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  1. From PAT D: UPDATED UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.; November 7, 2011 – SIX members of Penn State’s wrestling team competed unattached at the 2011 Clarion Knight Point Open on Sunday. True freshmen Jordan Conaway (Abbottstown, Pa.) and Luke Frey (Montoursville, Pa.) and sophomore Andrew Church (Erie, Pa.) each placed at their respective weights. Frey, a true freshman from Montoursville, took the runner-up spot at 141, advancing to the finals with three wins including a major and a tech fall before dropping a 5-1 decision in the finals to unattached Daniel Neff. Conaway, an Abbottstown native, placed third at 125 with a 4-1 mark that included two tech falls and a 13-7 loss in the semifinals to the eventual champion. Church, an Erie native, went 3-1 at 174 and advanced to the finals before losing to take the runner-up spot. Other Nittany Lions competing included Michael Waters (Advance, N.C.), who went 2-2 at 141; Brandon Phillips (Timonium, Md.), who went 2-2 at 174; and Collin Campbell (Hurdle Mills, N.C.), who went 2-2 at heavyweight.
  2. And you know this b/c? You live in State College & go to practice everyday? U read the newspapers? What you may not know is that after the Summer, the wrestlers called their OWN meeting, sans coaches. DT & Tank basically got the team's agreement & laid down the law: no more F-ups. I think that reflects well upon the "adults" when the "kids" have learned to take responsibility for themselves.
  3. Are there just ping pong balls of words bouncing around inside of your brain today, that just make you spout thoughts like one of those said balls coming randomly out of a Lotto machine?
  4. Ok. I thought that more of the story was busting Sandusky.
  5. This is a wrestling board right? I don't think I have ever posted anything to do with Football. I read all of that already. Pretty f-in horrible if any of it is true.
  6. Join us tonight while you listen to the radio TOM Live – Penn State Intersquad | The Open Mat We will open the blog for chat at 6:45 pm
  7. 2011-11-01 PSU Wrestling Season Preview What's covered Off-season noise red-shirts 157 125-285 Team Race in B1G & NCAA Enjoy!
  8. I am setting up a LIVE BLOG for the Intra-squad that will be hosted by the Open Mat.com (Where Jittany/the Du/Husker Du/Willie posts all of his previews, Recruting news etc & I have my blog). Blue Blood Lion from TWT will be there live. I will be on it as well. I will be posted it sometime today. Also Jeff Byers will be broadcasting from there & you can hear it online via the psu sports website: Pennsylvania State University Official Athletic Site It is a monthly paid subscription
  9. 25 Questions: Adam Lynch | Everything Penn State Wrestling!
  10. Penn State - Blog The Leader of the PackPenn State head coach Cael Sanderson said that his team's Big Ten Championship and NCAA title last year is still something to be honored, but he is looking forward to the entertainment that his squad will be providing this season. Sanderson has been doing a bit of wrestling of his own in the offseason, but he assured that his focus from this point is on his student-athletes and his top-ranked program. "We're excited about what these guys were able to do last year and last year's in the books as something we can always be proud of," said Sanderson. "I'm just really focused here on getting our team ready to go and you know at the same time I'm preparing to compete just kind of like I always do." Veterans Expected to Take the Lead With a roster featuring 10 fresh faces, Sanderson reiterated the importance of developing leadership and keeping the intensity high throughout the first weeks of the season. The head coach noted that while his highly ranked recruits seem confident and ready to learn, he is counting on All-Americans David Taylor, Ed Ruth, Frank Molinaro and Quentin Wright and returning NCAA qualifier Cameron Wade to lead the team this year. Getting to Know the New Guys Among the handful of new athletes added to the Penn State roster are freshmen Nico Megaludis and Morgan McIntosh. Both of these wrestlers were among the country's top five recruits heading into the 2011-'12 season, and Sanderson said that the duo is adjusting very well to the collegiate wrestling stage. "They're both looking really great actually," said Sanderson. "They're very talented kids with a tough mentality and believe in themselves, which is rare this early in their career, but I have a lot of confidence in both of those guys." All-Americans Working Even Harder After providing what was truly a team effort to take home last year's national title, Sanderson said that his wrestlers who made the biggest impact last season are at it again. After an almost perfect season at 38-1, sophomore David Taylor has been moved up to the 165 spot in the Nittany Lion roster and Sanderson said that Taylor has made the adjustment smoothly. Sanderson also spoke highly of three-time All American and national runner-up Frank Molinaro, who is one of just two seniors on the squad this year. "Both guys are wrestling exceptionally well right now," said Sanderson. "And, if you can imagine, they have actually improved since last year and that kind of forces everybody else into whatever weight classes are left there." The Alton Brothers After an impressive debut season at 141, Sanderson announced that Andrew Alton will be a red-shirt wrestler for the 2011-'12 schedule. Sanderson said that it would be more of a hassle for Andrew to cut a significant amount of weight to get back down to 141 than it would be for him to wait it out and compete as the tough wrestler that he is at 149 when Molinaro has graduated. Sanderson also said that Andrew's brother, Dylan Alton, will fill the spot at 157 this year as he has been looking sharp and has been very competitive against the competition he has faced in practice so far.
