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  1. Gonzo is right. Dylan Alton lost the match for PSU. And I already said that in another thread. Not only did he give up 6 points, the momentum shift and all the pressure on PSU wrestlers to make up the difference. At the time I said it eliminated David Taylor from the dual and it was huge. As it turned out it eliminated Taylor and Ruth thanks to strategic wrestling by Zilverberg and what I thought was an embarrassing effort (yet effective) out of Steinhizzie. Ness-6, Taylor/Ruth-7. There is your dual. Cry and blame refs all night and forever. Dylan Alton lost you that dual. And like I said above, if Beitz doesn't dive straight out of bounds as his shot defense then the ref has no chance to make the call. If your shot defense is dive straight out of bounds you ARE fleeing the f'ing mat!!!
  2. Tobus-Almost everything you've posted in this topic has been dead wrong. How do you not know what wrestling is on ESPN? And since you don't know, why would you make a statement about it? We have no history that I recall so I really just feel bad for you reading this thread. By the way, Tobus, what team do you cheer for out of curiosity?
  3. The ref was bad but he was in Penn St.'s favor, not Minnesota. All stalls were on Minnesota when they were winning and in matches they won, except for Gulibon. The ref wanted Matt Brown to win so bad it hurt. I counted three calls in that match in Brown's favor and Storley still handled him. Crying about refs is just like you when your team gets whipped but you couldn't, as usual, be any more wrong. Keep crying Tigs. You got beat and the ref was on your side to boot.
  4. And loads of guys want to let something like that decide the NCAA Championship. Good point TBar. I'm sure that there has never been a missed call at the D1 tourney that cost a guy a match. Don't mind Tbar, dtl, he has to say and think whatever Cael says and thinks. You waste your time. You want to change Tbar's mind and the rest of his boys, then you have to change Cael's mind. Only way.
  5. I said when watching this dual that some would go to the Beitz match and complain. When losing a lot of you guys have to have a someone to blame. Lord knows it's not your teams fault and sure as hell is not Penn St.'s fault they got beat. I got news for you guys, Dylan Alton lost you that dual. Not the ref and not Beitz. Ness won it, Alton lost it. Period. Keep your 4th ranked, All-American from counting lights in what everyone knew would be a close dual and you don't have to blame the ref. Regardless of how the rule reads Beitz was fleeing the mat. When someone gets in on a shot don't dive straight out of bounds and you don't have to worry about the ref calling that.
  6. That's too bad. I really liked him.
  7. Given the guys on this forum how is this a surprise to anyone? I sat with these people for 3 days, I'm well aware of the kind of things SOME OF THEM will say. I'll give them one thing, they will defend their boys to the death no matter what the offense or how poor the performance. That's not a positive thing but you have to give it to them.
  8. The problem with looking at losses is, obviously, different guys wrestle different competition. Askren only lost to two guys. If Taylor would have wrestled Dake as many times as Askren wrestled Pendleton who is to say Taylor doesn't have 7 losses? But he didn't. Askren is being punished for seeing a junior/senior Pendleton, when he was a freshman/sophomore, so many times. I'm just saying there are a lot ins and outs to look at here. Nothing is going to line up dead on for two different guys. In my opinion, Burroughs was better (obviously NCAA finishes Taylor's are better, but Burroughs took 3rd in one of the toughest weights ever, to me that is more impressive than tooling Hackett but I don't expect everyone to agree) and Askren was better. A few others were better. I thought I was being kind conceding Taylor above Jake Varner. Nobody coming to Varner's defense?? Poor Varner, he didn't get to PSU early enough to get the automatic argument/defense.
  9. If Taylor lost I'd assume he's the best 1 timer ever but there would be a TON of dudes to go through to make sure. I can't confidently say he would be, honestly, because I can't remember EVERY one timer ever. I assume he'd be the best.
  10. Not since Sanderson have we been this confident in something that has yet to happen. Wouldn't we all just complete __ __ __ __ ourselves if he were to not win the NCAA's this year? Absolutely!! You're 100% correct!! That doesn't make Taylor better than Askren or Burroughs. You could have said that exact same thing when Askren was a senior. Hell, if anyone goes back through the posts I SAID the same thing when Burroughs was a senior when there was the big Howe debate. I told everyone they had lost sight of how good Burroughs is because of him being gone for so long! I really don't feel like putting Taylor behind Askren, Burroughs, and a few others is not giving him his due or any kind of dig. He's for sure in the top 10, if not top 5, of two time champs ever!!! No one can ever take those TWO titles away from him or change what he's accomplished!!! A very nice career indeed!!! TWO NCAA titles!!! Very impressive!!!
  11. Sure, Gonz. But then you'll post how Sanderson is a douche for throwing an injured Lawson in against the 2 time NCAA champ Nelson. You're on to me! I'll post something pithy but I certainly won't call Cael a douche. A lot of this is in fun but at the end of the day, to me, Cael was still an Olympic gold medalist for the United States, so to me he is a hero! There are no schools when you are representing the USA!!! I would never call him a douche. Other than that you're pretty much spot on!
  12. Taylor is not the answer to the question but he is in the top 5, probably, or at least 10. Burroughs and Askren are both better than Taylor. I could be persuaded to put Taylor ahead of Varner, probably, if I'm not allowed to consider Olympic gold.
  13. At this point no matter how they decide to do it someone will have a legitimate gripe. Something will not compute and we'll be saying, "well if they did that then why didn't they do this?" I really don't care how they seed it, regardless these guys have to win three tough matches to take the title. Like I've said before I can't wait for HWT at Nationals. I think it will be one the most hotly contested brackets with a ton of matches that are edge of your seat nutters.
  14. d-Thank you sir! Yes, lets hope Lawson is indeed back for Nelson.
