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  1. jake was hurt. Ed was given the day off.
  2. TOM Live Chat Penn State vs. Lock Haven | The Open Mat We will open the room up @ 1:45 pm EST See you there! If Bonson is out PSU could pitch a shut out...
  3. TOM LIVE BLOG: PSU vs WVU TOM Live Chat Penn State vs. West Virginia | The Open Mat Predictions 125 Nico dec Young PSU 3 WVU 0 133 Colin Johnston MD Reber WVU 4 PSU 3 141 Pennesi dec Pearsall WVU 7 PSU 3 149 Tank TF Scheffel PSU 8 WVU 7 157 DA MD Prezzi PSU 12 WVU 7 165 DT FALL Eason PSU 18 WVU 7 174 ER MD Bryson PSU 22 WVU 7 184 QW dec Ryan PSU 25 WVU 7 Clinches the dual 197 Ortega dec Mancuso PSU 28 WVU 7 285 Wade DEC Williamson PSU 31 WVU 7
  4. 174lbs R32 Chris Moon VT R vs Matthew Brown PSU G | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling 184lbs R32 Quintin Wright PSU G vs Giovanni Ortiz Ktz R | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling 165lbs Final Steve Fittery R vs David Taylor PSU G | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling
  5. 157lbs Qtr Joey Napoli LHU R vs James Vollrath PSU G | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling 157lbs Qtr Kyle John MD R vs Nick Fischer PSU G | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling 157lbs Qtr Eric Hess LHU R vs Dylan Alton PSU G | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling 157 Semi Dylan Alton PSU R vs Nick Fischer PSU G | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling 157lbs Semi James Volrath PSU R vs James Fleming Clr G | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling 165lbs R16 David Taylor PSU G vs Kyle Czamecki Bost R | Nittany Lion Open | Flowrestling | Flowrestling
  6. 2011 Nittany Lion Open.pdf (application/pdf Object)
  7. Btw a good friend just reminded me that Cael is good friends with Chizik...jus sayin.
  8. NCAA champ Bubba Jenkins makes pro MMA debut at Tachi Palace Fights 11 | MMAjunkie.com This Saturday night...
  9. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens at the Scuffle with Minny, Cornell & PSU all showing up. 125 Sanders being Sanders, Nico learning what it is to be in the B1G. 133 Martelotti will hopefully be in the line up for the Scuffle. I like Derek's heart but he just not up to the competition level. I do not know if that will change in a month. Thorn wrestling tough. 141 I am hoping that Sam is not going to go the head case route that Kemerer went. Nick did not look the same as Friday. 149 How do you go from looking like you are going to get the bonus, being up 6-0 after 2 & then wrestle to a 10-10 tie in the 3rd? Wts. Ness like Dardenes looking a bit jekyll & Hyde-ish. 157 Dylan looking like he gassed mid-3rd. I am wondering if a little more conditioning needs to happen in the room. Usually PSU conditions just by wrestling more, not by running steps or laps at Rec Hall. 165 Oh-kaaaay... 174 Ed... 184 The whole state of PA is wondering. KS looked like he should have Majored by Bosak on Friday. wtph 197 MM out wrestled Yohn for 6:45. Not good enough. Welcome to the B1g again Freshman. 285 See 184. Is this the pattern we are going to see? Alternating wins with B1G arch rivals out of 2 upperclassmen? Team Welcome to an early season wake up call: a solid punch in the mouth. Not a knock out punch at all, but you can taste blood, your lower lip is stuck between your teeth & your jaw needs to be put back in place by your local chiropractor. Silver lining? It's November. Be thankful that God invented stitches & the final bell doesn't ring until March. Round 2 is in 6 weeks.
  10. KR1963, how about today, everyone Healthy:?: As far as I know there were NO health issues. Wade & Ed off knee injuries & were both good. I am seriously scratching my head so much I just realized I now have dandruff....
  11. Tourney results from yesterday Some PSU kids went Mercyhurst_Laker_open_bracketst.pdf (application/pdf Object)
  12. Review & Preview: Bloomsburg & Minnesota | Everything Penn State Wrestling!
  13. LIVE BLOG: Penn State vs Minnesota TOM Live Penn State vs. Minnesota | The Open Mat Opens @ 11:30 am EST Nov 20th, 2011 Come join the fun. Hosted by our own Willie Saylor (the du/jittany/smalls) See u there...
  14. 2-6 Dave Joyner went to my HS so I was watching him compete since I was a kid. He actually was on the same team as Curley. He won a PIAA Championship & then won the EIWA 3xs and then a NCAA runner-up. He was also a All-American OT on the 72 PSU Cotton Bowl winning team. Integrity has to do with being WHO YOU ARE & keeping your word to yourself & to other people. Like being married & not cheating on your spouse. Or having a dream & a goal & not compromising on it. Wes always wanted to go to PSU. He got a bigger offer from Maryland & Kent State than PSU offered but he stuck to original wish. Sorry but if you can't see that as having integrity then you have deeper issues than making inflammatory comments, (apparently regularly) on a sports message board. Often those who complain about such things (too much) are the ones who have the actual hidden issues regarding the subject they so doth loudly protest about. I find it funny that I merely made a passing comment that has raised the ire of a handful of anti-psu fans. Next subject...
  15. Well if we are going by the RAINBOW color of your avatar's hair then I can see why you would think that.
  16. What does this have to do with integrity? It could just as easily be construed as being a selfish move. He is going to saddle himself, family, and his future family with debt he could have avoided. I think you are being a little too dramatic.Oits everyone pretty knows that you are a contrarian when ever it comes to any post about PSU.
