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  1. I've already forgot what you asked. Why does one school have good fans and one school have garbage fans? I'll ponder it but I don't think I have the answer you're looking for. I'll let ya know.
  2. You'd have to ask them. It doesn't seem to me that Taylor has any shortage of worshipers and apologists. If you think he needs a few more that's your opinion. This isn't the first time I don't agree with your opinion and it won't be the last.
  3. I don't follow. I've always said Minnesota is my second favorite team and I always cheer for them when they're not wrestling Iowa. I'm probably the only Hawkeye fan out there who doesn't hate Minnesota. I have no problems with the Minnesota fans. From my experience they are some of the best in the sport. I love the Minnesota style of wrestling and their philosophies overall. You are correct that I greatly enjoy watching Penn St. wrestle and I 100% can't stand their fans. I don't follow the connection to Minnesota though.
  4. I certainly don't want to get rid of 285. On the contrary I think it is going to be one of the best weights to follow at Nationals! Those quarters matches are going to be A LOT of fun and very unpredictable!! I like the big boys!!!
  5. This is not a unique situation. A lot of it depends on who your opponents are/were. I've seen four time finalists with two titles who were nowhere near as good as guys with less accolades. You always have to apply the eye test and the accomplishments test when getting into an all-time great discussion.
  6. Very good job today boys!! Way to step up and pancake those guys on the Minnesota train!! These were three very big wins!! I have all the respect in the world for Minnesota and their wrestlers and that makes these three wins even bigger!! This made my day!!!
  7. CoachP-Trust me there is nothing I hate more than people yelling for stalling when their guy is doing nothing more than pushing. I hate people yelling for stall calls in general, especially when there is no one stalling. I hate it when people from Iowa do it and I hate it when people from Penn St. do it. I'm with you 100% on this point.
  8. Very good wins today for Jeva and Mike Evans!
  9. I find that comment to be pretty insulting CoachP. There are bad fans for every team. The larger the fan base the larger the contingent of less knowledgeable fans. I sat next to two older ladies cheering for Nebraska at National Duals one year. They were terrible and had no idea what they were talking about or how wrong the things they were yelling were. I was just glad they came out to support their team. They had no idea what they were talking about but they were there and that's what matters to me. I'm in the minority of fans who doesn't like stall calls and does NOT want to see it increased. I'm an Iowa fan. To be perfectly honest with everyone this is by far my least favorite Iowa team in quite some time. They have a lot of talent and could be a very easy team to cheer for but they can not seem to put it all together consistently. It's very frustrating.
  10. Ban-I've never disliked you (nor do I) like you say everyone does. But this one makes 100% perfect sense. SHP explained it perfectly. Perhaps he was a little on the mean side because he's frustrated. I know what you're trying to say and it is a little quirky but in this case it makes perfect sense.
  11. Apparently they really take their coon investigations seriously in Iowa! Hell they should have wrapped Zadick and Jeva up in a RICO case and took them down hard!! What a bunch of dangerous criminals on the loose in Iowa City!! My god I'm appalled!!!
  12. I can't believe there's 3 pages of you guys arguing about Coon Dog's academics! Who cares? I don't care if he takes finger painting and becomes an art major. He can go into forestry and become a park ranger for all I care. Isn't this a wrestling forum? Let's talk about the best freshman heavyweight I've seen, possibly, since Steve Mocco, and what he does on the mat. I could care less what he does in the classroom.
  13. I think we all can agree that best recruiter can mean different things to different people. Is the best recruiter the one who gets the best class by ranking? Or is the coach who gets the most NCAA points per class? Intermat is not ranking on NCAA points. They're ranking on overall class. But what if Bo Nickal alone scores more points at Nationals than the overall #1 class does (like Minnesota with Deitchler, Mason, etc.)? Who is the better recruiter? The guy with the #1 class or the guy with Nickal? I don't know if there is right or wrong answer, just saying recruiting rankings aren't the end all be all to recruiting. Filling the one whole you need with a can't miss guy can be just as effective as bringing in 7 guys.
  14. I said in both posts I think Cael is the best recruiter. Begrudgingly. You're taking exception with that part, while I was taking exception with best recruiter equaling best coach. To me who the best recruiter is doesn't matter. It can be Cael or it can be Brands. I don't believe recruiting, alone, makes either one the best coach.
  15. Just to be clear my point is NOT that Cael is the best recruiter. It's that the best recruiter DOES NOT equate to best coach. It's a huge part and a huge help absolutely. Do I believe Cael is the best recruiter? Ehhhhhh.......probably. But like I've said before, many times, Cael's approach to recruiting is unique and I certainly admire it. His approach, though, may not always equal an extremely high number class wise because he doesn't always have the quantity. He doesn't NEED it. Take what he has next year. Three guys that equal a #7 class. But do you guys know how many points Bo Nickal guarantees Penn St.? Cael doesn't need 6 or 7 guys to make a #1 recruiting class. He has no room in the lineup for them. He needs Bo Nickal. I think Tom Brands is a phenom recruiter too. Tony Ramos going to Iowa instead of Illinois is as absurd as Bo Nickal going to Penn St. Both guys are exceptional recruiters. My overall point is not who the better recruiter is but that recruiting alone doesn't make the best coach.
  16. Winning titles sure is what makes you the most successful coach. I think their are plenty of good coaches who've never won a title. Some coaches take a guy ranked #250 and turn him into an AA. That's very impressive as a coach. Some guys take #1 and turn him into a National Champ. Which is more impressive? Which makes the better coach? I agree the goal is to win titles and that sure does make you the most successful. I also believe there are plenty of great coaches out there who don't get the best guys CONSISTENTLY and are still doing amazing coaching jobs on lesser recruits.