  15. There is more than one way to be successful and great at wrestling. You don't have to be wide open and constantly attack to be the greatest. Dake showed that 4 times against Taylor. Now if you're talking about your favorite style to watch then sure wide open, attacking constantly can be number one, but if you're talking about greatest of all time conversations you have to be able to look at it from different style perspectives. Wide open, constantly attacking may be the most entertaining but it doesn't always win and it's not always the best strategy.
  16. You trying to be funny, you stirring up sh*t, or are you finally serious? Whatever. Here's your answer: http://bwi.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1600290 Those three things aren't mutually exclusive but if it makes you feel any better serious was one of the correct answers. Oh and that link didn't work for me. Can someone just tell me if Lawson is hurt or Cael is a funny guy?
  17. In all seriousness though PSU simply can not afford to send AA out anymore can they? I give Beitz no shot either but there are simply too many guys who can beat Alton right? Either you're outclassed, poorly coached, or you beat AA. I think at this point I'd actually rather see AA over Beitz and I NEVER dreamed I'd say that. Saw that PSU poll that agreed as well.
  18. I have never read a more true statement. Neither have I.
  19. I realize you may be trolling and not serious. However, for the sake of the argument...... He has 4 losses. 2 his true freshman year and 2 his true sophomore year. If that is overrated, please answer a few questions for me. How many 4x champs are there? How many DI wrestlers have 4 or less losses and competed all 4 years at the NCAA DI Tournament? Finally, how many did it without redshirting? I don't know if Dake is overrated or underrated. It seems he has lot of fans, as well as lots of people downplaying his accomplishments. That said, in my opinion, these guys are just as good as Dake: Steiber. Ruth. Taylor. Jones. 126-4, with one of those losses being a forfeit. Abas. 144-4. Sanderson. 159-0. Williams. 98-1 over three years. McIlravy. 96-3. Jaworsky. 110-5. Pat Smith. 121-5-2. I'm sure there are others. Dake was clutch at NCAAs, and that sets him apart from most of these guys. But I don't think he was necessarily a better wrestler than them. As far as level of skill reached while in college, I don't think Dake was as good as John Smith, Jordan Burroughs, or Lee Kemp. Still, Dake's career accomplishments surpass theirs. There are several guys on that list that Dake is/was much better than. As far as your level of skill reached point with Smith, Burroughs, Kemp, I'd agree 100% with that. I don't disagree with your overall point I suppose, I just would have compiled a slightly different list perhaps.
  20. Why exactly was Gingrich wrestling in the first place? He can't go straight back if he's sitting on the sidelines where he belongs. Pretty sweet of Cael to let him have a shot at Coon dog and let Lawson sit this one out. I have to assume Lawson is hurt? Some insider have the info? Surely Cael didn't think it would be entertaining to throw his backup out against one of the best heavyweights in the country, who is more physically dominant, and watch said backup go straight backwards for 6:40? Nobody I know who watched the dual thought this part was entertaining (or the absolutely brilliant Alton performance or the officiating for that matter). Maybe put Lawson out there and we avoid the straight back strategy? Eh...maybe we don't, I don't know. Point is, is Lawson hurt or was that just Cael being funny and using the old backup vs. the stud plan as he is apt to do from time to time?
  21. Other than saying I want duals to matter more and I don't want the integrity of the big dance compromised I'm staying out of this one. I will say, however, it is funny/ridiculous to stand back and watch the Cael worshipers agree with everything he says and defend him to the death. Do you guys have any opinions of your own? Really EVERYTHING the man says you just happen to think that EXACT same way too? Too funny. SHP can attest to the fact I called this from you clones before this topic ever started. Right when Cael began his rant. Too predictable. Too funny!
  22. I absolutely agree, blatant headbutting is unnecessary roughness and should be called as such. That said, would you say what Evans did was a blatant headbutt or hard wrestling/leading with the head? Keep in mind, if unnecessary roughness is called on Evans, that's a point and Storley wins based on the call. I would say it was indeed a blatant head butt. I'm not sure how it can be looked at any other way. Evans was fortunate he did not connect, just as he was fortunate he did not connect on the elbow he threw at Matt Brown. RecHall, you and silverback both correctly state that head butting is illegal. It is also dangerous and potentially very injurious. A number of people have been paralyzed and even died from head butting, so it has to be called out for what it is, even if Evans whiffed on it. So lets just be perfectly clear here. You are accusing Evans of being guilty of attempted murder right? At the very least attempted assault? That's very impressive, I don't think any PSU fan has ever taken it this far. You deserve a promotion in the PSU hierarchy. Also, you guys need to be very careful when using the term "thug", it's been made very clear recently that "thug" carries racial connotations. Once you're a racist you are always a racist. Maybe think twice before calling people (even people you hate as bad as Iowa wrestlers) racist, derogatory terms. Just trying to look our for you.
  23. Silverback-I'm starting to think you are not a Hawkeye fan. I know you don't have an agenda and I'm a big fan of constructive criticism myself. You're just starting to worry me. Go Hawks!!! WE ARE!!!
  24. I can tell you one thing, I'm super glad we've got back to Iowa threads dominating the top of page 1. This is way better than topic after topic of Penn St. nonsense. Let's keep the Iowa discussions going boys!!! With a bit of luck we'll keep it this way and never return back to the Penn St. dominated discussions on page 1!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  25. This dual is a perfect synopsis of Iowa's season. Jeva, Evans, and Telford step up but DSJ and Gilman lose. No consistency. It's very frustrating. At least they always seem to give us silver linings I suppose. Even though I love DSJ like you love Evans, I'm still not bummed thanks to Jeva, Evans, and Telford. They made my day.
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