  17. MEDIA LINKS: November 17th, 2011 (Over 100 links!) | Everything Penn State Wrestling!
  18. The other half of the story was of course PSU's low offer. Yea that link should tell you a lot about Phipps 26.
  19. Wes Phipps committed to PSU on Tuesday afternoon. We have to give credit to Wes wanting to stick in PA as well b/c as CDB has pointed out the Schollie $ is low right now. If any of you noticed a couple of weeks ago I posted that Cael was on the road to try & get a verbal commit from atop recruit. THat recruit was Wes. Why it didn't happen right then? Well right before Cael got there Wes got an very big offer from Kent State. Bigger than PSU's. And to boot, in terms of miles, Kent is closer to him thatn State College. He also had very good offers from Kerry McCoy & Scott Goodale. I guess he needed just a little time to sort it out but you guys should know that Wes wanted to come here more than the money! Hows that for integrity? Welcome aboard young Mr Phipps.
  20. Live Blog UP NOW PSU vs Bloom Penn State vs Bloomsburg – Live Chat | The Open Mat
  21. I spent nearly all day writing this Any feedback is appreciated whether you agree of not (of course on this board but you can leave responses on the blog or over at TWT if you'd like) OPINION: Who can claim Moral Outrage? | Everything Penn State warning its 6500 words!
  22. Predictions Toughest matches will be on paper in BOLD Links to wrestler profile All rankings TOM 174 #2 Ed WBM #14 Dessino 27-0 PSU Clinches match 184 #1 QW WBF Mirra 33-0 PSU 197 MM WBD Perry 36-0 PSU 285 #7 Wade WBF Walsh 42-0 PSU 174 Last year Ed TFed Dessino. This year only by a major but Ed may pin him too. Dessino is a NQ. 184 Last year QW pinned Graham. I have no reason to think that history won't repeat itself. 197 Last year Perry beat Ortega for Bloom's only points. I think that MM will get the decision though Perry is capable of cracking in the top 25 IMO. 285 Last year Cam majored Walsh. This year I think he steps it up in front of the home town crowd. Team last year PSU won 41-3 at Bloom. Sunday they will raise the banners & I think that this night Bloom will be hard pressed to score at all.
  23. back to wrestling...PSU vs Bloom Predictions Toughest matches will be on paper in BOLD Links to wrestler profile All rankings TOM 125 Nico WBD Boylan 3-0 PSU 133 Reber WBM Wilcox 7-0 PSU 141 Sherlock WBD Rappo 10-0 PSU 149 #1 Tank WBD Busler 13-0 PSU 157 #16 D. Alton WBM #13 Hickman 17-0 PSU 165 #1 DT WBF Harnett 23-0 PSU 125 Last year Martelotti beat Boylan, the PSAC Freshman of the year, 5-3. So this will be a good test for Nico. Boylan was a 3x NJ state champ, FILA Cadet Champ & A Super 32 champ. 133 Last Pearsall pinned Wilcox. I think Reber gets the major here if not better. 141 Last year Andrew Alton pinned Shingara. THis year Shingaga has moved up to 149. Matt Rappo is one of the Council Rock South Rappo brothers. 149 Last year English beat Busler 8-4. Tank should have no problem. Another 7 point win? Hopefully not but that's what I am calling now. 157 #13 Hickman is coming off a nice upset win over #9 Kyle John. He was a NQ last year & placed 2nd at the EWLs. DT tech falled him last year. On paper this should be a close match but my gut tells me that Dylan is going to come on like a storm & impress everyone. 165 Last year Kemerer eeked out a 3-2 win over Veltre. DT should have now problem putting Harnett away by the beginning of the 2nd period.
  24. Penn State Results 125 Jordan Conaway 1st Round WBTF Aaron Smith, Mercyhurst Northeast (MNE) 22-7 Quarterfinals WBTF Joey Lascani, MNE 17-1 Semifinals LBD #19 Garret Frey, Princeton 13-9 Consi Semifinals WBD Aaron Smith, MNE 8-2 3rd place match WBD Trey hicks, Clarion 3-1 141 Luke Frey 1st Round WBM Danny Gaylord Unattached 10-0 2nd Round WBD Alex Johnson Navy 6-0 Quarterfinals WBTF Robert Sherpard 15-0 Semifinals WBDEF Stephen Dutton, Lehigh Finals LBD Daniel Neff, Unattached 5-1 Michael Waters 1st Round LBF Anthony Perotti, Unattached 1st Round Consi WBD Justin Goode, WVU, 8-3 2nd Round Consi WBD David DeVaugn, JCC, 8-3 3rd Round Consi LBD, Pat Hogan, 3-1 165 Rex Lutz 1st Round LBTF Visicaro 20-5 1st round consi WBD Jeff Yeatman, WVU 9-4 2nd Round Consi WBD Kyle Braddock, Clarion 10-3 3rd Round Consi LBD Josh Veltre, Unaatached 5-1 174 Andrew Church 1st Round WBD Albright, Navy 4-3 Quarterfinals WBTF Terwilliger, Penn State-Dubois, 15-0 Semifinals WBD Joshua Snook, Maryland 4-2 Finals LBF Keith Ryan, Pittsburgh-Johnstown, 1:12 Brandon Phillips 1st Round LBM Joshua Snook, Maryland 10-2 1st Round Consi WBD Colton Vanthof, Navy, 5-2 Quarterfinal Consi WBM Mark Colabucci, Unattached, 13-3 Semifinal Consi LBD Joshua Snook, Maryland, 8-6 285 Colin Campbell 1st Round WBD Gary Horner, 7-3 Quarterfinal, WBD Chance Rausher, Navy 5-2 Semifinal, LBM, Quinton McCorkle, Clarion, 9-0 Semifinal Consi LBD, William Smith, Rutgers, 4-2
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