marstellar and put him in Kolat's era, does he do as well? Take Kolat put him in Marstellars era, does he do as well? Alot of factors play into this......Multi sport athletes back in the day vs Athletes specializing in a sport by 6th grade. Discuss..........
  10. I think he is the #5 guy p4p in his class, so I'd guess he is an immediate impact guy. Doesn't one of the Tirapelle's post here? They are Clovis guys. Maybe they can add something. Hopefully this starts a pipeline from Clovis to Cael's Penn State squad. That would be nice. Not sure how this impacts Thomas Haines. Haines is headed towards Hwt. himself. EDIT: I just watched Nevills finals match where he won Flo Nationals this year against Evan Daley who is headed to Clarion. Nevills has a lot of skills. You can watch that video here. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... California This is an intresting situation. Nevills and Haines IMHO both look small for HWT (As does Evan Daily). Does anyone know what Nevills weighs? Evan Daily wrestled at 220 all season. Flo Nats he might have weighed 235, Nevills doesnt look much bigger then him at all. Daily is a above average wrestler who was clearly out of shape in this match and gave Nevills some troubles. Nevills is going to have to get better at holding people down. I personally think that Haines is better then Nevills. Daily lost to 220lb PA Freshman Jordan Wood this year (among others) who I am told gets beat on pretty bad by Haines. Nevills beats Daily at FLO nats. I personally think Haines pins Daily. Regardless it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in Happy Valley.
  11. IMHO the Tech should go to atleast 10pts. 7 is just to low, especially with TD's now being worth 2. One big throw and a gut and the match is over.
  12. Something is still fishy to me about Waller's departure.
  13. Kids ages 6 and Under only need to know a few things. If they perfect them they can be very dominant. Double Leg (Tackle), Half, Stand up. If your showing a kid 6 years old and younger anymore then this your are waisting your time. My son is 7 going on 8 and this is how my wife and I have handled wrestling with him so far to this point: 4-Years old- Hey buddy Im going to practice want to go roll around? Yes- Okay lets go. No- Okay see you when I get home. I didnt ever make him run with the other kids or drill. If he wanted to do it that was fine, just never forced him to do it. 8/10 times he would run and try to do everything the ol where doing because he liked the older kids and wanted to be like them. He was rewarded for his hard work with 2 novice tournaments. 5-years old- Hey buddy do you want to wrestle this year? Yes-Okay well practice will be 4 days a night I would just like you to go to 2 of those practices a week. If you want to go to more thats fine. He would pick the nights he wanted to go. Some weeks it would be all 4 nights some weeks just 2 nights other times he would do his 2 nights and just go the other 2 nights to hang out and watch. Just being in the room watching he learned alot. For his hard work he was rewarded with 2 open tourney and 4 novice tourneys. 6 years old- Practiced 3 days a week. Wrestled in Open tourneys every other weekend. Ended the season as Section Champ, Qualified for Districts where he was runner-up. 7 years old- Practiced 4 days a week through the season. Wrestled in open tourneys almost every weekend. He was just having fun with his buddies and didnt want to miss out on anything (practice, tourney, hotels) Earned All-American status. Continued practicing through the spring 2 days a week. Finished when soccer started in the first week of June. His soccer game got cancelled last night due to the rain, I asked if he wanted to go to practice. He said "No" and I left it at that. At this point I feel as if I have pointed him in the right direction, but the ball is in his court.
  14. I was pretty impressed with the Iranian crowd. They showed up in full force, air horns and all. Most of the crown for the Iran vs USA match seemed to be cheering for Iran.
  15. Google-Andrew Church-PSU. He is a current walk on that is getting a great education, who now has at least 2 national championship rings and has probably only started 2 matches in his career but has wrestled over 30 matches at open tournaments. If you have goals and dreams dont let anyone hold you back!!
  16. This sounds in ways very similiar to the Ohio Tournament of Champions. They do somethings differently beings they get 3500 wrestlers in and out in one day. 1-3 min period, Out of bounds=Nuetral Start, After a takedown and no attempt to turn (15 seconds)= Nuetral Start, 10 pt Tech Fall.
  17. Bloom is cheaper then Edinboro?
  18. Who runs the RTC if Cunningham gets the job?
  19. ~Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard~ ~We shoot, We Score, They Shoot, We Score~
  20. Bradleys PIAA opponent Andrew Welton is about 6'6". Judging from this picture I would say he is a solid 6'3" tall. http://www.mcall.com/sports/varsity/mc-finalswrestlingchampionships-20130309-pictu-037,0,3060484.photo
  21. Bradleys PIAA finals opponent has just signed with Mercyhurst University. The HWT Class will be fun to watch over the next few years. Coon, Black, Haines, Bradley, maybe Snyder. Big guys that like to move like they are 125's.
  22. Is J. Catrabone still around the program at all?
  23. Anybody know who the front runners maybe? I heard they just got a new AD and that he is looking for a "big name"....I do not follow basketball but was told he hired a semi-big name coach for the girls b-ball team.
  24. Ohio TOC-2004 Dake is NOT GOD!!! Schoolboy 84 Place Name Home Town 1 David Taylor St. Paris, OH 2 Marshall Peppelman Harrisburg, PA 3 Sean Boyle Lowell, MA 4 Nicky Gordon Kingston, PA 5 Devon Brown Marathon, NY 6 Kyle Dake Ithaca, NY 7 A.J. Bannister La Plata, MD 7 Taylor Walsh Cherry Hill, NJ
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