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  1. Bob, That almost sounded like a compliment to Brands.
  2. gplank-You know I can understand not liking a team or a coach. I don't like OSU all that much and didn't much care for John Smith for a three year period or so not too long ago, but I respect him and the OSU program. Maybe you don't like Tom Brand's antics but his wrestlers seem to respond to him and you can't argue he can take some lesser known guys and turn them into contenders. Maybe just a little respect? No? Maybe just more insults and no credit where credit is due?
  3. I am interested as well. I don't even mind a little joking now and again but be fair. Not just blind hate. I may be wrong but I believe 1/5 of the Iowa guys scoring points at nationals this year went to VTech. I think 1/6 of Penn St. point scorers went to Iowa St. Not that big a difference.
  4. CBJ-You've got to be kidding on the spelling of Cale right?
  5. Bob-It was a great joke. I got it. I'm simply asking if the same thought process is applied to Cael as to Brands. I haven't yet heard an answer. Again, Tripster, great joke. Brands has two teams, haha, and two salaries, haha.
  6. No I think it's working. I think Tripster's dead horse detector is broken. Especially funny to post something like that in a topic about Cael.
  7. Tripster-So by using that logic. I guess you would also say that Cael gets Iowa St. and Penn St. salaries!!!! If not I'm not mistaken he took wrestlers with him. Or what your trying to imply only applies if it's Iowa?
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