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  1. I'm sure this is common knowledge and I've missed it somehow but why is Dake not wrestling at the trials? It doesn't seem to make sense. He's gotten in several international matches and had favorable results. He would be the favorite to meet Burroughs in the best of 3. Where is he?
  2. I don't have the flo service. Is there any link that can be provided for at least results? Following on here is cool and all but some results to follow or some brackets would be even cooler.
  3. Vak-Have you conversed with the snaps guy? He's got a screw loose and knows zero about wrestling. A PSU fan. Don't even waste your time man.
  4. snapsinscrews is the dumbest poster on this board fellas. Of course he thinks Jordan is better. I bet he thinks Brown is better than Evans too right snapsy? You think any winners are better than the guys who beat them? Just Taylor? This guys is Mopar territory boys, I wouldn't jump in on any more of his nonsense if you can help it. The loser is better....hahahah.....Hey guys, I came away thinking Morse at 165 lost but he was better.....hahaha...Snaps you are something special man, please don't ever change. You make PSU look great bro.
  5. Tbar-You have it correct. JRob took his team of top 100 recruits and beat your team of top 5 recruits. Prime example of coaching vs recruiting. Defend/excuse away sir.
  6. I'm in. I would have loved this idea no matter what but once snappy got in I was salivating. Now hopefully Tigs signs up! I don't even care if their Gump signs up. Thanks for putting in the work to do a contest like this! Very cool and much appreciated sir!
  7. I thought it was common knowledge that Carl was saving wrestling one dual at a time by going to small, at risk programs and kicking the s**t out of them in front of their fans, AD's, mothers, and girlfriends. Why would you need ESPN or any new proactive approach to saving wrestling when all you have to do is pummel Boston and Utah Valley to save the sport? I mean heck, all you have to do is put a product out there on the mat that is exciting and fun to watch and they will come out in droves. Never mind the fact that only one team in the country has a lineup with 8 top ten, blue chip recruits in it, any coach can make this happen. Forget about National duals, teach a non-stop attacking style and see what happens. If Carl can do it with his all-star team then we know Tenn-Chatt, and South Dakota St. and Campbell and Gardner-Webb can do it. Shoot, Boston U. got a one on one lesson from the master. They should be using that style and selling the place out by now. ESPN and National Duals can go F themselves, this situation is under control!
  8. Dr_Gonzo

    About TBar

    I used to think the exact same thing about Mopar. Then I slowly realized he wasn't acting and felt super guilty for picking on a mentally handicapped wrestling fan. He just wants to cheer for his team and talk on the message board like the rest of the cool kids and I pick on him. I'm an awful person. As far as Tbar and Tigs and the rest of them I think to some degree the OP is correct. I know they don't really believe EVERYTHING they say. Why they say things like Taylor is better than Dake, I have no idea. Their motives are a mystery but they'd have to be twice as mentally handicapped as Mopar to believe half the nonsense they post.
  9. BAC-The problem with AA is he is the easiest guy in college wrestling to game plan for. Beitz is worse but he's tougher to beat. It's weird to say that knowing AA is much more talented than Beitz. If AA's problems went away then he'd be the easy choice but right now he's too easy to plan for and beat.
  10. I wouldn't even venture a guess on what Grajales will do. He could easily go 0-2. He is one of the more entertaining guys to watch but not in a good, sound, fundamental, wrestling sort of way. More like in a painful, train wreck, can't look away, Andrew Alton sort of way, but entertaining nonetheless.
  11. Dr_Gonzo