  11. Well all know that Oh-tiz but once in awhile smart money loses too...otherwise we wouldn't play da game.
  12. As a PSU fan, I'm dubious of all this talk of Martelotti's improvement. With that said, supposedly it's true. I've heard it from more than a couple different people. We'll see though. Cael has supposedly told him that this year Martelotti should not be satisfied with just a podium finish. I know, I know...I'll believe it when I see it. Martelotti supposedly has been beating up on Megaludis (not surprising) and others in the room. I believe he certified at 125 so he could always go down if need be. We'll see though. No way in heck, I'd pick him over Ramos without Martelotti at least beating a top quality wrestler first. I will. I am.
  13. Why do people think that Martellotti has to sit out until the spring? From the PSU website: "Sophomore Frank Martellotti heads into the new campaign ready to challenge for a starting spot after sitting out the spring semester. Ranked during parts of last season, Martellotti posted a superb 18-3 record during his true freshman campaign at 125 in 2010-11. " I don't think PSU would say he is in competition for a starting spot if he has to sit out till January. It is stil up in the air but I am just saying to be on the safe side don't count on him until January. I have told guys n the PSU boards when Reber transferred that they would be glad he was there come November. IF Frankie sits out until January they will be.
  14. If not better then close.Btw, Long only wrestled Ramos once last year. You are confusing Ramos with Graff. Ramos barely beat Long by 1 point when Long did not have all of his gas yet. Long later pinned Sentes & Grey at NCAA & placed 3rd. Martelotti went 18-3 last year. He had a 2 point loss at the Scuffle to AA Kjar. He will fly in under the radar come January.
  15. It is being reported on the PSU boards that PSU just got a verbal from Zach Beitz projected to be a 141er. He is a 3x medalist in PA. Also last night Cael was on the road trying to get another verbal. No word on whether that happened or not.
  16. True but I will still take that pick NOW despite that.
  17. Ja, Si. Da, Yes. :) So was A. Alton too big to make the cut to 141? Without him and Long in the lineup, 133 and 141 are big question marks for PSU. Certainly makes them vulnerable, especially in a dual meet format. Against Iowa, they will likely lose the first 3 bouts, possibly with some bonus in there. Iowa will just need a win from St. John who will be strongly favored, and one from Gambrall or Raising/Telford, either of which is possible. If MM isn't at 197 for Penn State, a win would be possible there, as well. Come January I will take Martelotti vs anyone Iowa throws out, (save McD). 141? Sherlock vs Pearsall. I can see either one being a NQ but not beating Montell. Pearsall has improved a lot & I can imagine him having a "Adam Lunch" moment vs Marion. I will say that MM will bonus whoever Iowa throws out.
  18. UPDATE: Former Penn State wrestler transfers; Jake Kemerer officially on Lock Haven Roster ROSTER LINK
  19. Fascinating! I really can't wait to see these guys in action. But humor me, as I was one of the know-it-alls who was sure MM was too short to go 197 -- who's he been going live with in practice, and how's he looking? C'mon Brutus, I said guess man! :P Hint: not a school teammate
  20. Opening night line up 125 Nico (they have him wrestling the guys at 141 during practice) 133 Reber (Frankie back in January, like I have been sayin!) 141 winner of Sherlock vs Pearsall (Sherlock looking better on his feet, Pearsall looking good on the mat especially due to his length, so far Sam has a slight edge) 149 Tank (Has been working hard with Casey on getting out of legs while down, no surprise) 157 Who the H knows! It will be decided on the mats between all FIVE guys! 165 DT (He is just a completely a cut above. Has added strength, I am afraid he could HURT someone this year, really) 174 Eddie (Has been going live with Q: Steel sharpens steel) 184 Q 197 MM if he doesn't RS (Not going to say much other than he is going to surprise people with his strength & speed despite conventional wisdom complaining about his lack of height :P ; guess who he has been going LIVE with?) 285 Cam (he is already back on the mats)
  21. He is certified @ 157. The CW is that he will give that a shot vs the entire gaggle of middleweights. 174 was projecting where he would be NEXT year. It is also based off of where the SID has him listed on the roster.
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