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  1. Makes me so happy you PSU guys have the Mopar. He makes you guys look good! The worst thing that could ever happen is if Mopar quit posting. PSU Train, hahaha, I love it!
  2. Then clearly Taylor is the better wrestler. What we know for sure is if the two were to wrestle in folkstyle Taylor would win. We know this because Tigs told us multiple times. Dake might win in freestyle with a lucky pin but Taylor wins easy in folkstyle according to Tigsy. Thanks to Tigs we also know that Retherford would ride Tony Ramos right out of the gym and Quintin Wright is the future of USA wrestling. Tigs knows a lot about wrestling. I believe Taylor's girlfriend is Jimmy Kennedy's sister. That's kind of cool I suppose. I'll agree that she is a good looking girl. I don't think Taylor has the hottest girlfriend I've ever seen though. Bring on the challenge to that you Ohio Wrestling ba***rd!!!
  3. MSU-You're not going to get much of an answer man because if you do it's going to mirror what I've said. I think it's funny how much it KILLS these guys if you question Taylor's competition. Anyway, I could care less what some guy from Ohio thinks about some kid who comes from Ohio or what he thinks of my opinion of said Ohio kid. Not the first or last time someone's called me names on this board and it won't be the last time someone calls me names on this board for questioning Taylor's quality of wins. I've even said a hundred times it's not Taylor's fault. He can only tech the guy in front of him.
  4. Absolutely man!! Will do. I just wanted to know if there was anyone in particular that any of you guys would like me to check out or even give me a heads up about. I don't pretend to know or follow high school like I do college.
  5. T-I've been posting on here so long I operate under the assumption EVERYONE knows I'm an Iowa fanboy. I don't feel compelled to explain that every time I post. SocialN-I've said that many, many times. ALL THREE GREAT WRESTLERS!!! If that's minimalizing Taylor then so be it. I could care less if that Ohio dude worships Taylor and gets upset that I don't. I've been following college wrestling hardcore for a long time now and I've seen a lot of 2 time champs. I mentioned 2 other two time champ, four time finalists. Taylor is great. He's not the best of this generation and he's not as good as his worshipers think he is. I've been extremely clear about what he is. My opinion is Ed Ruth is better. The facts are Ed Ruth has more titles.
  6. Challenge me all you want buddy. If I state a fact, I say it's a fact. If I state an opinion, I say it's an opinion. I could care less what your opinion of me is. If you want to be a Taylor fanboy that's your prerogative. Best of his era? A two time champ? He's the best of his era exactly the same as Ben Askren was and Jake Varner was. That's a fact by the way. If that's minimalization to you fine. I'm not going to worship you're boy because you say to. I welcome any future attempt to challenge me.
  7. If you think I'm taking shots at Sanderson everything I've ever said has gone completely over your head. I like Sanderson. He's an American hero.
  8. I think you're a moron if that's what you're asking me. I enjoy taking my kids to Chuck E Cheese and I've never encountered anyone there as childish as you. I hope this clears that last post up. Have a good day buddy! P.S.-I mean when your kids get in trouble are you going to say that's ok because some kid in Iowa did the same thing? That's the most childish thing I've seen anyone do on this board and you're the winner buddy! You do have friends, I'll admit, you're not the only one, but you scare me sometimes.
  9. OWA-What state is Taylor from again? If you don't like my opinion perhaps we should not be friends. You can't undo Bubba Jenkins either. I have an opinion and you have an opinion. I could care less what you think of my broken record. If you don't like it, don't listen to it.
  10. Ban-I agree with you for the most part. Also, why I don't like high school wrestling. It's poorly wrestled minor leagues. However, I've been to the Stampede before and it is different. It's quality guys against quality guys. Bo Nickal is in with Dixon and Pixley. That's worth it for me to go right there.
  11. This is a VERY tough high school tournament. Intermat had it ranked 7th last year I think. I know it was ahead of the Cheesehead and from my research and number crunching is in fact quite a bit tougher than the Cheesehead. What sets this tournament apart is it's format. It's not a bracket. It's a pool system which comes into a bracket so everyone gets a ton of matches. It basically places out to 40th place or how many ever dudes there are. Check it out and I will be watch for Wingo, Basler, Oliver, and anyone else that gets mentioned before had. P.S.-It's my understanding that next year they will have a college dual on Thursday before the tournament with Missouri, Arizona St., South Dakota St. and SIUE. Very cool.
  12. I'll be heading to the KC Stampede (terrible name, excellent tournament) this weekend. I post this here and not in the high school section because A. I have very little interest in high school wrestling and B. I'm going to get a look at these guys from a collegiate standpoint. A prospect standpoint. I'm not interested in who wins the tournament, I'm interested in seeing who I think has what it takes to wrestle at the collegiate level. I'm going to be looking at 15 guys in particular. Does anyone (who trusts my opinion or cares to hear my report back) want me to check out or get a good look at anyone else. I'll be going to check out: 1. Christian Moody-Collinsville 2. Sean Russell-Collins Hill 3. Ke-Shawn Hayes-Park Hill 4. Kaid Brock-Stillwater 5. Ryan Millhof-Collins Hill 6. Fredy Stroker-Bettendorf 7. Joe Smith-Stillwater 8. Daniel Lewis-Blue Springs 9. Grant Leeth-Kearney 10. Bo Nickal-Allen 11. Derek White-Edmond North 12. Lance Dixon-Edmond North 13. Joel Dixon-Edmond North 14. Andrew Dixon-Edmond North 15. Michael Pixley-Blue Springs Would anyone like a report on any of these guys or anyone else that will be at the Stampede this weekend?