  17. Xander-When I read that the first time it hurt deep! Like someone stabbed me in the stomach!! I'm saying just because Cal is the best recruiter (Cael) it doesn't necessarily mean he is a better coach than Bill Self (Tom Brands). Of course recruiting is a big part of being a great coach and Cael's approach to recruiting is solid! Central Michigan doesn't recruit anything like Penn St., but I still think they have a great coach. I don't think recruiting is the end all be all to being the greatest coach, but it is a huge part and sure does help. Xander, ease up on my heart bro, you put a scare into me with this one. Actually, Central Michigan had better recruiting classes than Penn State and Iowa in 2011 and 2008, according to at least two of the ranking services. Both InterMat and D1CW had the Chippewas ranked at # 3 in the nation for those two years. In 2011, the majority of Borrelli's class were highly regarded PA state champs and in 2008 he signed three national high school champs. Although he may not get them as consistently as some of the bigger-name programs, that sounds pretty Cael-like to me. . Yea I sure meant consistently. Sorry that wasn't clear. And to the point I was trying to make I could have just as easily said Virginia or North Carolina St. (Go ahead and pull up their recruiting and tell me it's Cael-like). Even with those classes and results I still think Borelli is a very good coach. Do you not? Does the fact Popolizio doesn't recruit like Cael mean he's not a great coach? What I said was, "I don't think recruiting is the end all be all to being the greatest coach, but it is a huge part and sure does help." My point is in my opinion being the greatest recruiter doesn't make you the best coach as was previously stated in this thread.
  18. If Cael shelves Alton, or even Gulibon for that matter, I'll stop calling Tigs out on his nonsense forever! He can say and twist whatever he wants until the end of time. Has to be Cael shelving them though, not injury or dog dies, or DUI or anything like that.
  19. Oh my god!!!!!!! We agree on this!!! Hence why it crossed my mind that maybe Brands was taking some lower guys and making them better and Cael might be taking some can't miss guys and making them better. It's not an across the board statement or philosophy. Case by case basis. You brought up some backups that weren't that good and Cael made better. You're not wrong. I think Brands does it better and more often. You don't. I cheer for Iowa. You cheer for Penn St. I don't think anyone expected either one of us to think any differently than we do. I can at least admit what you said was correct but still think overall what I said was correct. At least for once you used data and facts to back up what you say. This is not like you. I hope you keep it up. Perhaps you're operating with a kinder, gentler machine gun hand. Let me also say that it bothers me immensely that you are familiar with my music. I figured you as more of a Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus kind of guy.
  20. You can have 6 guys ranked 15-35 and have the number one class. But if you only need two guys and you get #1 and #4 you're class may be ranked 5th but you still have achieved your goal by getting two can't miss guys who score you a ton of points. Recruiting rankings aren't the only thing to look at. They're just one thing.
  21. Eric Grajales had a higher recruiting ranking than Dake, Ruth, Perry, Ramos, and St. John. Did Michigan get a better individual recruit than Cornell, Penn State, Okie State, and Iowa? You can always find instances where recruiting was wrong or where Fargo results didn't lead to success. That doesn't mean it's not something to look at. The Jeva/Taylor point holds. Your Grajales point is correct but it doesn't make the Jeva/Taylor point wrong. The bottom line is Iowa and Penn St. both recruit well. It's my opinion that Penn St. gets MORE can't miss guys. That's only going off my personal evaluations, not any recruiting service, although I do believe they serve a purpose. It's my opinion. If anyone evaluates Iowa's recruits as better than Penn St.'s then that's their opinion and I'd be interested in discussing it with them.
  22. I think Iowa does a decent job developing talent, but it just shows you how insecure Iowa fans are that they try to extrapolate that into an aspect in which they outdo PSU. The reality is that of all college recruiting rankings from 2008 to 2013, Iowa's class has been ranked higher than PSU's in every year except one. And Iowa had two #1 classes during that period, to none for PSU. Recruiting alone doesn't account for PSU's titles -- in fact its hard to make the argument that they've even out-recruited Iowa. The reality is that PSU has an awfully good track record of developing that talent -- whether its making NCAA champs and finalists out of blue chippers, or AA caliber wrestlers out of mid-grade recruits. BAC-There was already at least one good post in this topic explaining how looking at recruiting classes isn't exactly the only way to look at it. You can get 5 recruits and have the number one class. You can only need two spots, get two top 10, can't miss guys and plug them in and be successful, all the while having the 8th ranked class. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. If you were referring to me, I only brought it up as a point of conversation. You can find a hundred posts where I've said Penn St. is in another league and will repeat this year. I take no comfort in winning recruiting wars. I take comfort in winning titles. I like the way Cael recruits and he simply does not need to have number one classes to achieve his goals.
  23. Xander-When I read that the first time it hurt deep! Like someone stabbed me in the stomach!! I'm saying just because Cal is the best recruiter (Cael) it doesn't necessarily mean he is a better coach than Bill Self (Tom Brands). Of course recruiting is a big part of being a great coach and Cael's approach to recruiting is solid! Central Michigan doesn't recruit anything like Penn St., but I still think they have a great coach. I don't think recruiting is the end all be all to being the greatest coach, but it is a huge part and sure does help. Xander, ease up on my heart bro, you put a scare into me with this one.
  24. Small quibble. I agree with most of what you said. I think we're basically saying the same thing. Anyway, small quibble, Kyle Dake was a very high recruit. He was #4 or #5 overall if I remember correctly. I'm sure someone remembers exactly.
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