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  1. Well, I'd never put it on somebody to be like Taylor but I think he'll have the same mindset. Can he execute like Taylor and keep that fearless, attacking style at the highest level? Only time will tell. The combination of Isaiah Martinez and Mark Perry is frightening. If IMar develops into a Jesse Delgado watch out. Throw in Brooks Black and Illi is looking pretty fancy!
  2. Ive been told that the hold Fleming uses puts more pressure on your jaw than anything else. People have said that they feel like there lower jaw is going to explode.
  3. Who in college wrestling is the best scrambler right now? A few years back everyone would most likely say Ben Askren was the most unorthodox wrestler and most likely the best scrambler in college wrestling. I always enjoy watching unorthodox wrestlers with "goofy" styles, who is the best in college wrestling or who has the most unorthodox style?
  4. Beckman has a win over #7 Shelton Mack, Pitt.
  5. Who remembers this controversy around the snapper? :lol: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/237838-10-Oklahoma-Brockport-Gold/video/366076-157-Matt-Lester-vs-James-Fleming
  6. This is one of my favorite videos to show this move. Here are a couple reasons why. The ref is right on top of him, if something was illegal the ref would see it from his view point. You can see Mr. Flemings forearm along Burns jawline. I believe this is where most of the pressure comes from. You can also see at the 1:32 mark that Fleming is clearly not across the throat. To top it off Mr. Burns tries to "tapout" at the 1:31 mark and the ref just keeps counting points because the airway is not obstructed. In wrestling your supposed to make your opponent as uncomfortable as possible, and I think Fleming is pretty good at it!! http://www.flowrestling.org/video/299006-149-Fleming-Clarion-VS-Burns-UNC
  7. From the few wrestlers I've talked to that have wrestled Fleming, getting choked isn't even the major issue with the move. The air supply doesn't really get cut off, but it feels like he's going to break every one of your teeth because of the way the pressure is applied across your head. Is the Fleming snapper the best move in college wrestling? The Snapper may just be one of the best top moves in NCAA wrestling right now. I havent seen to many people fight it off or not get turned in it. I have also been told that the air supply is a non-issue with the snapper. Its the crazy pressure on the opponents jaw. My question is, If the snapper cant be stopped why arent more wrestlers utilizing it?
  8. Does anyone know off the top of their head what the Fleming vs Alton score was? Didnt Fleming beat Alton here last year also?
  9. papride


    How does the location of the killing and skinning of a rabbit determine it twisted and cruel? If it was in the woods would it still be twisted and cruel??
  10. Beckman over Gulibon again. This time by major.
  11. Is Steve Spearman still at Iowa Central? I dont see him on the roster. I also cant seem to find him in any of the brackets at the Iowa State Open.
  12. A little "Irish Jig" would have been swell!
  13. You now have to pay $9.99 to download videos? Videos that where submitted for free and the person who submits them see's what kind of kick back on this?
  14. Beckman has a win over Shelton Mack (Pitt) at the Clarion Open, Guilibon (PSU) and Mark Grey (COR) in his redshirt season.... Not to shabby.
  15. When was this? I see that Beckman beat Mark Grey (Blair, Cornell) at the Binghamton open..
  16. How many guys does Lehigh have on redshirt? I know Beckman is taking a redshirt!
  17. Here is a great Wes Phipps match from last year. Phipps (AA State Champ) vs Harris (AAA) runner-up. Phipps is going to be grat after spending a couple years in the PSU room. Harris was playing football at Youngstown state, but I am told he has since left and is looking to get back on the mat at either Edinboro of WVU. I think Harris has similaritys to a younger Ruth.
  18. Yes that is what it looks like Zanetta is RS...and Godwin Nyama will be at 125 133 Shelton Mack I would bet he All Americans this season Mack just lost last week in the finals at the Knight Point Open(Clarion Open) to Beckman (Lehigh) who is redshirting this season. Mack has gotten alot better since being in the college room, I just dont think he will make AA this year. I hope he proves me wrong.
  19. Im a little suprised by this one, Im not going to lie. I personally thought he would end up at Lehigh. I guess it was the Blair/Mocco connection that lead my thoughts in that direction. Regardless Illi is getting not only a great wrestler in Black but a great person. Best of luck Brooks!
  20. I do believe the Clarion Open is coming up this weekend. Anyone have any idea what teams are sending who?
  21. Mercyhurst University of North East will be at the Clarion Open this weekend.
  22. You can throw PIAA-Runner up Rocco Welleck in with that group also.
  23. CMU already beat Iowa this year..........oh wait wrong sport!
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