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  1. Crack the line up sooner?
  2. 2013 Scuffle press release January 1st & 2nd in Chattanooga TN; 2013 Southern Scuffle Participants (by finish at the 2012 NCAA Championships) (RED = NEW Teams) 1 - Penn State 2 - Minnesota 4 - Cornell 5 - Oklahoma State 11 - Virginia Tech 19 - American 21 - Appalachian State 26 - Missouri 28 - Virginia 33 - Ohio 41 - Army 44 - NC State 48 - Navy 51 - UTC 54 - North Carolina 55 - Old Dominion 56 - Arizona State 59 - Campbell 64 - Duke South Dakota State Cleveland State 2012 teams not participating Gardner-Webb Hofstra Indiana Oregon State The Citadel Key wrestlers Remember at the SS teams are allowed to enter 15 wrestlers 125 - Nico Megaludis (PSU), Alan Waters (MIZZ), Steve Bonnano (HOF), Matt Snyder (UVA), Jarrod Garnett (VT), David Thorn (MN), Jon Morrison (OSU), Ladd Rupp (OSU-2), Gabe Ramos (Ohio), Coltin Fought (NC St) 133 - Chris Dardanes (MN), Nick Soto (UTC), Nick Arujau (COR), Joe Spisak (UVA), Jordan Thome (Army) 141 - Jordan Oliver (OSU), Devin Carter (VT), Nick Dardanes (MN), Mike Nevinger (COR), Evan Henderson (UNC) 149 - Dylan Ness (MN), Andrew Alton (PSU), Justin Accordino (HOF), Chris Villalonga (COR), Josh Kindig (OSU), Kyle Bradley (MIZZ) 157 - Kyle Dake (COR), Dylan Alton (PSU), Corey Mock (UNC), Drake Houdashelt (MIZZ), John Nicholson (ODU) 165 - David Taylor (PSU), Tyler Caldwell (OSU), Peter Yates (VT), PJ Gillespie (HOF), Cody Yohn (MN). Marshall Peppleman (COR), Zach Toal (MIZZ), Jake Schalles (Navy) 174 - Chris Perry (OSU), Logan Storley (MN), Matt Brown (PSU), Oscar Huntley (NAVY) 184 - Ed Ruth (PSU), Kevin Steinhaus (MN), Steve Bosak (COR), Jon Fausey (UVA), Mike Larson (MIZZ) 197 - Quentin Wright (PSU), Brent Haynes (MIZZ), Scott Schiller (MN), Jake Blake Rosholt (OSU), Danny Mitchell (AU) 285 - Tony Nelson (MN), Alan Gelogaev (OSU), Dom Bradley (MIZZ), Nick Gwiazdowski (NC St), Jeremy Johnson (Ohio), Levi Cooper (ASU), Jimmy Lawson (PSU) NOTES: Looks like we have 7 former NCAA champs & 10 former finalists & at least 20 AAs. I didn't actually do an an exact tally on those numbers just memory so excuse if I got any wrong. So this year will the SS be a tougher tournament than CKI or Midlands?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjCwOHhUb58
  4. Neither was Phil Davis & he became a 4x AA & a 1x NCAA Champ. Phil never won a PIAA title. Wes is the exact kind of kid Cael likes, hard worker, grinder, good student, good family. Wes is the raw material wrestling wise that Cael can help turn into a very good collegiate wrestler.
  5. listen to jeff byers here NOW CBSSports.com ULive
  6. Marstellar beats Lehigh recruit & undefeated returning state champ Brian Brill 17-7. Chance gave up his FIRST TD of the year. He was bummed out about that....
  7. Zack Beitz also wins his final 13-3. With Lawson also coming in PSU's recruiting class is #smallBUT stacked
  8. Jimmy G wins his 4th PIAA title & Grove City's Wes Phipps claims a state title at 182. Penn State recruits go 3-for-3 in state finals this afternoon
  9. Molinaro goes unscored upon en route to BIG10 Team and Individual Title | Big Ten Tournament | Flowrestling | Flowrestling David Taylor PSU wrestling is family | Big Ten Tournament | Flowrestling | Flowrestling Big Ten Finals | Big Ten Tournament | Flowrestling | Flowrestling Penn State Wrestling - 2012 Individual Big Ten Champions - YouTube (1:07 Frank smiles as he turns Ness plus the podium GLASSES) (4:16 DT turns Evans for last sec NF & Major dec) (2:10 Frank smiles for the camera)
