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  1. RECRUITING: Penn State's Class of 2012 | Everything Penn State Wrestling! updated oct 9th
  2. last thing I heard was that MM was going to participate in the Wrestle offs. If he wins he starts. If he doesn't he gets a RS. RE: Alton, get out your dartboard....
  3. Adam Lynch and Aaron Anspach Officially Round Out Nittany Lion Wrestling Staff Penn State University Official Athletic Site - Wrestling
  4. If that's true then the info I saw on him was incorrect RE scoring upon him. The school choice is from a source I have.
  5. Yea that was my "mistake". I put him in bold & then guys on FOS thought I meant he was that was a possibility he was going to PSU so I went back & corrected it.
  6. Hubble Space Telescope? ;) Fear & Loathing is a literary classic. Steadman's pen reveals a truth that not many can see...
  7. Hmm FT I don't expect him to be a Nittany Lion if you read what I wrote a little closer. I just think the kid has a great potential upside. If he doesn't follow his brother to Iowa City he'll probably end up in Evanston. I stopped reading once I started seeing his credentials (already familiar with them); wasn't expecting a complete change of subject in mid-sentence. So what exactly was updated? EDIT: KR, I just ran across one of your posts on FOS where you say the following to someone else who thought you were implying Tsirtsis may be a possibility. "No sorry I should have clarified that "pick" (which I did). " This explains the poor sentence structure, but why would you say "If you read what I wrote a little closer" to me when you changed the post after the fact? Seems like you're going out of your way to take a shot here, especially considering it wasn't accurate and you knew it. http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=157&f=2977&t=7206223&p=6 FT I am not tracking with you here & what you are saying. At whom am I taking a SHOT? I was just trying to clarify that though I like Tsirtsis I was not trying to imply he was going to PSU.
  8. I don't always replace Ed Ruth but if I did I would replace him with Dirk Cowburn...(actually I don't think Ed gets susupended. Film @ 11).
  9. Yeah, but here's the whole thing: You'll notice the end where he says he doesn't expect him to go to PSU, he just likes him. I think, like KR notes, Tsirtsis ends up at Northwestern. What he said...
  10. I get a chuckle ... when folks hop onto a "Everything PSU Blog" then attack, and criticize the author for being a "Homer", call him "Flying Moron", and an apologist ... All the while, seeming to forget it is the Everything PSU Blog. NEWS FLASH: It is the "EVERYTHING PSU BLOG" as such, be cognizant that the material will be PSU content, from a PSU standpoint. Actually it's a handy blog, as I can pick up on PSU news/content in a single thread. I don't the good doctor was criticizing me but more another PSU fan (FT). Any fan of Hunter S. THompson is a friend of mine... :)
  11. Hmm FT I don't expect him to be a Nittany Lion if you read what I wrote a little closer. I just think the kid has a great potential upside. If he doesn't follow his brother to Iowa City he'll probably end up in Evanston.
  12. Cael Sanderson back on the world team | World Team Camp 2011 | Flowrestling Cael is a different wrestler | Video | Flowrestling
  13. RECRUITING: Penn State's Class of 2012 (Updated 30 August)
  14. Video Interview with James English James English-Time to take it to it! | Video | PAWR
  15. Gonz, you, Johnnie Depp & Hunter S Thompson are always welcome...you make me imagine Ralph Steadman illustrating a wrestling match. :ugeek: Suddenly that over-stacked PSU 125 is not looking so over-stacked. Might be spreading that around come November.
  16. Not sure, but didn't someone land in Cael's doghouse (is Cael allowed to own a dog? :lol: ) for legally drinking on their 21st birthday? BTW, Sherlock has bigger issues than underage drinking. I see F1 and M2 charges on the docket. Go to wrestlingreport(dot)com for more info. Cael has a NO ALCOHOL policy during the season. Steadman drank on his 21st b-day 2 seasons ago & got suspended for one match.
  17. I was already told he transferred by Tim @ BWI. TIm suggested that he might move up from 125. THe clear spot to go for is 141. You are right....we shall see!
  18. His sophomore year Frank talked about how hard the cut was to 141 & that he really was struggling with it. He still managed to AA as a RS Freshman but I do not imagine that he would be back down there any time soon (read EVER). Btw Reber @ 141 is my wishful thinking if AA takes a RS. 157 is going to be a battle. So far I am liking English but we shall see that happens in the room very soon.
  19. Fretwell interviews David Taylor http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/23 ... The-Season DT post camp speech http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/23 ... amp-Speech DT dominated Lee Roper http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/23 ... T-vs-Roper Fretwell talks to Troy Letters http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/23 ... Transition
  20. GSP uni looked good. I am surprised that I like this idea. This might sound funny but something like that might give wrestling more or a visual tie to MMA...the subconscious & visuals. I do not know how clean the MMA game really is. I know that the boxing game has a real bad rep. But it seems that MMA has given wrestling a boost & something like this would only help. If FILA went this route I think it would be great as well. I wonder if Dana White or any other promoter has ever given any thought to having an Exhibition Wrestling match as a part of the undercard?
  21. ----LOL! I hope the Fighting Sturgeons reconstituted have a good year! ----x Thanks Hurricane! Glad u had a good laugh!
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