  13. Just a quibble, but I don't think ZR had that much trouble with a lower tier guy last week. First of all, Bright is very talented on his feet and got the early TD on ZR and it looked his strategy was to keep it tight until the 3rd. Retherford also had a TD that was clearly before the buzzer on replay in the 2nd, probably a coaching mistake by Cael not to challenge (not sure if it was available - should have been). Never really thought that he was in danger of losing that match even though it was so close in score. Really good job of match managing by a talented kid in Bright. As far as ZR, he's stamped himself among the top at 141. Thought Stieber controlled it early and Zain controlled it from about 1:50 left in the 2nd on. Also got in on Stieber's legs at least 3 times. I don't disagree with anything you said. I simply meant he didn't beat him badly. Sorry for not being more clear in my original post.
  14. I like Caldwell too. He's a local kid for me. I still think DSJ will have a better resume when it's all said and done. I'm not sure where you're quibble is with my post. I'm sorry if I wasn't more clear.
  15. I've just become accustomed to this nonsense and the heat I take when calling out these morons. I simply don't remember the Oklahoma St. fans being anything like this during their run. I know ALL PSU fans aren't like this but my goodness there are a lot of them just like this.
  16. Like I've said it's going to be Gulibon. The decision has already been made, now it's just about understanding it. Except for maybe wanting to see where Gulibon is at (barometer), it makes total sense to send Conaway in against Ramos. There is very little Gulibon could gain from wrestling Ramos. Chances are they'll see each other eventually.
  17. Not sure if you mean free or folk but in either style I'd take Dake to beat Taylor 100 times out of 100. I'd take Taylor against Howe 50 out of 100. I feel for you in regards to the "heat" you're taking. Taylor is a phenomenal talent and when he gets to the senior level he will not be a Penn St. wrestler to me but an American. I will cheer for him hard. I have no problem with Taylor's style or talent level. He is very good. My knock on Taylor always has been the competition he's seen in folkstyle. Not his fault but it is what it is. I think the best guy he's beat is DSJ and he's beat very, very few great talents. I don't want to rile up my Lehigh buddies, as they are great fans, but Hatchett is not the greatest win a guy could have on his record. The few times Taylor has been challenged he's lost. Like I've said a thousand times, Taylor is Askren/Varner and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  18. I don't think anyone has been more vocal about how good Retherford is, and can be, than I have been, but this still surprises even me. I would have picked Steiber by a decision. Retherford has trouble with a lower tier guy one week, then beats the best guy in the country the next week. Once this guy gets used to being a true freshman wrestling men he's going to be very special. By March I think Retherford will be firing on all cylinders and the sky will be the limit. I will take Steiber in the rematch but if Retherford beats him again I will not pick against ZR again.....ever.
  19. 1.Iowa 2.Oklahoma St. 3.Minnesota 4.Penn St. 5.Oklahoma 6.Iowa St. 7.Ohio St. 8.Cornell 9.Missouri 10.Illinois I factored in prestige, ability to recruit, expectations, pay, past success, and a few other things.
  20. Piggy-I'm not sure if this whole thread is a favorable deal or a hate thread, but either way I wanted to say two things to you. One, that is my favorite muppet. Two, I'm a big John Irving fan, if that doesn't go without saying. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts!
  21. I heard on KC radio they read the sports KC won and they didn't mention wrestling, but I haven't heard who did win wrestling. They could have just not mentioned it for all I know but I'd like to think they would have if we won wrestling. We got soccer and D2 football!! Yippeeeee!!!
  22. I'm very sorry! While college wrestling is by far my favorite hobby/past time I, unfortunately, like a lot of you I'm sure, have a business to tend to and a family. I'm checking in on those PSU folks daily even if I don't have time to respond, don't you worry!! I will not go the way of the Flap!!!
  23. I don't care if Cael is a great coach or lucky. What bothers me is belittling Brands for doing one thing and then honoring Cael for doing the same. Some of you should work for Fox News. Praise Bush for doing something and then criticize Obama (and I'm not an Obama fan) for doing the exact same thing. It's mind blowing. Either they're both great or they're both lucky. I couldn't care less what anyone's opinion is, go with lucky, go with good, doesn't matter. Either way they're the same. Same rules for everyone across the board.
  24. That is a poor performance. Just awful. Good job by Gilman and Sammy Brooks if there is a silver lining. I'll tell you one thing, we want nothing to do with Penn St. right now. I don't give us much chance anyway but we better get back to the drawing board or we're going to get flat out embarrassed. I guess it could be one bad night and I'll wait to see if we string together a few bad showings but this is horrific.
  25. I cheer for Minnesota when they aren't wrestling Iowa. I like the way Minnesota wrestles. I like their "style". I have the utmost respect for J Robinson. How he handles his team and everything he's done for the sport of wrestling. In my circles everyone HATES Minnesota! I take a lot of s**t because I don't. It's like they are our sworn enemy or something. I just like how they wrestle. It's funny to me sometimes because a lot of you think I hate Penn St., when in reality I take a lot of s**t from my buddies for my respect for Penn St. Case in point I've been telling everyone that will listen for years now that I think Retherford is going to be a stud. I think it was two summers ago I watched Fargo, I believe, and Retherford and Brill (the one that went to Northwestern) were the two best guys in that tournament regardless of weight. Well my buddies don't like to hear someone predicting that a Penn St. guy is going to be good. It upsets them and they have a "he hasn't shown me s**t" response. I'm like I've SEEN him guys, he's the real deal. Anyway it's funny to me that on this message board I'm a PSU hater but in the real world and in my circles I'm the guy that cheers for Minnesota and gives Penn St. too much respect. Oh well, can't please everybody.
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