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  1. Small quibble. Of course best coach in the business is really not a provable thing. It's more of an opinion based idea. Anyway, my opinion is Cael is not the best coach in the business, but right now he is the best recruiter in the business.
  2. First intelligent thought in over 5800 posts. Really incredible if you think about it. Even if you never have another one, no one can ever take this one away from you. Reminds me of Kyle Dake. No one can ever take those wins away. Ya know what I'm sayin' Tigsy? ;)
  3. No problem. Good, fair response. I don't agree with everything but I don't have to. All teams have idiots. The larger the fan base the more idiots. Maybe some Iowa fans would like to have a few posts back but hey, I don't want them being happy that Penn St. handed them their arse.
  4. Chasden-You seem pretty new around here. You should of been on here last summer and year when Dake was stomping Taylor. Or the worst spewings I think I've heard were when Marstellar jilted Penn St. I'll bet you even Missouri and Cornell have idiot fans. All the big boys have idiot fans. Of course some Iowa fans say stupid things after ONE match. This doesn't make them unique. I think that's what you seem to be missing here.
  5. Penn St. is in a different league. But they are not unbeatable. Ocho outlined several scenarios where they can lose. It's possible. Having said that my money is still on Penn St. to repeat.
  6. I think it's fair to say Grothus has emerged. This is to say he won't take anyone by surprise the rest of the season, as I stated earlier. He's going to get everyone's best shot. Everyone knows he's got the 3 solid wins and is dangerous. Now under these circumstances can he keep kicking arse and make a difference for the Hawks come dance time? That's what I'm anxious to see. A bit of a different topic (AND THIS IS JUST MY OPINION), I do think Tom Brands takes guys with lesser talent and coaches them up, makes them believe, and makes them better. Whereas, right now anyway, Cael just loads the lineup with top 5 blue chip, can't miss recruits. This isn't to say Iowa doesn't have talent and get bad ass recruits themselves, let me set that straight before someone tries to twist what I'm saying. I liken Cael and Penn St., again right now, to Kentucky in basketball, whereas Iowa and Tom Brands are a little more like Kansas and Bill Self. Just my opinion and I know the PSU boys aren't going to agree, but if you look at the PSU lineup, especially with the Altons in it, who isn't a blue chip, can't miss guy? Nico, Gulibon, Retherford, Alton, Alton, Taylor, Ruth, and McIntosh all were. Don't remember on Matt Brown. I remember Lawson was high but don't remember how high. I don't fault Cael for this strategy and his recruiting class next year is exactly the same with at least 3 top 10 guys!!! Nothing wrong with it, it works for Coach Cal in basketball too. I'm just saying, in my opinion, Tom Brands develops SOME guys with lesser talent and I think that is pretty impressive.
  7. Weird thing is I think it's pretty comical reading the Penn St. forum. And sad. Sometimes pathetic. Often unhealthy and scary. At times reads like a cult who will drink the Kool-Aid when Cael says the comet is coming with a unicorn leading the way. Hmm.....Chasden, I wonder.....do you think it could depend on your perspective? Maybe what team you cheer for has something to do with what we view as comical and what we don't? I don't know maybe not. Thoughts? I know my opinions haven't changed. Tom Brands is a great coach who shares much of the same philosophies as I do, hence why I cheer for Iowa. I've never lived in Iowa and god willing never will. I was drawn to them a long time ago by philosophy and I don't see that ever changing with Tom leading the way. I've never been on the Jeva bandwagon even after Midlands. I want him to be good with all my heart but that doesn't mean I think it will happen. Oh and PSU is STILL favorites come NCAA's.
  8. He's the same height as Jeva. I think he can go 41. I'm not sure if I think that because he can or because I want him to so badly. Point is he and Jeva are the exact same height. I just want to see Clark give 41 a shot and make sure he can't do any better than Jeva because right now 41 is a dead weight. If we're going to have any small shot at all we can't have dead weights. Like the saying goes, Penn St. can hit and miss.....we can't miss once.
  9. No doubt he's racked up three solid wins in the last few weeks!!! I want to see consistency the rest of the year. I'm hoping this isn't just a hot streak where the other guys weren't really prepared for or aware of Grothus. He's not going to take anyone by surprise from here on out. I want to see him continue to dominate the top competition the rest of the season. This would be HUGE, HUGE if we had 49 fixed!!! I keep going back to the fact that there is a reason Mike Kelly was starting over Grothus at one point and I'm sorry Mike, I'm sorry Iowa fans, but Mike Kelly has no business starting for the University of Iowa. I just hope it wasn't because Kelly makes a case at times that he is better than Grothus. That's my nightmare. Consistency the rest of the way Grothus! WE ARE!!!
  10. This was a good performance by just about everyone. Gilman could have won a little more dominantly I suppose. Same with Telford, though I still give Marsden a real good shot to AA. 41 makes me want to beat the s**t out of someone. I'd at least try Clark and make sure he can't do any better than Jeva. Besides that it was a good showing. I expected Evans to lose, he lost by 1, so that was an optimal result. Brooks has got to get the major. Very good bounce back by Tony and really liked the comments and attitude post match. DSJ, I love you. Big Dieringer fan too and DSJ is just a bit better. Dieringer has 4 career losses and 3 are to DSJ, very cool. Grothus and Moore excellent job, Burak good job. It was very nice and enjoyable to have a good showing and a total beat down of Oklahoma St. Congrats to the good guys!!! Felt good to be a Hawk last night. WE ARE!!! IOWA!!!!