  10. Tomorrow PSU has 15 matches MN, IL & tOSU have 13 & IA 10 Currently MN 117 IA 112.5 PSU 111 Here is some realism & some optimism.... 125-McD wins Nico gets 3rd (Nico vs #5 Mele, the #4 Delgado) MN 0-117 IA 4-116.5 PSU 4.5-115.5 133-Steiber wins over Ramos, Martelotti gets 7th (Martelotti vs #7 Kiley rematch of match Martelotti lost in last second) MN 1-118 IA 0-116.5 PSU 1-116.5 141 Russell beats Marion, Pearsall gets 7th (Vs US Nelson of Purdue) MN 4.5-122.5 IA 0-116.5 PSU 1-118.5 149 Tank wins-KEY (vs #2 Ness, Kelly eliminate) MN 0-122.5 IA 0-116.5 PSU 4-122.5 157 Welch beats DSJ, Dylan gets 3rd THIS IS KEY (vs #5 Demas & then #3 Green-#4 Jones winner, both Dylan beat by 1-2 points each) MN-122.5 IA-116.5 PSU-4.5-127 165 DT wins, Yohn gets 5th (Big match #7 Yohn vs #5 Polz & then maybe #3 Kokesh if Yohn wins) MN 1-123.5 IA 116.5 PSU-4-131 174-Ed wins, Lofthouse gets 3rd, Here the Tournament is almost out of reach (vs #2 Storley who lost to Mat brown at the Scuffle) MN 123.5 IA 4.5-121 PSU-4-135 184- Steinhaus wins, Quentin gets 3rd & Gambrall takes 4th...also KEY for Q-here it is out of reach (vs #8 Hinton who Q beat fairly handily before) MN-4-127.5 IA-3.5-124.5 PSU-4.5-139.5- 197-Yohn gets 3rd, Morgan gets 5th (vs Yohn & then maybe #8 Kissel if he loses to Yohn) MN-4.5-132 IA 124.5 PSU-1.5-141 285-Nelson wins, Cam gets 3rd (vs #7 Chalfant & #5 McMullan) MN 4-136 IA 124.5 PSU-4.5-145.5 THE KEY is Nico & Dylan winning 3rd place (& Frank doing his thing). Nico & Dylan have the toughest route BUT even without that we have enough points to win. If they do, we just about have it locked up provided that McD wins, Steiber wins & Russell wins ALL very likely. This also takes into account that one of the Dardanes finishes 3rd & the other one 5th. Welch beats DSJ thats a toss up. In order for Iowa to win the team title, 5 of their 6 finalists are going to have to win & Gambrall is going to have to finish 3rd. Iowa could go 1 for 6 tomorrow in the finals. MN could go 2 for 5 in the finals. All of this math from an Art major...
  11. Let's even try to be pessimistic about this & see where it gets us... 125-McD wins Nico gets 4th MN 0-117 IA 4-116.5 PSU 4.5-114.5 133-Ramos over Steiber, Dardanes 3rd, Martelotti gets 8th MN 1-121.5 IA 0-120.5 PSU 1-114.5 141 Marion beats Russell, Pearsall gets 8th MN 4.5-126 IA 0-124.5 PSU 1-114.5 149 Tank wins MN 0-126 IA 0-124.5 PSU 4-118.5 157 DSJ beats Welch, Dylan gets 4th MN-126 IA-128.5 PSU-3.5-122 165 DT wins, Yohn gets 3rd-THIS IS KEY FOR MN TO WIN MN 4.5-130.5 IA 128.5 PSU-4-126 174-Ed wins, Lofthouse gets 3rd MN 130.5 IA 4.5-133 PSU-4-130 184- Steinhaus wins, Quentin gets 4th & Gambrall takes 3rd MN-4-134.5 IA-4.5-137.5 PSU-3.5-133.5- 197-Yohn gets 3rd, Morgan gets 5th MN-4.5-139 IA 137 PSU-1.5-135 285-Nelson wins, Cam gets 3rd MN 4-143 IA 137 PSU-4.5-139.5 NOW you can see how important it is for the Dardanes (& Yohn) to do well for MN to win & why even Martelotti & Pearsall winning their matches is important. Even in this scenario that favors the Gophers if Nico, Dylan finish 3rd & Frank & Bryan finish 7th PSU wins b/c that is just 4 extra points & enough to beat the most optimistic predictions for MN H2Hs MN vs IA 2 PSU vs MN 2 PSU vs IA 1
  12. After 1st session Interview with David Taylor & Dylan Alton
  13. PSU recruit Wes Phipps in Dist X finals last weekend
  14. Yea Cowbell did a great job of making the Vision Quest soundtrack play arena style int he background.
  15. WARNING: Your wrestling IQ may actually DECREASE when watching this! Pls take the necessary precautions! - The National Board of Sports Decency http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L166TwyYneQ
  16. 174 Man back from being on a Mission 184 Looking for Mr WRIGHT 197 California Kid 197 What's it worth? 285 The GRAND Finale NCAA CHAMPS
  17. 157 The Mill Hall Mauler 165 The MAGICMAN 165 Magic-man-2 165 Magic-man-3 I forgot to say Bee-yatch 174 THE TRUTH
  18. 125 Nico-3 133 Ninja 141 Don't Blink 149 Name that Fist Pumper 157 Mill Hall Philosopher
  19. 125 Nico-3 http://www.mememaker.net/static/images/memes/36981.jpg
  20. English hurt all year & Vollrath has not been able to crack the line up. Don't be surprised if DC is not at PSU next year.
  21. Hey everyone we open at 1:45 pm today for the FINAL Home dual meet of the season vs arch rival Pitt! Come join us! LIVE BLOG LINK http://news.theopenmat.com/2012/02/tom- ... e-vs-pitt/
  22. Tim & Kurt preview arch rival PITT for the final home dual of the season for PSU
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