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  1. I have been sick over the past year so I have had a lot of free time to post lots of PSU data on 6 different boards. I am getting better now so I will have less time to do this so to consolidate it all I have started a blog. Here are my 1st 2 posts on it, Cael's Radio show summarized. Cael Sanderson Radio Show NOTES 02/09/2011 Everything Penn State Cael Sanderson Radio Show NOTES 02/16/2011 Everything Penn State I should be getting the interview up on Thursday with Ed Ruth so feel free to share it with everyone on Facebook & Twitter & e-mail list. I will be also doing a weekly interview during the season with PSU beat writer from the CDT Guy Cipriano along with the 20 Questions bit. it is under construction in certain spots but be patient it will fill up. Enjoy. K
  2. I'm curious to see how much of the bench talent stays in Happy Valley if they can't crack the starting lineup. I think Cael is trying to build a program similar to Iowa's in the sense that you get kids who want to be apart of the TEAM & the chance to wrestle for the program & win a National Title. That was a big concern with bringing Long...disruption of team chemistry. They have it now. They are becoming like a family. Sure kids might leave if they don't get a crack but I think that that didn't happen @ Iowa for many years. Why not @ PSU?
  3. Their lower weights also include Sam Sherlock, Luke Frey & Nico Megaludis. All tough successful PA kids. The middleweights have Dylan Alton, Dirk Cowburn & Nick Fischer. And the upper weights have Jon Gingrich, Scott Syrek, Morgan McIntosh & Colin Campbell. It will definitely be a talented line up. Iowa however basically RSed their entire #1 recruiting class so they might also have a bunch of young talent for years to come. Iowa being Iowa means that no one there is going to roll over 4 anyone especially Cael Sanderson.
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