  11. What's worse is I have Downey on my fantasy team. And my wife has McCauley (and Sueflohn). F!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. SHP-What you're saying is in fact correct.....as long as Iowa doesn't win. If Iowa wins then......well you can read the rest of this thread.
  13. Dr_Gonzo


    I do think Coon is the best heavyweight prospect since Mocco. Thought this coming out of high school after watching him with Brooks Black. Believe it or not I picked Coon to beat Telford. We'll see how Coon does when he hits Nelson. I think he could very well beat Nelson, but I won't be surprised if he doesn't. An interesting thing to think about, there is a lot of high end talent coming in to heavyweight very soon, a lot of top 5 overall blue chip prospects. The guy who beats Coon and keeps him from winning four titles may very well not be in college yet. Has to beat Nelson first, no easy task.
  14. A lot of people don't pick St. John to repeat as champ and don't think he's the best guy at 157. That's what I think of when someone says St. John is underrated and I agree.
  15. I'm just glad we're going to find out if Ban is right about Colon beating Ramos. Should be an interesting posting session after the match regardless of result.
  16. I think this kind of stuff is more than fair to say. When you get your butt kicked this kind of talk is normal. We are getting exactly what we deserve for getting hammered. However, I don't agree with this kind of talk and as a hardcore Iowa fan I simply don't think it's panic time. Penn St. did exactly what I expected them to do, Iowa did exactly what I expected them to do, and I like the talent Iowa has in the room and has coming in. I really don't think it's time to panic or cry the king is dead. That's just my opinion though and Smokeyjoe and others saying these kinds of things is more than fair. I think it will end up being nothing more than hyperbole though. Cool thing is we get to find out who's right.
  17. I will certainly agree with Iowa's offensive output. It's not good and I'm not satisfied with it, so I'm sure Tom isn't. I'd venture to bet the athletes aren't either. I will disagree with Iowa being in trouble after this year except for at 125 and 133. Iowa has good talent in the room and they have good talent coming in. They have plenty of young talent up and down the lineup. I think Iowa will be fine but this is only my opinion. I'm not going to panic cause they got smacked by a much better team with four finalists in the lineup and a junior world champ. Penn St. was better period and Cael knows how to recruit the exact guy he needs. But Iowa still has plenty of young talent. I don't think they're in trouble except for two weights at all.
  18. I think most of the heat Iowa is taking today is fair. You get your a** kicked you deserve to get it rubbed in. But like I said in another post, I don't think Iowa did anything bad per se. For example, If the Chiefs go to Denver and play a good game and get beat because Denver is simply better, there is not much for me to get upset about or cry about. Penn St. is quite a bit better than Iowa and they showed it. I expect about the same difference in teams come the end of the season personally. Iowa deserves to get made fun of today, but I don't think they did a whole lot wrong. Ramos got the fall, Telford won, DSJ owned, I didn't expect anyone else to win. This doesn't bother me at all, like, say, Ramos losing earlier this season did. All you can do is your best, if you're outclassed ala Chefs/Broncos, then you're outclassed.
  19. Every single match came out exactly as I expected. I think this is just the difference between Penn St. and Iowa right now and I expect this to be the difference at the end of the season. When you're outclassed you're just simply outclassed. Good job by Ramos, DSJ, and Telford I thought. I don't expect much more from Gilman, Dziewa, Moore, or Evans than what they showed personally. Iowa still has a very good tournament team, Penn St. just has a much better tournament team. Not a lot to cry about when you do exactly what is expected. Nobody lost I didn't expect to lose. Same for PSU, no one lost I didn't expect to lose.
  20. Ke-Shawn beat Millhof. Hope he ends up at Missouri. MU must keep in state talent at Mizzou. I thought Pixley was great. If Nickal was going almost anywhere else I'd predict Pixley to be better in college. Nickal is an outstanding pure talent and he'll be a stud at PSU no doubt. I still like Pixley once Mark Perry has him everyday. More to come............
  21. That's how Tigs spells his head coaches name so it can't be too much of a dig. Their own fans misspell his name.
  22. Yea you have to suck PSU, Cael, and Taylor **** or you're a hater. If you post an opinion that these guys aren't perfect then you're a dbag. These PSU guys are so stupid it hurts. It makes my day to show these guys how ignorant they are. In a perfect world that snapinscore guy would post everyday for me. He's a perfect combo of Tigsy and Mopar put together. Just a dumb, delusional, Cael suck up. My favorite kind of poster! The sad part is the PSU wrestlers are so good and so talented but they have a pathetic fan base that makes them look so bad. (Obviously some PSU fans are great, not all are bad, just a lot are horrible, snaps, Tigs, Mopar you know who you are)
  23. Stampede fired up today! I saw Pixley tweeted that he was coming to take what's rightfully his and that he was ready. Mark Perry retweeted it. I think Pixley will THRIVE under Mark Perry. Just my opinion but I think Perry turns Pixley into a BEAST!! I really hope I get to see Pixley vs Nickal.
  24. This tournament is MUCH tougher than most state tournaments. There will be multiple, multiple state champs who can't win this thing. I'm pretty sure Jake Marlin was a 4 time state champ and he NEVER won the stampede. I believe Gary Wayne Harding will be the exact same if he doesn't win the stampede this year and goes on to win his state tournament which he almost surely will. I don't/can't get up for high school either Ban, I'm telling you guys this one is different.....on Saturday anyway.
  25. As far as the Stampede goes Ban may be right about Friday but Saturday there will be a ton of good match-ups.
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