    It was night and day different but you're comparing apples to oranges. Anyway, two things. One, I like Cox to win this weight too. I think Kyven is his worst matchup and if he avoids him he's fine. Two, MM kicked the s**t out of SS. Period. End of story. If the rest of the PSU team had come to wrestle like MM did they win that dual easy yesterday. But they didn't, so they lost.
  12. None of us expected Retherford to be at the level he's at now either. He got his shirt pulled after he blitzed the Binghamton open and Cael decided that he didn't really have any answers at 141 anyways, so why not. Regardless, I don't see Dylan to 65 helping the team since it pushes Hammond out of a spot. Next year 149 will be Beitz or Nolf if he does something really special. Alton has simply shown himself to be too inconsistent to man the starting spot, and over a long season. What do you mean NONE OF US expected Retherford to be at the level he's at now!!?? Are you serious? Pretty damn sure one of us has been saying this since before the season began. Tbar-Does this mean we can't be friends anymore? Get Alton to a proper weight or in shape or a heart transplant or whatever and I've got nothing to find pure glee in buddy.
  13. Don't care if it was called or not but when watching I said out loud, "that is VERY CLOSE to a figure 4 of the body". It was close and probably didn't get to rulebook penalty call but it was close.
  14. Trust me, we ALL get your point. It doesn't change. You hate Penn State. You hate Penn State fans. It's what you are all about on this forum. When there is so much hate, you know you are great. That's a Bullseye, mvattivo. Gonzo is transparent. Damn right I'm transparent. I try to be as transparent and clear as I possibly can be. There is a reason and a cause for every single thought I post. I hope you also read my response to mvat where I agreed with what he said. I don't know how I can be anymore transparent than that. To be clear for the billionth time, I've always said I enjoy watching several of the PSU wrestlers. Ruth and Retherford are two of my favorites on any team. I can think of maybe two PSU fans I like and enjoy talking to beyond calling them out on their nonsense. Transparent enough???
  15. Christ dude I said I don't want him at 49 anymore. What more do you want from me? I'm not joining you guys, I can't stand most of you. I think a little sympathy for the farce that is AA is more than gracious on my part. I could just laugh and laugh for another year. Surely Cael gets him to 57 and I don't have to.
  16. I understand your frustration and yes it's very p***y but what you're suggesting is not possible. They could just claim injury for the guys who set out which you can't punish guys for getting hurt. And the guys who bumped have every right to bump up in a dual. You can't tell teams they can't wrestle Howe at 84 to "try and win the dual". I understand what you're saying. I like Cody as a coach but he does some b***h moves. Still what you're saying is not possible.
  17. I don't think there is a wrestling fan, coach, or participant that wants to see Andrew Alton try to go to 149 ever again. It's to the point now it's only marginally funny.
  18. Trust me, we ALL get your point. It doesn't change. You hate Penn State. You hate Penn State fans. It's what you are all about on this forum. When there is so much hate, you know you are great. Ok, thank god. For a second there I thought you didn't get it. I don't see how you are connecting the hate with the fleeing the mat but bottom line is I'm not saying the call was right. It's funny. It was deserved. But it wasn't the correct call by rule.
  19. It's posts like this that make today so enjoyable. Dylan Alton gets Bubba'd and loses the dual and the response??? Attack Kingsley, a backup vs a two time finalist, and Zberg, who actually did something to HELP his team win the dual by keeping the MagichahahahahahaMan to a mdec. If it weren't for you Tigs today wouldn't be nearly so awesome!! Please keep posting tonight!!!
  20. Not only did Storley not get the back points but he was the one stalling according to that ref. Stalling as he put a beat down on Brown. And the Penn St. guys actually have the nerve to say that ref was a homer. It is unreal what they'll say in defeat. Storley looked good against an opponent who has posts created about his nastiness and in fending off the ref's attempts to give Nasty the match.
  21. I wasn't literally saying this-"However, saying that the ref correctly awarded a point for a technical violation that is no longer in the rulebook is stupid." I've already posted this was a misapplication of the rule. You missed the point(s).
  22. As an Iowa fan who moonlights with Minnesota today was a great day of wrestling! A highly entertaining dual and the bad guys lost as they should have. I have to tell you nothing makes me happier to watch that dual and then get on here and see topics like this. This is exactly what I was hoping to see!!! Crying about the homer ref (who was in PSU's favor all day) and bitching that this call cost you the dual!!! This is great!!! I would agree that it's a blatant misapplication of the rule, but could it have happened to a better team? I would argue that if Beitz doesn't go straight back the whole match (no stall calls on Beitz by the alleged homer ref by the way) and doesn't dive out of bounds as a way to defend shots then this never happens. I just hope you guys keep blaming refs and not yourself or more specifically Dylan Alton. Please, please, never change!!! This is all why I LOVE college wrestling!!!
  23. As a whole Minnesota looked much better today. With the exception of MM. He put an ass kicking on SS. I don't count Nico cause he was wrestling a......backup and he always looks like that against lesser competition. My boy Retherford looked good too. Gulibon had nothing, Beitz has been covered, Dylan Alton got Bubba'd, Taylor a mdec against Zilverberg? LOL!, Brown got tooled with a ref all the way in his favor, Ruth dec a Steinhizzie with no heart and little effort (I mean Steinhizzie had Ruth ALL THE WAY off the mat and Ruth got the td), and I hope Gingrich never gets another start again. Minnesota did what they had to do and they got the W and they looked like the better team today. Maybe tomorrow it's different, but today the better team won.
  24. It's just embarrassing now, I'm out. I have more important topics to tackle. Like crybabies and refs. Sorry they only show the finals down there dude. They show damn near the whole tournament on HDTV in the rest of the country.
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